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Model application for legal refusal of mobilization

Образец заявления по законному отказу от мобилизации

The application is submitted to the draft board at the place of mobilization and is written in person with a signature. It must be issued in duplicate and handed over; on the second copy, a registration mark is put.

All that the authorities can do in response is to threaten the prison. The Law of Ukraine clearly states: the maximum term of imprisonment for refusing to mobilize is 3 years, provided that a martial law or state of emergency is declared in the country. Otherwise, imprisonment is not provided.

 Vіiskovom komіsaru ______________________________
 vid gromadyanina (s) of Ukraine: ________________________
 Address of registration: ________________________________

 Z A B A
 Vidpovidno until vimog articles 3, 17, 21-22, 27, 34-35, 40, 55-68 of the Constitution of Ukraine (the right and freedom of the bulk of Ukraine, including the death of a living and health, not the goiter, the work of the visitor clearly malignant order that you punish, that it is powerless to confer rights and freedom of people and a big man, except for the transfer of the Constitution of Ukraine to the introduction of the military law, I’m free to reconcile, I have 21 laws 1993 Roku (special period - period function_vanuvan  national economies, sovereign authority bodies, other sovereign bodies, most self-dependent bodies, the Ukrainian Forces, the latest form of power, the civilian forces, and the establishment of a new state territorial rights of Ukraine, a certain moment at the time of the unshaken decision about mobilization (except for the complete transfer to the last month of the mobile phone at the moment of introduction  in Ukraine, however, in the district of the Moscow military and sports sectors, there are a lot of mobile hours, hours and hours of work and hours, the Law of Ukraine “About the day of service, October 22nd, 22nd, February 22nd, 2013, October 22, 2003 military service of the Ukrainian Forces and the final military uniform.  1. Zbroynі Forces of Ukraine and the latest form of training are completed with the highest rank of service: I will call on the people of Ukraine to join the service;  accepting the Ukrainian people to the service for the contract.) I put you before the house, my son (brother, brother) P.I.P.b.  _____________________, ________________________ “__” _______ _____ people of Ukraine, the population of Ukraine will not be able to see the illegal order of life, so as to live a life and health without having to enter the country of a separate, international in peacetime.
 I’m telling you, Mr. Warrior Commission, about administrative and criminal behavior of the winners in the winters, as they brought them to significant losses and the number of people who died.
 I ask you to send me a letter in term 48 years old, as a close relative of the individual, who’d be mobile, about legal rights, understand and term, and also, I will call on the big public ___________ Ukraine. to the Vіiskogo komіsarіatu ____________________________________________________________ (first name) by the provisional form “__” ________ ___ to fate, as well as about the special period of validity of the law, and for atrocities before the court, there is an obvious violation of law,  to the prisoner of his constitutional rights and freedoms and rights and freedoms of the most popular people and the attraction of the winners ’sights to the highest standards.

 On the verge, __________ Gromyan of Ukraine ________________
 "___" ___________ 20___ rock.
 The Danish document will be filled in by the Applicant in 2 instances, written and put a date, entered into the office of the Vіisky Komisarіatu, as well as be strengthened by mail with a postal sheet with a description of the contribution and the written letter.  On the original of the applicant obov'yazkovo you can see the previous date and the date and date set - Vіiskogo komіsarіatu.
 If there is a lack of compliance with the list of terms, the applicant shall submit the application to the court in order of administrative court procedure “About the absence of gardening individual - the court __________________________ Yu".
 Administrative poses to be submitted for a copy of the statement, declare to the Vіisky komіsarіatu, copy of documents, scho pіdtverdzhuyut step іnіnnіkh vіdnosіn the applicant and the breeder (certificate of nationality, certificate of love, passport).  Obov'yazkovo will be given a copy of the receipt of the prizvy with proofs of the second vysky region in the given commission, as well as a presentation about the special service, the completion of the service, the award, the delivery of prizes.  You can also prove that I’ll prove I’ll become healthy, I will have family furnishings, I’ll be material, I’m a robot, credit and that’s the last goiter, skinny.
 The main point can also be the following: a relative reincarnation of an individual, such as a mobile member and a member of their homeland (additional information about international relations and the lack of fighting).
 By the court, we can better understand the fact that people have a weak mentality and you can’t drive in people, you can bring great negative things to the Maybut for good health, because they’re healthy.  Much buti was given by a special person writing a letter to the military registration and enlistment office, so before the trial about the impossibility of driving in a lyudina.
 Z A B A

 I, the giant of Ukraine (P.I.P.b.) __________________________________________
 “___” _________ ______ people of the Republic of Lithuania and foreigners declare that I can’t see through the “language” through language and moral communication that I can’t drive in people.  Now that my psychological health and health may be irrevocably damaged and irrevocably injured, I have good fortune and I can keep it up to the death, but there are a lot of people who need to live up to their psychological injuries. The Western Declaration of Human Rights »UN.

 "___" ____________ _______ rock _________ ________________ (P.I.P.b.)

 The application can be submitted to the application to the Military Commissariat.

 In the skin okremoy vipadka guilty buti viznacheni dodatkі p_dstavite immobility I will call on the mobile phone.