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Memo to the soldier for the "stripping"

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Памятка солдату для проведения зачистки

Our guys should know this as “Our Father”, and I ask all those who care about to actively distribute our military to the combat zone and to the preparatory camps!

This is written on Facebook by Yuri Danilov.

"This is, in my opinion, cooler than body armor!


War, in general, is rotten business, but there is shit in war - it’s cleansing cities from militants

  1. If you are stripping (the last hours of your life), it’s like in a joke: you enter the room together - first a grenade, then you.
  2. Going even to the open doors of any office - do not enter. Ass, you feel that there may be an enemy, do not save grenades, pull out a check and roll up the first one. After the explosion, after 5 seconds, without pulling out the checks, roll the second into the room and immediately jump behind it. Whoever survives the first, at the sight of the second will fall to the floor, and cover his head with his hands - take it alive.
  3. Standing in front of the door and waiting for your comrades about to storm, hold the door so that it does not open. Otherwise, in the corridor you will see either a grenade or a barrel.
  4. Roll a grenade across the floor. Do not throw.
  5. Do not run in front of a friend’s trunk. You block his ability to shoot.
  6. Any closed door is IMPLIED, as it can be mined.
  7. Do not open the boxes, do not turn on the electronics. Do not touch anything. Everything can be mined. It is important. Up to the point that you can’t open the refrigerator, even if you really want to eat, and lift the toilet lid.
  8. Do not touch corpses, tables and other objects (everything can be mined).
  9. At the first shot - do not “loom”, immediately fall.
  10. Do not hold your finger on the hook (comrades often die).
  11. Do not take cartridges from open zinc captured from militants; instead of gunpowder, they can charge TNT into cartridges (it will break the machine gun, tear off its head).
  12. Carry grenades in special bags, do not keep open (there were hooks).
  13. Nefig with RPG shoot at people, it is useless (designed only for armored vehicles).
  14. Do not rewind the horns with electrical tape (the cartridge will skew in the battle - you will fold both at once).
  15. On the AK fuse has three positions. Actually, blocking, automatic fire and single. If you panic sharply remove the fuse, then surely lower it all the way and put, thereby, in single-fire mode. This is done so that a frenzied with horror fighter did not drain the store in a second and was not left without cartridges. Remember this.
  16. The fuse on the AK clangs rather vilely. If you need to remove it quietly, then pull it off and smoothly put it into the desired fire mode (this is almost always a single fire).
  17. Before exiting, jump in place. Check that you are not clanging or strumming anything. It is better to rewind the sling on the weapon in advance with electrical tape or bandage. The cartridge in the chamber, and on the fuse.
  18. Examine the shooting tables for your weapons. A bullet flies NOT DIRECTLY. She has a ballistic trajectory with elevations and lows. Therefore, a competent determination of the distance to the target and knowledge of the shooting table is a good opportunity to hit quickly, which means reducing the time while shooting at you.
  19. Wind affects the path of a bullet. Examine the effect of wind on your weapon IN ADVANCE, and not on a hike by eye.
  20. If you had the opportunity to choose a weapon - take the same (same caliber) as most of your comrades. You can’t carry a lot of cartridges on yourself, but they end quickly, especially in the city, so if you can share it with you, this is a big plus. If your friend was killed, do not disdain to replenish your ammunition (having previously obtained permission from the commander).
  21. If you go to the "autonomous region", then you carry 360 rounds of ammunition (these are 12 stores and the same number, but in packs you just throw in your backpack. Save a lot in weight).
  22. Remember that stores located on the chest and abdomen - this is additional armor protection.
  23. Most deaths and injuries come from splinters. An ordinary quilted jacket is quite capable of protecting you from small fragments. By hanging on top of it and unloading with shops, you can consider yourself relatively protected. Do not forget to raise the gate.
  24. Body armor is very good. Any. Even the most used.
  25. If a bullet hits your armor, this does not mean that he saved you. Since the energy of a bullet stopped by an element of armor can cause you a monstrous armor injury. Breaks the ribs almost always. And organ rupture is also possible. So if you do not have a hole, this is not a reason to rejoice. It happens that a hole would be preferable.
  26. Do not touch the grenade launchers. It’s difficult to shoot from them. Leave it to more experienced comrades.
  27. After spending several days in the fresh air, a smoker can be detected in 70-100 meters. STOP SMOKING!
  28. If you heard something, stop the group and "give silence." Listen carefully. Even if you slow down the group every five minutes, only rare idiots will swear at you.
  29. You never stop standing and keep standing. Need to kneel or lie down. It is very exhausting, but it is a matter of survival of the whole group. If someone is too lazy to sit down, make him.
  30. There should be no finger on the trigger, even if the weapon is on the guard.
  31. On marches, put the machine gun in your hands and fold them on your chest with a cross. It’s easier to carry. In this case, the thumb of the right hand is always ready to remove from the fuse, and throw up the weapon quickly enough.
  32. The belt (automatic) is always on the neck. Otherwise, if you are ambushed, there will be a mine explosion and you will fly in one direction, and your weapon in the other, and you will turn from a light 300 into 200.
  33. Do not sleep at the post. If you fall asleep, not only enemies will want to shoot you. For this, as well as for the loss of weapons, they were officially shot. Now they are shooting informally.
  34. You can pee on your knees without turning into a standing growth target. Toilet, this is serious. If there is a specially prepared site no problems. If on a march in a forest stand (only three go to shit, one sits, two look around 180 degrees, many were found lying in their own shit).
  35. Sneezing in yourself.
  36. Who runs slowly dies quickly.
  37. The effectiveness of pomegranates is overrated. There were times when a grenade exploded in a small room, and inside there were only light concussions.
  38. A check cannot be pulled out with teeth. Only with fingers.
  39. There may be breaks in the walls hung with rags or carpets. So the enemy can quickly run from the front door to the front door. Remember that. The fact that you are in an extreme apartment does not mean that you cannot enter from the neighboring one through the wall.
  40. On the windows you can hang nets from old Soviet beds. They stop VOGs well.
  41. You can hear meowing, for example, from the closet door. I'm sorry, but the animal is doomed. Most likely, he was locked there with a grenade. You can’t open it. This is a very difficult moment, always, in such difficult situations I want to remain human, but ...
  42. If you need to shoot from the room to the street, then you do not need to crawl to the windowsill or stand on the side of the window. Go deep into the room, stand on a stool, closed with a wall or the like. And do not turn on the light, you can’t, do not highlight yourself (I'm not talking about WU).
  43. Shards of brick or concrete knocked out by fire have the ability to fly at you. Eye contact ... you get the point.
  44. Shooting for a long time without changing position is a bad idea.
  45. Crouch down.
  46. No need to "calculate snipers." It’s not your job, and you don’t have enough knowledge. Fight further, not paying attention.
  47. Be prepared to mentally “work out” the civilians who illuminated you (if the prospect is not pleasing, then move more carefully).
  48. On the AK-74 (an instance with good accuracy of battle), you can fasten the PSO sight from the SVD. At distances of 500-600 meters, the AK-74 and SVD have very close trajectories, the sight will fit perfectly. You will shoot and carry fire, because of the caliber, much faster than with SVD. And for those who decide to look for a sniper, you will be uninteresting.
  49. Modern grenades RGO and RGN explode FIRST turn from impact. They have an impact fuse, and an explosion through the gap - this is triggered by the liquidator himself (in case the grenade fell in loose snow).
  50. Nobody, even sappers, are engaged in the removal of mines and WU. They stupidly undermine them with a TNT block. No need to get smart and start shooting WU.
  51. Normal warriors put secrets on stretch marks so that it would not be easy to take off. So cutting the thread is a bad idea. Just pass by. This is not your business; there are senior comrades for this.
  52. With wounds there are venous and arterial bleeding. They are "treated" in different ways. But something else is important here. There is no time in the fever of battle. With venous bleeding, a comrade will die for several hours, and with arterial literally 10-20 seconds, and then loss of consciousness and hypoxia begins. So, in order not to take a steam bath, quickly apply an arterial tourniquet over the wound (now the interns will begin to resent, but this is life, this is not a citizen, you have to break it) and return to battle. Your comrade will have half an hour or an hour to figure it out for yourself, well, or you will do it when you are free.
  53. The harness is always at hand! Not in a bag, not in a backpack - or wound on a butt, or in unloading at hand.
  54. There are always TWO harnesses with you! You can give one to a wounded comrade and in a minute get a bullet into the femoral artery.
  55. There is such a thing as "suppression by fire." Actively watering the enemy, it is often possible to fetter his actions, without even getting in and without damaging manpower. Tracer will especially help you.
  56. Remember, the tracer, in addition to the fact that the trunk is very dirty, they also give out your position. So do not abuse them. Yes, and aimed fire is difficult to conduct.
  57. Weapons need to be cleaned every day. Especially gentle in the area of ​​the muzzle brake. If there is a groove or hole, then the accuracy of the battle will drop significantly.
  58. The last three rounds in the store are better to score with tracers. So that an empty store does not come as a surprise to you. Moreover, if you leave one cartridge in the barrel, you only have to spur a new store, that is, the reload speed will increase.
  59. Watch your legs, do not be lazy to wash them. Grate - and you are no longer a warrior.
  60. If you see that you can shoot at someone, this is not a reason to shoot. If you weren’t noticed, ask the commander if you can get involved in a battle.
  61. If you notice someone, but have not yet seen you, do not jump sharply to the side. Peripheral vision will detect you instantly. Gently and smoothly, without rushing, sit down and calmly take a position. It will be much less noticeable.
  62. Remember, when sending a cartridge into the chamber, the shutter must be released sharply so that it clangs. Otherwise, "heals."


  1. 2 backpacks. One convoy, the second assault 25 l (assault with a quick discharge).
  2. The knee pads are tough. And if elbow pieces are possible (at the first shots in battle, the fighter falls to his knees, he can break the cups).
  3. Touristic rug (karemat)
  4. Unloading
  5. Body armor
  6. Active headphones
  7. Ballistic glasses
  8. Armored helmet. or, in the worst case, a helmet
  9. Flask or hydrator
  10. Nail clippers (in two weeks they grow back, you can’t cut with a knife, they break when you insert the horn into the machine, severe pain).
  11. Compass
  12. Paracord (lightweight nylon cable) 20 meters
  13. Fork spoon
  14. Makeup. Mirror.
  15. A set of threads and needles. Matches. Talc
  16. Shooting gloves
  17. Adhesive tape is transparent (attach a grenade when stretching to a tree, torn tibia - wrapped it and ran on).
  18. Lamp. Knife. Clock with hands
  19. Army Walkie Talkie Binoculars Rangefinder
  20. Insect repellent (not smelly)
  21. Garbage bags for water. You tie pebbles to the bottom of the bag, punch a hole, straighten the bag on branches, throw branches inside, due to the temperature difference condensate is formed, you substitute a container under the bag, from 200 to 300 grams of condensate water per day.
  22. 1 kg of fat mixed with 150 grams of garlic, pepper and salt to taste, looped into a meat grinder. A syringe without a needle is pushed into a tube of toothpaste or into another container. It is stored up to half a year in the heat. Very high-calorie (can be used without stopping the march).


  1. Bertsa: so as not to let water in and be light (arr. Fish oil or lard)
  2. Socks are woolen, high, 5 pairs (remove sweat, do not allow to rub legs).
  3. Panty liners for women, large (in berets, absorb sweat).
  4. Thick pants and jacket
  5. Thermal underwear. A few T-shirts, only cotton
  6. Maskhalat (both summer and winter)
  7. Fleece jacket (instead of a sweater, it is lighter, weight is very important)
  8. Winter boots (I advise "Husky p.080" - cheap and cheerful)
  9. Panama from tarpaulin that would at least slightly keep moisture
  10. Arafatka. The neck is tied with a damp handkerchief (much easier, there are many important points on the neck).


  1. Take what you personally need, under your personal sores. A plus:
  2. 3 arterial new tourniquets (the old ones crumble when stretched), 2-3 IPPs, a lot of bandages, a roll of elastic bandage (it will fix anything, it can replace the tourniquet)
  3. Bactericidal patch, better waterproof; The patch is rolled, preferably on a fabric basis. A disinfectant (inexpensive chlorhexidine solution), pantestin gel (wounds, burns) would be nice
  4. Antipyretic, analgesic - aspirin, paracetamol, spasmolgon, nimesulide, nimide, nimigesik, nimesitl
  5. Elementary drops in the nose and eyes
  6. Allergy, mosquito bites - 1% hydrocortisone ointment
  7. Some HARD antibiotics (but you are unlikely to buy them in a pharmacy without a prescription, you can augmentin, amoxiclav, ciprofloxacin), promedol
  8. Activated carbon. The more the better (you have to drink water from the river where corpses swim, and just under stress, the stomach begins to suffer nonsense). By the way, white coal can be used as a hemostatic powder. It is also applicable as an antiseptic, as an enterosorbent, as an artificial kidney, etc. It has been tested in Afghanistan, in Spitak and Vinnitsa Medical Institute. When it is used, there is no wound healing (used in purulent surgery). With burns. Dry wounds. Inside only diluted with water.
  9. With a large loss of fluid - rehydron.
  10. The drug for blood coagulation in wounds. With this, Ukraine is weak (there is TXA - transamic acid abroad, it is used after automobile roads; it is not certified, although it saved the lives of tens of thousands of people, you can look for QUIKCLOT, CELOX and HEMCOM).
  11. Scissors, nippers.
  12. Suture material, needle + thread, for suturing wounds (in a pharmacy)
  13. I also advise you to collect a set in ampoules of ketan, dexamethasone and cordiamine. Well, a syringe to them, of course. This is an anti-shock kit. It will not allow your heart to stand up due to the fact that the brain collapsed in pressure from pain or blood loss (but as a rule, they go somewhere nearby).

Those who passed Afghanistan will understand. And you, young people, understand this experience. People who have passed more than one war and left many friends there give you this experience. Therefore, memorize it as "OUR FATHER." If this leaflet helps you stay alive, then I did not write it in vain. Your friend.

by Serge-Artist.

VOLUNTEERS, print out in thousands (without changing a single word - it was written for peasants) and hand out to the boys in military towns, the price of a leaf is one penny - and the price of their life? ...

Relatives and friends of those who are already in the ATO - take pictures and drop them off to your mobile phone - there is no copier in the field!