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Frontline reports from the Southeast for May 21

Фронтовые сводки с Юго-Востока за 21 мая

Antiterrorist operation in the South-East of Ukraine. The main events for Thursday, May 21.

Representatives of the DNR installed two checkpoints

In the Donetsk region, in the Shakhtar district, in the village of Dmitrovka, representatives of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" established two roadblocks on the border with the Russian Federation.

The regional governor stressed that the residents of nearby settlements are indignant that the traffic of local transport is practically paralyzed by roadblocks.

End of terrorists!

Today, on May 21, an extraordinary meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordinating Commission of the Antiterrorist Center was held in Kiev with the participation of heads of ministries and agencies - subjects of the fight against terrorism, the SBU press center reports.

In the conditions of activity of terrorist and bandit groups in the East of Ukraine, there was an urgent need to create a fundamentally new concept of counteracting terrorism in the social, political, economic spheres and in the sphere of the security of public life.

"We have large-scale threats not only in the ATU zone, but also in other regions of the country." Special attention is paid to the protection of high-risk facilities: nuclear facilities, exclusion zones, TPPs, HPPs, railway transport, Dniprovsky cascade locks, OPK facilities, etc. . "- said the head of the ATC Lieutenant-General Vasily Krutov.

Troops are leaving

The US government has data on the movement of Russian troops at the border with Ukraine. This was admitted today, May 21, at a regular briefing for journalists, White House spokesman Jay Carney, commenting on information on the withdrawal of Russian military units in places of permanent deployment

New checkpoints

Along the border of Kharkiv with Donetsk and Lugansk regions 36 checkpoints were formed. Joint duty on them carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service, the Ministry of Defense and public activists, said during a press conference, the chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Baluta.

Of course, we can not say that it is completely blocked, because it has a long extension, but in the main directions and points where it is possible to cross by car, all roads are blocked, "he said. Balut.

LNR "writes" The Constitution

The leaders of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic prepared a preliminary version of the Constitution of the Republic. This document consists of 10 chapters and 86 articles.

In particular, this "Main Law of Lugansk Republicans" declares that the proclaimed LNR is a "democratic legal social state", and "the territory of the LNR is one and indivisible."

Фронтовые сводки с Юго-Востока за 21 мая

Ultimatum of GAI

The commander of the Donbas Volunteer Battalion of Territorial Defense Semyon Semenchenko delivered an ultimatum to the traffic policemen of the Donetsk region, who went over to the side of the so-called DNR, that they should leave the region.

This Semenchenko wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday, May 21.

In the morgues almost 100 bodies

According to preliminary information, there are up to 100 bodies of militiamen in the morgues of Kramatorsk, who died as a result of an anti-terrorist operation. This was reported by the representative of the ATU, Vladislav Seleznev, on Wednesday, May 21.

"According to operational information that needs verification, there are between 50 and 100 terrorists killed in the fighting with ATU forces in Kramatorsk morgues. Now, according to intelligence information, it is also known that in the Dmitrovka area on the Ukrainian-Russian border, terrorists and Russian military for their part, are preparing a "corridor" for the withdrawal of terrorist groups and the export of the deceased to the territory of the Russian Federation, "Seleznev said.

Detained "people's mayor"

In the Donbass, the battalion "Ukraine" detained four leaders of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic," People's Deputy Oleg Lyashko said on his Facebook page.

"In the Donetsk region, fighters of the Lyashko battalion" Ukraine "detained activists of the separatist movement, namely: 1. Poltoratskaya Irina, the self-proclaimed mayor of Torez 2. Yanieva Denis, chairman of the district commission of the so-called" referendum "of the" Donetsk People's Republic "in Torez. Igor, Deputy "People's Mayor" Torez, the organizer of terrorist attacks and pogroms, in the past - an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine recruited by Russian special services. "Simka Alexandra, leader of terrorists in the town of Snezhnoye," the deputy said.

Фронтовые сводки с Юго-Востока за 21 мая

They seized the executive committee

The building of the executive committee in the Red Ray of the Lugansk region was seized by armed people, the regional edition of the Eastern version reports with reference to the press service of the Lugansk regional branch of the Voters' Committee of Ukraine.

According to the press service, yesterday the district election commission TIO-109 held a meeting at which it registered observers and accepted an appeal to the CEC on the need to ensure the protection of election commissions. However, it was not possible to send the resolutions to the CEC, since there is no system administrator in the OIC.

"Today, it was not possible for its members to get into the district commission's building, because the building of the Red City Council is occupied by armed separatists," the KIA said.

Ponomarev threatened

"People's Mayor" Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev spoke against people who call themselves the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic and are in Donetsk.

Ponomarev threatened them that soon his "army" would come to the city and put things in order.

Фронтовые сводки с Юго-Востока за 21 мая

The weapons were withdrawn

As a result of the anti-terrorist operation, the siloviki seized portable anti-aircraft missile systems Strela-2M from the Donbas militia, which are in service only with the Russian armed forces, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on his page in Facebook.

"Noon, one of the ATU camps near Slavyanskoye, an arsenal of weapons confiscated from" peaceful "protesters, including the MANPADS 2M, which is only in the service of the Russian Armed Forces, nothing ... everything will fall into place, clarify, collect. order "- wrote Avakov.

For a peaceful sky over your head

Activists in Donetsk launched 400 white balloons into the sky as part of the campaign For a peaceful sky over their heads and against the self-proclaimed NDP.

As one of the organizers of the action noted, so citizens want to show their desire to live in a peaceful city.

"We are holding this action to express our opinion against the Donetsk People's Republic and what they are doing, this is our city, and we are masters here, and we want peace here," he said.

Natsgvardia turned to radicals

Representatives of the National Guard appealed to radical citizens with a request not to interfere with their work and not to complicate the already tense situation in the east of Ukraine, their statement says.

"You should not complicate the already tense situation in the eastern regions." Before the units of the National Guard of Ukraine, which are deployed in Donetsk and Lugansk and carry out the most necessary official tasks, such as the protection of especially important state facilities, the protection of defendants during trials, convicted during escort, participation in the protection of public order on the streets of cities, "the appeal of the management of the Eastern Operational and Territorial Association of the National Guards Ukraine.

Фронтовые сводки с Юго-Востока за 21 мая

We occupied the bakery

In Rovenky, representatives of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic took control of the administrative building of the bakery.

In particular, according to Valery Plakhotkin, a member of the "people's militia of Rovenek", they "reached agreements" with the company's management about temporary transfer of the building in connection with the arrival of refugees in the city.

Appeal to Akhmetov

The representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic appealed to Rinat Akhmetov, arguing that the DNR is "a simple people," and the Ukrainian businessman should "go down to earth" and look at it.

The situation improved

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk announced progress in resolving the crisis in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

"Over the past few days, it can be said that the situation in the Donbass region has turned the other way, and when those who today represent the Donbas and control the Donbas have declared that no self-proclaimed gangster" Donetsk republics "will lead either the Donbas or Ukraine, I can say that this can also be counted as an asset of our joint activity, "he said during the round table of national unity in Mykolayiv on Wednesday.

Rally in Mariupol

In Mariupol, Donetsk region, activists supporting the Donetsk People's Republic hold a rally near Azovstal, regional newspaper 0629 reported on Wednesday, May 21.

The publication reported that the gathered support the idea of ​​creating the Donetsk People's Republic and oppose the policy of the shareholder of Metinvest Rinat Akhmetov.