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Sample application for a legal waiver of mobilization

Образец заявления по законному отказу от мобилизации

The application is submitted to the military registration and enlistment office at the place of mobilization and is written personally with a signature. It must be made out in two copies and handed over; on the second copy of the registration mark.

All that the authorities can do in response is to threaten prison. The Law of Ukraine clearly states: the maximum term of imprisonment for refusal to mobilize is 3 years, and that is, provided that a state of martial law or a state of emergency is declared in the country. Otherwise, imprisonment is not provided.

 The Commander of the Communist Party ______________________________ vid of the hothouse (s) of Ukraine: ________________________ addresses of restructuring: ________________________________ ZA I V A Vіdpіvno to vimog articles 3, 17, 21-22, 27, 34-35, 40, 55-68 of the Constitution of Ukraine (law and freedom of Ukraine in addition to zhicht life and health Віросповідання),  Laws of Ukraine "About the Mobile" , organization, organization and organization, as well as vicarians by the Ukrainians of Ukraine in their constitutional context  zatsіyu (krіm tsіlovoї bringing abo yogo to vikonavtsіv stosovno prihovanoї mobіlіzatsії chi since the introduction of voєnnogo'm in Ukraїnі Abo okremih її mіstsevostyah that ohoplyuє hour mobіlіzatsії, voєnny hour i chastkovo vіdbudovny perіod pіslya zakіnchennya voєnnih Act reasonably), the Law of Ukraine "About vіyskovy obov'yazok і військовую service "№ 2232-XII vіd 03/25/1993 rock (stattiya 4. Komplektuvannya vіyskovosluzhbrattsami Zbroynih Forces of Ukraine and the United States forma tion.  1. Harvesting Sealy of Ukraine and іnshі vіiskovі formavannya complete with vyyskovosluzhbovtsymi shlyakhom: I will call the hulk of Ukraine to vyyskovu service;  Priynyattya pogromyadyan Ukraine on service Vyiskova for the contract.) I put you to v_dom, scho my sin (cholovik, brother) P.I.P.b.  _____________________, ________________________ “__” _______ _____ to the people of the region, not finding a visitor for the United States of America and the United States of America and the United States of America and the United States of America. in the peaceful hour.  I am forwarding you, the panel of the Military Commissar, about administering that criminally occupant population of the base of young people in the middle of evil, who have been called to significant zbitkіv that zagibelі abo kalittstva people.  I ask people to write a letter to a term of 48 years old, who are close to each other and who will be happy with my mobile phone, about the rules, think about it, and how I will call on the Ukrainian service of a _________________ up to the wise man  To the oppressors of their constitutional rights and freedoms and rights and freedoms of the great masses and that of the winners of the people to the wіdpovіdalnost.  Behind her, __________ the Hulk (s) of Ukraine ________________ pіdpis "___" ___________ 20___ rock.  The Denmark document is to be written by the Applicant in 2 copies, the date should be put, entered in the office of the Commander to the Office of the Administrator, or we shall send it to us by the list with the letter about the deposited letter in order to register the letter in the mailbox, in the mailing list, I’ll write to the office in writing a letter with the letter about the deposition of the letter in the mailing list.  The original of the applicant is obliged to understand the temporary and that number No. and the date of the state, set the concomitant.  At the end of the day, at the end of the day, at the end of the day Yu".  Adminstrative poses are submitted to a copy of the party;  Obov'yazkovo give a copy of the prizovka kvitskogo kvitka with evidence of a place of a prim-for-life to a place of a natural cognition of a primordially located in a vychkuyu  Takozh mozhut dodavatis іnshі prove the health, commanding furniture, material camp, robots, credit and other zobov'yazan, then.  The main point of this is also the fact that it can be recalled by individual individuals, who can be rooted that member of their motherland (in addition to the general community and who are unaware of war).  By a court of law, you can achieve special features of the furniture, because people have a weak psyche and they can’t drive people, but they can lead them to the great negative influences for the health of the people who want their health.  Mozhe buti dodan of the special letter of the declaration of yak before the on-board office, so i before the court about the unwillingness of the people.  ZA I V A I, the hulk of Ukraine However, it is not possible to drive above the head of the іnshіy lyudinі.  I am a psychologic camp and a camp of health can be completely and uncontrollably harnessed in one’s hands in the hands of the camp and I can read to the people of the people, before the end of my life, to the level of the rest of your schedule, you will have the same pattern as your own. Zagalnoi Declaration of Human Rights "UN.  “___” _______________ to the rock of _________ _________________ (P.І.P.b.) (signature) You can make a statement before the Declaration to the Military Commissar.  In the dermal vipad povnnі buti viznachenі dodatkovі pіdstavi nemozhlivost_ I will call on mobilіzatsії.