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"Ukrainians offer themselves to fighters of the National Guard for 10 hryvnias.The country legalizes prostitution to save the economy," - another "opening" of the TV of Russia. VIDEO

Украинки предлагают себя бойцам Нацгвардии за 10 гривен. Страна легализует проституцию для спасения экономики - Очередной вброс НТВ

NTV television channel told the Russians "exotic news" that the new Kiev authorities seriously intend to legalize prostitution. "They hope that selling love will save the economy of the country from collapse", the "journalists" of NTV made an opening.

"Sex services with a patriotic bias - the latest fashion trend in Ukraine.In the online auction, the girls offer themselves to fighters of the National Guard." The minimum bet is 10 hryvnias. "The rendezvous with the one who offers more." New girls who want to surrender to the soldiers now and again appear on the site, "Russian journalists say.

According to their information, the latest squeak of fashion in the nightclubs of Ivano-Frankivsk is a patriotic striptease. "Under the screams" Glory to Ukraine! "Beauties in national costumes eroticly get rid of these very national costumes." Such exotic sex tourists are ready to go to Ukraine from the other side of the world. "Suggestions for sex tours on the Internet are at least a dime, "journalists" of NTV.

"Those who are tired of waiting for an overseas prince are looking for themselves." In the Czech Republic, prostitutes from Ukraine became so many that they even issued a special textbook with pictures that remind girls to: protect themselves, check, and if anything, run to the doctor. the organization of migration, today every fourth prostitute in Europe is a native of Ukraine.In spite of visa barriers, the European integration is in full swing .In the opinion of experts, this is only the beginning, because economic collapse is imminent for Ukraine, " I'm in the report.

"Ukrainians who failed to get to Europe are sent to Moscow - and they do not regret it, they pay more in the Russian capital, from $ 100 to infinity." Ukrainians are accepted as their own, "NTV journalists say.

Alexander Valov, a porn director: "Europe is already a clearly regulated market, and there they perfectly understand that it is safe and secure, but there is no such opportunity to earn as much as you can earn, for example, in Moscow. It is a fact".

In Ukraine itself, only a year ago, prices were at the level of Russian. Many girls from Western Ukraine went to the Maidan, offering their services to revolutionaries. And this offer was in good demand. The revolution has come to pass, and the Ukrainian prostitutes have changed for the worse: competition is growing, prices are falling. Customers have to be persuaded and lured by unprecedented discounts. However, men with money leave very reluctantly, traded as in the market. Against the backdrop of falling prices, sex tours for foreigners began to gain popularity at an incredible pace.

Alexander Valov: "For Ukraine, prostitution is one of the economic engines no less than in Thailand, say, in the same Pattaya. So, I think that in a year or two it will be calmly perceived, and probably for many Europeans and our Russian businessmen it will be some kind of "Mecca". "

The problems of the sex industry have recently been raised in Ukraine itself. You can not win - you have to lead. Vitali Klitschko proposes to legalize prostitution and send it for the benefit of the country. Former candidate for mayor Khimki Sergei Troitsky on the legalization of prostitution with the mayor of Kiev Klitschko completely agree. And he calls on this not to stop.

Sergei Troitsky, lead singer of Metal Corrosion: "When our friend Vader planned to run for president of Ukraine, we wrote a whole program for him. How to equip Ukraine, for example. And among other things, it was the opening of huge factories for the production of poisons from hogweed and prostitutes of sex scouts, for example. In Ukraine, women are all beautiful, respectively, the mafiosi immediately wildly fall in love with them, they will sign marriage contracts, for example, according to which a Ukrainian sex scout can squeeze out large capitals: for example, then poison her husband, and this money will immediately flow into the economy of Ukraine, will fund the national guard ".

Troitsky's revolutionary initiatives, in their scope and depth, are on par with the projects of the current Ukrainian reformers. Troitsky is sure that cooperation can be fruitful, he is ready to start consultations with Ukrainian partners right now.