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Russians can now enter Ukraine only on foreign passports

Россияне теперь смогут въезжать в Украину только по загранпаспортам

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk signed a decree of the Government of Ukraine "On the suspension of certain provisions of the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Russian Federation on visa-free travel for citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation."

It is reported by the press service of the Cabinet.

At a meeting with the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Chebotar, Chairman of the State Border Service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko, Deputy Chairman of the SBU Viktor Yagunya, First Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service Yuri Sergienko, Prime Minister Minister of Ukraine stressed the need to strengthen control on the Russian-Ukrainian border and the "introduction of European rules for crossing states constant border, including Russian citizens. "

Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the government passed a resolution on the suspension of certain provisions of the Agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on visa-free trips of citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation: "We withdraw the internal passport and birth certificate as the basis for crossing the Ukrainian state border."

The provision for the remaining documents of citizens of the Russian Federation specified in the bilateral Agreement for entry into the territory of Ukraine, for example, a diplomatic and service passport, remain in force.

The head of government recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin "requested to cross the state border exclusively on foreign passports": "Well, we heard his request. Now it is necessary that Russian citizens, as Vladimir Putin requested, use exclusively international passports."

Such a step, stressed Arseniy Yatsenyuk, will significantly enhance border controls and ensure the interests of Ukraine’s national security.

The Head of Government instructed the State Migration Service of Ukraine, together with the State Border Service, to control the term of stay of citizens of the Russian Federation who arrived in Ukraine: "The Security Service of Ukraine accordingly receives additional information on the number and name of citizens of the Russian Federation who cross the border."

It is also noted that he appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform Russia about the suspension of the effect of certain provisions of the Agreement on visa-free travel of citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk also noted that the agreement on small border traffic with the Russian Federation does not meet European standards: "We have a clearly defined zone and limits with our European partners, a registration certificate is issued for every citizen who can enjoy privileges under the Agreement on small border traffic."

In addition, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the relevant departments, on Wednesday to submit a draft decision on bringing the Agreement on Small Border Traffic with the Russian Federation in line with European standards.

He recalled that before February 15, the State Migration Service of Ukraine must install 606 terminals for issuing biometric passports for citizens of Ukraine: "This issue is under special control in my country and throughout the country." Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructed to ensure the establishment of these terminals, "so that people can freely obtain foreign passports and use them both for trips to the countries of the European Union and other countries."

During the meeting, the Chairman of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Viktor Nazarenko, said that in 2014, the department did not let 46,834 foreign citizens pass through the state border, of which 1,5500 were citizens of the Russian Federation: "This year we have not missed 2,895 citizens, 432 of them are Russian citizens Federation. On behalf of law enforcement, we detained 318 citizens who may have been involved in terrorist activities. "