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UPD: 05/06/2014 Lying is not painful

Врать не больно

The biggest surprise in the whole current situation for me was the swift, no, instant oskotinivanie our media. Anyone who yesterday tried to pretend to be a journalist somehow, today is beating off propaganda - frantic, primitive, evil.

Our television is like a broken abscess, once “Gazeta” and “Lenta”, beloved by me, are glass-eyed and empty stuffed by the former ones. There is no journalism left in the country. People - ordinary, sane, it seemed - they forgot about everything and they lie, they lie, they lie! Corpulent little corpses lie in “Vesti” and on “First”, correspondents lie, editors lie in trifles and lie in a big way editors-in-chief.

And how so they, interestingly, it turns out? After all, it seems like two months ago there were people like people? After all, all those who today are so desperately, so passionately lying, could not be completely reborn in a month.

It is known that a person who is compelled by circumstances to lie and look as loud as possible by all means tries to avoid cognitive dissonance - and with all his strength he collects information that would help him to justify himself, to prove to himself that he does not lie at all and does not stand up. Rational thinking has nothing to do with it: everything is decided by emotions. Liars and scoundrels, after all, cannot live by believing that they are. Therefore, they convince themselves that their truth is such. What others lie. That they just protect themselves and their side. And so they are right. Their position is vulnerable, fragile, and any support for these liars and scoundrels is very important: in their childhood they were trying to raise them with good people, and now they have a hard time. Any praise, any recognition is important to them.

And here we read: Vladimir Putin awarded more than three hundred journalists with orders for "objective coverage of events in the Crimea." Well, in general in Ukraine. Orders and medals - correspondents, presenters, showmen, chief editor ... "Alexandra Nevskie", "For Services to the Fatherland" and "Order of Honor". Well, the correspondents still - in the inferno, by order of the climbed. And what about Kulistikov and Solovyov ?!

The first thing that comes to mind: these are not labor rewards, but combat ones. After all, the alleged military time, which means that on the other side of the enemy, which means that the pen must be equated with a bayonet. In war as in war.

And then you will think: who started this war? Who conjured Bandera and fascists, the UNA-UNSO, who fanned hysteria among Russian-speaking Ukrainians and Ukrainian Russians, who half a year told them about the Lviv massacre for breakfast and about Kharkov hangings for lunch? Who turned the “Right Sector” from a handful of areal marginals, who never had a name before, into the central force of Ukrainian nationalism? And who, the main thing, this nationalism stuffed with growth hormones, month after month pouring the whole Ukraine with lies?

Now - yes, the war. Now on each side - the dead. Now there is neither right nor guilty. Now the anthill is set on fire, you can shake hands, step aside and stare, taking an “impartial position”.

So: this is because you guys have arranged. They came up with the Kremlin, and you made it. Each of you who did not want to change jobs. Who was afraid of lowering salaries. Who simply did not know how to protest the boss. Who convinced himself that he was right.

"Polite people" - GRU special forces - maybe they did not kill anyone. And you killed. You will not be easy to live with it. Better and lie to yourself, as you lied to others. It is better to spread and forget.

Your medals are not rewards. That Putin gives you morphine in syringes.

Wash today. And remember those you wash.

Dmitry Glukhovsky - Journalist