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Where you can carry money in times of instability. TOP-20 of the most reliable banks in Ukraine

Куда можно нести деньги во времена нестабильности. ТОП-20 самых надежных банков Украины

Cleaning the banking system significantly narrowed the number of banks that can now be trusted savings. NV together with the investment company Dragon Capital compiled a rating of banks that can be trusted in shaky times.

Куда можно нести деньги во времена нестабильности. ТОП-20 самых надежных банков Украины

According to the results of the crisis of 2014, the leader of the rating has not changed - they are still the state Oschadbank. This will be explained, first of all, by the support provided by the state to the financial institution both in the form of investing over UAH 9 billion in capital, as well as with a 100% state guarantee of deposits, which competitors can not boast of. The top ten were also state-owned Ukrgasbank and Ukreximbank. And here the most important thing is the support of the shareholder, which inspires hope that these banks will not be allowed to go bankrupt.

The government in the person of the Ministry of Finance supports the state banks so powerfully that representatives of the National Bank even have to explain to officials that it is not necessary to pour such a volume of funds into the banks' capital. This can have a negative effect on the entire system - it is highly undercapitalized, and unequal competitive conditions for other players can arise. Investors simply flow into state-owned banks, and this will hit private institutions.

The remaining members of the top ten are banks with European capital. Raiffeisen Bank Aval this year even pushed Ukreximbank from second place. The newcomers of the rating were Ukrainian "daughters" of large transnational structures Citibank and ING Bank, which operate in the corporate segment. Deposits can be opened only by legal entities - and for this reason, the two banks in the rating have not previously participated. However, now reliable banks are worth their weight in gold, and the experts decided to include them in the list.

Banks with 100 percent Ukrainian private capital in the top ten did not hit at all. In connection with the crisis and the war, they were in the most difficult situation. Owners of local institutions are much less able to maintain capital compared to international banking groups and even Ukrainian state-owned banks.

How we felt

The place in the rating was determined by investment company Dragon Capital, based on the amount of points that the bank received on the basis of the following indicators:

  • Capital adequacy - reflects the stock of equity to cover possible losses from activities.
  • Liquidity - reflects the bank's ability to fulfill its obligations without delay.
  • Stability of funding - the ratio of loans to deposits, diversification and stability of sources.
  • Support of shareholders - belonging to a reliable business group (or public sector) significantly increases the chances of additional financing in case of crisis situations.
  • Confidence of depositors - reflects the dynamics of deposits of the population.
  • Qualitative indicators - the transparency of the bank's activities, the balance of risk management, reputation.

Data Dragon Capital.