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Putin’s beasts in Chechnya invented torture that even Stalin and Hitler did not know about (not for the faint of heart)

Звери Путина в Чечне придумали пытки, о которых не знали даже Сталин и Гитлер (не для слабонервных)

This is what the Chechen people tell about Russian "peacemakers".

These are three stories about three Hells on earth, on our earth, told to me by people who have been there. Everything that is told here is a truth that every one of us must remember.

Guys and girls are not just killed, but as painfully as possible.

GPAP 1 bus station (in Grozny), the former closed prison for torture. There were no people in this prison, the animals "worked" there.

Guys and girls are not just killed, but as painfully as possible.


"Horizontal bar" - a device on which people were hung, in various poses. Over time, the bones left the joints.

"Amanita" - burned out oral cavity with a soldering iron.

"Rose" - a tube inserted into the anus, then enter the barbed wire through the tube into the rectum. The tube is pulled out and the wire remains. The wire is then pulled out.

"Cross". There in one of the halls hung a cross, welded from the rail. The prisoners were fastened to the cross with wire and electrocuted.

"Wolf's grin" - a large file was grinding teeth in the mouth.

"Vice" - clamped his head in a vice, and boiling resin dripped from above.

And the famous "Womb". They dug a pit 1 meter deep, squatted the prisoners in a row and poured concrete on the neck. When drying, the concrete, squeezing, broke all the bones.

How did the interrogations.

Favorite option is “Vacuum Cleaner”. A gas mask was put on his head and oxygen was blocked. The suffocated prisoner began to hammer down. When he lost consciousness, he was injected with chemistry, and it all started anew. This went on for hours.

Another option is "Birch". The prisoner was put on a chair, pre-tied his hands behind his back. They wore a noose over their head, which was tied over the head to the crossbar. They knocked out a chair, the man gasped on the gallows. The unconscious was pumped out and hung up again.

Behind the GPAP 1 building there was a wall, people were shot there. Often they were set against the wall and 2–3 times shot over the top. This is how they joked. Then they killed.

Sometimes the chained wounded were given to be torn apart by the dogs. This GPAP 1. Many among the executioners were narrow-eyed.

I beg you, do not read these lines. And soak them in your blood. This is not a fable, this is not a madman in the night, lost his mind. It is the suffering and torment of those who stayed there and the few who survived.

And they want to die than to live, this pain in the soul lodged in them forever. I would write this on every wall of our city. It is a pity that not everyone can understand this.

If I write about the hotel "Chaika", in the basement of which 48 people of refugees, piled with plates, ate each other for starvation.

Or about those who, passing by, heard shouts from under the ground and knocking. But he passed by. I write this and it will not forget us ...

My mother's cousin, personally knew a woman who was distraught because she had to eat human meat in the basement of the house in which they were inundated. On her hands her child died there. After that, she rushed to the children ...

Deaf-and-dumb boarding school at Minute. From 2000 to 2006 - a closed prison (secret).

There were several buildings, one with a "monkey" for excuses. But here is the second building and its basements, served as a death machine. The day before we arrived there, our "memorial" defenders.

They found documents and photos of prisoners in one of the offices. And how pitiful cowards gave the structures in them to withdraw them. Pofotkat monkeys and went home. We arrived, and we were not allowed. At your own risk, we penetrated from the back.

The authorities gave a command to the workers who were there during the week to demolish the building. We had little time. Among the workers was the guy who helped us. Next, I will tell you what was there.

That's about this riot police and my story will go further.

This place was the home of death, almost 400 people “disappeared” in it, even more. And its owners were those murderers from GPAP 1.It is Khantymansiysky OMON, who called themselves COM.

Above the entrance to the basement where the prisoners were killed was written in capital letters. WE WILL HELP TO DIE!

These were the last words that our brothers and sisters read before entering the "cave"! And on the building there was a clear inscription, WE ARE ON ... YOUR MOUNTAIN! Also: “Death to the Spirits”, “Let's help die. OMON ATC KhMAO "," Russian vodka - fresh breath facilitates understanding. "

In the basement there were several cameras. There was nothing in them, neither windows, nor light, only dirt was damp and concrete.

In the first cell men were kept, all the walls were filled with names. “ORB-2 - may you be damned forever,” “RUBOP, you will pay for everything to us. We will avenge everything. Inshallah "," Where I am. What happened with me. I'm alive or not. March 27, 06 ”, these are only some of the dozens of inscriptions found already on the walls of the cells in the basement. Girls and women were kept in the second chamber. I will not say what was on the walls. But many things were written in blood, who wrote them understood that they would die. I AM ALIVE? Diana. I DON'T SEE ANYTHING, I DIED HERE Zareta 2001. HELP ALLAH, Malik is 16 years old.

A lot of grief on these walls, and a lot of tears and blood they absorbed. All these inscriptions and words are hard for me to say. The next day, when we arrived, the cameras of someone set fire to the tires. And soot settled on the walls.

These girls were brutally raped every day. Above almost every bed of murderers, there were photos of these girls in the nude. There were killed by them as a memory. These photos were found by workers, but they were immediately burned.

They also raped the cameras with men so that they could hear the cries of their sisters. Those who tried to help were tortured.

There was also a torture chamber right outside the wall from the prisoners. So that they hear the screams and the crunch of bones, their brothers and sisters. In this cell, we noticed two thick boards, they were used like this: a person was put on one, and the second was covered. And from above they beat with a huge sledgehammer. To break the insides.

The walls in this cell were filled with paint many times, as there was blood everywhere. One man survived, they managed to cut off his ear. But even now he doesn’t speak the whole truth, fear has overcome him.

Some girls were stolen and sold in this place, buthchi bastards. The next day, one person called me there. What I saw shocked me, it was a nightmare.

It turned out that the workers found secret cameras. They were walled up. There was nothing in one. But there were rings in the walls. And the second passage to the second chamber was broken before our eyes. We went there.

What we saw there, I will remember for a lifetime. They kept pregnant women and girls with babies.

Three iron beds, hanging on each half-bent sheet of iron. Wire tied to the ceiling. They laid children. The room is all damp and dirt. No windows, no light. In the far corner stood a strange apparatus, and near the whole wall in blood.

As we found out, fingers were chopped up on it, burned against a small stove that stood under it, and they wiped a hand on the wall. And this is all in the room where the girls were kept with babies. Most likely, these children were born there. Neither they nor their mothers survived.

And the third place of death! It functions today (at the time of publication of this material in 2007). From 2000 to today! If you combine the torture of GPAP 1 and the cruelty of SOMA will not be, and 10 percent of what is happening there.

Even the authorities are not allowed to enter this place. Only direct submission to the Kremlin. From there, no one returned. About New Atagov. Secret base. Driving through this place at night was a risk to life for any driver. If stopped, could not get home.

One Chechen worked there, he told about his place before his death.

Behind this part, cells per meter are dug into the ground. In each cell there is a naked prisoner, in the open. He is there almost always, can not lie down, get up, sit down. All twisted in a cage.

This guy said that there are girls and boys and very young. And there is no normal, all lost their mind, bark and howl at night. Overgrown, dirty, wild. This place is now (at the time of publication of this material in the network was in 2007). And it instills fear in all, in silence and silence. For 200 meters, people drink tea and rest. And there, someone dies from suffering. Inscriptions on the walls of the chambers in the basement

Scribbled on the paint, old painted inscriptions sometimes appear under the paint.

ORB 2 damn you forever

RUBOP you will pay for everything to us We will avenge for all Inshallah


Hey people. There are still 73 years left. Pray to Allah. 1500 years on the Hiju end of the world. The day of retribution is near. So why do we forget about him. 1427 AH

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