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Snowden documents prove that Nazi aliens rule America

Документы Сноудена доказывают, что Америкой правят инопланетяне-нацисты

At least, the Iranian semi-state (and sometimes absolutely insane) news agency Fars thinks so.

Since 1945, America has been controlled by mysterious aliens called “tall whites,” and controlled by the instructions of “extraterrestrial spies,” who used to help Adolf Hitler in the past.

Some already call these revelations "amazing", "epoch-making" and "real bomb", which would be quite appropriate - if at least one of this corresponded to some extent with reality.

The source of this information was the conspiracy news site, which reported a report by the Russian Federal Security Service.

This report allegedly was based on documents provided by Snowden, some of which, according to the site, contained sensational data on cooperation between aliens - “high whites” - and the US government.

Moreover, it was the “tall whites” who stood behind the “startling” rise of the Nazis in Germany before the Second World War.

The site cites “just one example from the many contained in the FSB report”: it was the “high whites” that helped Germany dramatically increase the number of submarines in the late 1930s - from 57 to 1,163.

After a couple of decades - in 1954 - the same “high whites” had already given advice to President Dwight Eisenhower.

According to the alleged report, these aliens created a secret regime that now rules the "United States."

An article suggests that documents mined by Snowden expose this regime.

I note that the expression “secret mode” was metaphorically used by Rolling Stone magazine in an article on Snowden to describe the gap between measures approved by citizens at ballot boxes and secret surveillance programs. refers to a strange statement by former Canadian Secretary of Defense Paul Hellyer, who told a Russian television station last week that aliens live on Earth but don’t want to share their technology with people until people make peace with each other.

According to, Hellier stated this when he gained access to relevant documents.

Fars is famous for its habit of reprinting strange stories from dubious sites, but is already too much.

It is practically impossible to find any real information about this site, but just look at its headlines to make it clear that we have before us a frank hotbed of conspiracy theories.

It contains articles about world leaders ordering the destruction of entire countries, about Obama's planned mass genocide and that ALL Obamacare data fell into the hands of a mysterious Russian hacker.

On the forums on the network they write that those few who decided to buy a book on this site either did not receive anything, or as a result received carelessly bound printouts of articles from the site.

Even worse, Fars has repeatedly referred to

In particular, it was with the link to the site that it wrote the other day about an underground nuclear explosion in Japan, and also this and last year - about Putin’s order to strike Saudi Arabia, which is likely to completely destroy this country.

So, while part of the Iranian authorities is trying to conclude an agreement on the nuclear issue with the United States, another part is content with the spread of flagrantly absurd conspiracy theories.

This is another example that clearly shows how divided the leadership of this country is.