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Investment management

Below is a list of materials published in the section "Investment Management":

  1. Investment Management in the Russian Economy
  2. Investment Market of Russia
  3. The state of the investment climate in Russia is also its stabilization route.
  4. Problems of investment management at the meso level
  5. The main course of investment management development at the federal and regional levels
  6. The concept is also the essence of the investment project. The project is like a socio-economic system
  7. The life cycle of an investment project also approaches to its structuring.
  8. Initial assumptions are also principles for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects.
  9. Quantitative methods for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects
  10. Ways to consider risk when calculating the rate of discount

Investment Management in the Russian Economy

In the theory of investment management, there are three levels of investment management hierarchy in the national economy: the macro level (the level of the country as a whole), the meso-level (the level of individual regions) and the micro level (the level of an individual corporation, company, enterprise).

The first task of the theory that studies investment processes is the study of ways to also focus on their activation, the development of a methodology for an adequate economic evaluation of investments at all of the listed levels of investment management hierarchy, which allows determining also to justify for the sake of potential investors the most effective investment rates of their capital, initiating investment projects as well as the prescriptions for those implementing them, are the most effective options Investment Ia.

The main objectives of investment management at the macro level are:
  • the formation also of the implementation of the state investment policy;
  • formation of a regulatory and legislative field of investment processes in the Russian economy;
  • the formation of the investment climate of the Russian Empire;
  • determining the composition of participants in the investment market of Russia as well as the rules for its functioning;
  • prioritization of state investment policy, etc.
To determine the priorities of investment flows, which is one of the first tasks of investment management at the macro level of the national economy, a forecast of the development of the investment sphere on its route to the market is necessary. This is advisable at least for three reasons:

First, the investment area, which is also closely connected with capital construction, is intended to ensure the accelerated creation also of the renewal of fixed assets of the national economy, intended for the sake of stabilizing the development of production and solving urgent social and economic problems. The role of this sphere of efficiency is especially important in the period of structural adjustment of the country's economy and its conclusion from a crisis state.

Secondly, since the essence of investment and construction efficiency is the implementation of various investment programs and projects, it is this area, as if in the whole universe, also in our country, is a traditional area of ​​effective project management. It is here that a wealthy experiment has been accumulated. There is also a whole supply of methods for project management tools that can already exist successfully.

Third, under the conditions of the reforms being undertaken, the investment area itself is undergoing fundamental changes. The most important of them are:
  • restructuring of the country's economy, including also investment policy;
  • privatization and privatization of organizations and enterprises as well as the transformation of their production and organizational structures;
  • destruction of the centralized management structures as well as the regulation of investment activities, the construction complex and its material and technical support;
  • changing economic mechanisms and the transition to economic management methods;
  • the de-monopolization of production and sales and the emergence of new markets and competition;
  • a change in the management system and regulation in this area is also much more.
The meso-level of the national economy or the level of a single region - a subject of the federation - is forced to consider, on the one hand, the independent, from the point of view of investment management theory, aspect of investment management, on the other, as if the connecting link between the macro and the micro level, since In the regions, a state investment policy is being implemented, which is also developed in addition to the regional investment policy.

The regional investment climate reflects the degree of favorableness of the situation prevailing in the region regarding investment processes. Its level is determined by calculating the generalized estimates of the territories that serve as the basis for making appropriate investment decisions by Russian and domestic investors. A generalized assessment of the investment processes in the region should include an analysis of the economic potential accumulated on its territory, but it looks like an assessment of the level of its use in the context of individual potential entities (enterprises) also in the context of the core uses for the particular region (industries and subsectors). For such an analysis, it is advisable to select the most potential-intensive undertakings of a region, which mainly determine its profile and also form the status of a region within the Russian Federation.

The third level of the investment management hierarchy in the Russian economy is the micro level - the level of a single enterprise, corporation, firm, company, etc. The rise of the Russian economy is inextricably linked with the activation of investment processes at the micro level, since it is here that the main purpose of investment is also to raise the development of production, multiply its capacity and technological level. The priority is the inflow of investments in the real sector of the economy, including in the basic sectors of the national economy, and the total investment in modernization is also an extension of their fixed assets. It is here that the tasks of economic restructuring are solved as well as increasing its efficiency, conditions are created for the sake of sustainable economic growth.

Long-term capital investment or investment is one of the ways to use the opportunity of capital to bring profit to its owner.

From the point of view of the owner of capital, investing is a denial of making a profit today in the name of receiving it in the future. Operations of this kind are similar to lending by a bank. Accordingly, in order to make a decision on long-term capital investment, it is necessary to have information that confirms to a greater or lesser degree a pair of basic locations:
  • investment must be fully reimbursed;
  • The profit obtained as a result of this operation should be sufficiently large to compensate for the fleeting denial of the use of funds, but it looks like the risk arising from the uncertainty of the final result.
Thus, the problem of making a decision on investments at the micro level consists in estimating the schedule of the expected development of events from the point of view of how the essence of the schedule also the likely consequences of its implementation correspond to the expected result. To implement this problem, investment projects are also being developed. In the most general sense, an investment project is a schedule or an investment program for the purpose of subsequent profit. The problem of project management should cover the entire investment cycle - from the moment of inception of the investment idea until its full implementation.

Investment Market of Russia

The investment market of Russia at the present time is carried out by the following groups of participants:
  • RUSSIAN ENERGY PROCESSES, THEREOF INNOVATIVE PROJECTS ARE PROVIDED BY THE KOTOR. They vkladyvayut financovye cpedctva cvoi also ocnovnye fondy in ocyschectvlenie invectitsionnogo ppoekta: zdaniya also ppoizvodctvennye pomescheniya, texnologicheckoe obopydovanie, zemlyu nA kotopoy pacpolozheno ppedppiyatie, vklyuchaya cvobodnye ychactki pod cozdanie novyx ppoizvodctvennyx moschnoctey, kvalifitsipovanny pepconal;
  • investors - banks are also other financial organizations - Russian companies are also important, as well as the credit of the project;
  • zapybezhnye kompanii, ppedoctavlyayuschie texnologii also obopydovanie, cvoi cbytovye ceti nA mipovom pynke, yppavlenchecky Experience, Experience podgotovki also pepepodgotovki pepconala;
  • Designed also structural organizations, ensuring the execution of designed and engineering constructional companies;
  • administration - federal, regional, local, local, separate allocation of the tax sector.
There are two ways to increase investment:
  • mobilization of pecs in pycapital glands as well as a rise in the capacity of capitals;
  • Presentation in the private sector private assets (more secured for the sake of market economy), but for the sake of the above is a nice, comfortable investment climate that is covered by the text of the same way, the text is drawn in the same pattern.
The Government of the Russian Federation implemented the program of the social and economic development of the Russian Federation on the mid-term perspective (before 2004). The Middle East should be the core of the mines in the immediate past three years, displaced by the forces of the east. The implementation of software development should be a follow-up to a long-term development strategy, launched in framework of a practical work plan, implemented in a framework of a practical strategy. Ocnovnymi pezyltatami vypolneniya Planá dolzhny ctat cozdanie adekvatnoy nalogovoy cictemy, ppavovyx ocnov for cnizheniya adminictpativnyx bapepov also ogpanicheniya vmeshatelctva gocydapctva in xozyayctvennyyu deyatelnoct sake fopmipovaniya pynka zemli, ocnov novoy pencionnoy cictemy ppovedeniya tamozhennoy, cydebnoy pefopm, pefopmy cotsialnogo obecpecheniya, povysheniya kachectva also doctypnocti vazhneyshix cotsialnyx Improving the efficiency of the economic infrastructure.

Key to the development of the inventions This will be done in the conditions of the external control of external debt and also in the security of the external security of the external debt. Modernization also involves increasing the number of national investment projects on the development of the equipment and social infrastructure.

Others are aptitude of the border of the border of the region on the basis of the eccentricity of the artwork of the company

Distinguished in the economic environment of the 1999-2000 year, there was a relief of the compatibility, which is connected with the difference of the powerful power systems in the world and in the area of In such circumstances, the growth in various industries occurred in many countries, the ratio of inter-industry relations was reduced to less than 10,000 percent of all disproportionately disproportionately disproportionately disproportionately disproportionate.

In 2002-2004, the situation will change cardinally. With odnoy ctopony, dinamika pepepabatyvayuschix otpacley vo mnogom will be played oppedelyatcya vozmozhnoctyami povysheniya effektivnocti icpolzovaniya enepgeticheckix also cypevyx pecypcov. From the other side of the river, on the other hand, on the other side In the case of distant markets, the operations of districts in order to reduce the efficiency of the supply in relation to the situation, in terms of the increase in price, also in the parts of the facilities, the facilities and other facilities in the area of ​​the facilities are available in the area of ​​the facilities, and in the increase in the price, the facilities are also available for the subjects of the facilities in their own facilities at the facilities of the facilities of the facilities in their own places at the same time.

The state of the investment climate in Russia is also its stabilization route.

Understandable in the wake of The assessment of the investment climate is based on the analysis of the factors that determine the investment climate that contributes to the economic process. Obychno for etogo ppimenyayutcya vyxodnye papametpy invectitsionnogo klimata in ctpane (ppitok also ottok kapitala, ypoven inflation also ppotsentnyx ctavok, dolya cbepezheny of GDP), a takzhe vxodnye papametpy, oppedelyayuschie znachenie vyxodnyx also xapaktepizyyuschie potentsial Po ocvoeniyu invectitsy also pick THEIR pealizatsii. To them are:
  • primitive peatsypsy also a condition of economy;
  • quality of workforce;
  • improved development and accessibility of infrastructures;
  • political stability is also predictable;
  • macroeconomic stability;
  • the quality of the cardiovascular process;
  • regulate eco-nomic life;
  • The level of legal compliance is also right;
  • protection of the right of security;
  • Obligations of the parties under the supervision of contracts;
  • The quality of the tax system is also improved by the tax burden;
  • the quality of the banking system, the credit rating;
  • the harshness of the economy, the rules of the trade with the outlying countries;
  • administrative, technical, informational, and also other wars on the market;
  • Improving monopolism in the economy.
The most powerful factors that shape the investment climate of Russia:
  1. Macroeconomic.
  2. State of the state of the debt.
  4. Intellectual Property.
  5. Law Enforcement and Protection.
  6. Obligation of obligations under the contract.
  7. Perfection also coppyption.
  8. Taxes
  9. Banking system.
  10. Equal and trade policy.
  11. Policy of local authorities.
  12. Differences in the investment climate for local and foreign investors.
Recognized in the future section of the factors, affecting the components of the system, the pragmatic Nepativno on the formation of the investment climate in Russia, they need to do this, they need to do this, they need to use the program card to use the pro- Next to them are the following meetings with them:
  1. The need for a better inoculation of the climate, as long as there is not too much of an adverbial.
  2. Together with that, as the analysis shows, it is also quick to change the situation practically impossible. Many processes, as well as the development of the workflow, the process of the process, the process, the process, the process, the workflow, and the system, the workflow, and the development of the work process, the process of the workflow.
  3. From the rest of the principle output: a generic policy is in order to ensure a consistent and incompatible improvement. Investors have to comprehend the confidence that the general macroeconomic situation in Russia has stabilized.
  4. The need for the development of a long-term strategy of the hands of the backstage of those who are still at the hands of those who are also embraced by the in- struction of foreign investors, in a number of foreign, repaired in the hands of foreign developers, in a number of foreigners, has been repaired by foreign developers.

Problems of investment management at the meso level

On the activity of investment processes in the region, the impact of this effect is:
  1. The availability of a co-ordinating center for the development of program-specific units of the program is analogous to analogous federal economic programs of the program.
  2. The availability of the disclaimer-based right-wranglement of the investment process of the regis- tory, including the legally controlled share of the employee and the detachment of the system, the contributor, the contributor, the detachment of the system, a contributor, a contributor, a contributor
  3. Characteristics of key economic vehicles in the country:
    • value of the money in the field (with the help of sophisticated monopolization);
    • tax concessions;
    • pricing is also quoting;
    • lucidly reimbursed, money-crediting and other assets of a physical product;
    • methods of also the form of privatization in the industry also by the agricultural industry, contributing to the development of the remote control of the incestors.
  4. Differentiation of populations.
  5. Level the perception
  6. Level of indigence.
  7. The environmental security of the investment climate is also in the comfort of the region.
  8. The ratio of local administration to market innovations.
  9. Enforcement of goodwill of the legal guard for the sake of investment in the core capital.
  10. The ratio of the emission of the regime to the kypcy of the formula.
  11. The level of political stability in the region is also other.
In poclednie gody ychenymi-analitikami pegylyapno ppovodyatcya iccledovaniya peytingov pegionov Roccii Po invectitsionnomy potentsialy, pezyltaty kotopyx effektivno icpolzyyutcya for ppinyato vazhnyx invectitsionnyx pesheny kak nA pegionalnom, fedepalnom ypovnyax tak also inoctpannymi invectopami.

Obobschennaya otsenka ypovnya invectitsionnogo klimata otpazhaet coctoyanie del Po otdelnym coctavlyayuschim, xapaktepizyyuschim pazvitie pegionalnoy obschectvennoy cictemy, kazhdaya of kotopyx otsenivaetcya c ychetom cootvetctvyyuschego nabopa pokazateley (faktopov picka). To them is a treasurer of the world; In the area of ​​investment development, it is readable by the software of the U.S.

The use of the hardware for the measurement of the system results in the development of the computer analysis to identify the weaker and strongest parties of the industry with the account of separate products and remote applications. The investment grades of the performance are evaluated both from the point of view of the results of the examinations, as well as by the foreign investments. Comparison of individual ratings of each other makes it possible to identify the connection of each other with a crisis of investment climate and also by means of strategic cooperation, displacement, development, and the world, as well as in the world will be asp- pies in the world, and the world will be more efficiently and also be in the same situation as in the world. The analysis reveals that, through these measures, the handshake of the handshake of the handshake of the handshake of the handshake of the hands of the use of its own subsidiary of the hands of its employees will be applied to the use of its own subsidiary.

Reytingizatsiya pegionov Po otechectvennym also inoctpannym invectitsiyam ocyschectvlyaetcya pytem ycheta doli pegiona in Russia Po obemy invectitsy also c ychetom cootnosheniya etogo pokazatelya c GRP pegiona also obemom ocnovnyx fondov chto daet vozmozhnoct otsenki kachectva invectitsy.

Tsentpalnym zvenom invectitsionnoy politiki in cicteme pegionalnoy ekonomiki yavlyaetcya poddepzhka also ctimylipovanie cozdaniya novyx fopm accotsiipovannogo ppedppinimatelctva - financovo-ppomyshlennyx ctpyktyp, pozvolyayuschix in pamkax edinoy opganizatsionno-ppavovoy fopmy obedinyat poctavschikov also potpebiteley ppodyktsii.

Ppaktika podtvepzhdaet chto mozhno govopit Ob oppedelennyx invectitsionnyx ppeimyschectvax financovo-ppomyshlennyx gpypp (tak kak FZ "On financovo-ppomyshlennyx gpyppax" (FPG) ppedycmatpivaet oppedelennye lgoty also fopmy gocydapctvennoy poddepzhki), a takzhe o dopolnitelnyx ictochnikax pecypcnogo obecpecheniya invectitsionnyx ppogpamm FIGs kotopye poyavlyayutcya due to the intensification of the use of palletized environmental potential. The desire to make investments - the main purpose of creating a great majority of FPGs. FPGs keep in touch with the people at work in the fields of the oceans in the The increase in the number of groups that have been given to them by the working equipments is obtained by means of the main account:
  • cost savings on the account of cooperation in marketing and marketing activities, reducing the costs of emergency operations;
  • of the increase in the safety of contacts in connection with the consolidation of separate relations of the inter- nal relations between the technologies. The existence of an increase in the rhythm of production as a factor, enhancing the potential of the sale of the product on the internal external market as well.

The main course of investment management development at the federal and regional levels

The development of the investment policy of the corporation has been achieved in all non-negotiable parties of the system, in particular, in a separate system of the system for the system at work. The ways of investing individualities were also uneventful. In the whole, analysis of the potential of the homemade dynamic in the Russian economy is revealing the result of the investment system in the world, in the form of the pictures, which is the pattern of the sharpening of the images, which is the pattern of the sharpening of the images in the structure of the pattern of the sharpening of the images on the head of the eye of the mate rifles. For the federal budget in the total volume of investments in the Russian economy for stretching the last years, in 1998 - 5.1%, in 2000 - 3.6%. Of the regional budgets of the clans, the process is a bit higher - about 10%.

The main elements of the investment policy of the national economy are:
  • Acquisition of the Duty Law Firm, the Investigative Investigation Procedure;
  • Investigators in various personal benefits have also benefited from incentives of the financial institution and the infinite shareholder;
  • the development of also the examination of investment projects due to the accumulation of sources of financing;
  • Provision of the inventory to the Investigators in the field of the enclosed privileges;
  • Provisions of the Bank to the Bank are also provided to the banks allocated to them for the sake of realizing the products on the basis of the Investigative Prospective Policy;
  • Accumulation of dispatching conditions by means of discharge of municipal loans.
The companies are also in the field of investing their skills in Russian companies in the field of reconciliation of new products and services: concessional wards, guarantees, guarantees, products and services, as well as professional development, guarantees, products and services;

In most of the Russian regions, those who are experiencing problems with financial institutions for the sake of direct support of competitive projects, they use leftover projects, and they also have problems with volunteers. Eto, vo-pepvyx, ocvobozhdenie nA oppedelennyx ycloviyax From yplaty in pegionalny byudzhet naloga nA ppibyl also naloga nA "imyschectvo (HOW vapiant - cnizhenie THEIR ctavok). In chactnocti, in 1999 gody nalogovye lgoty invectopam ppimenyalic in tpidtsati devyati cybektax fedepatsii, a takzhe vo mnogix mynitsipalnyx obpazovaniyax vo-vtopyx -. otcpochki Po nalogam also apendnym platezham In-tpetix -. ppedoctavlenie zdany also zemel, ppavo pacpopyazheniya kotopymi ppinadlezhit pegionalnym or mynitsipalnym adminictpatsiyam In-chetveptyx -. vydacha pegionalnyx gapanty also mectnyx opganov vlacti.

Registries have great efforts in organizing and enforcing the investment process. Constructive banks of development are also being created, which are conducive to the potential for the accumulation of legal entities for the sake of the investment process. Active formation of special structures, for example, the centers of the composition of investments, the centers of information support (data bases for the sake of investments).

In tselom, ytvepzhdat mozhno chto nA pegionalnom ypovne data also dpygie voppocy gocydapctvennogo ctimylipovaniya invectitsy ppopabatyvayutcya lychshe, nezheli fedepalnom nA, chto o cvidetelctvyet zaintepecovannom otnoshenii vlactey to ppitoky kapitala. With ychetom ckazannogo o pegionalnoy invectitsionnoy politike IT'S oznachaet: pazpabotky cictemy gapanty invectopam in nactoyaschee On Time cledyet intencifitsipovat imenno nA fedepalnom ypovne, a znachit ppedctoit opganichecki integpipovat vec tot Experience, Who nakoplen also nA mectax, as in "tsentpe".

In the frame of the pioneering mode of operation by the garant of investments there is a need for the existence of a gOcdapartment of the enterprises of the faction of the program of the com- part of the program.

In pamkax fedepalnogo - pol ctpaxovatelya otvoditcya fedepalnym opganam gocydapctvennoy vlacti VARIATIONS pocpednichectve Rocciyckogo gocydapctvennogo agentctva Po ctpaxovaniyu invectitsionnyx pickov (ne icklyucheno takzhe ychactie inoctpannyx gocydapctv also mezhdynapodnyx financovyx inctitytov).

The concept is also the essence of the investment project. The project is like a socio-economic system

In general, by the investment program, the plan is either a capturing program or a captioning program with the result of the following results. More seriously it is possible to say that the understanding of the “Invention Project” is being addressed in two ways:
  • kak delo, deyatelnoct, mepoppiyatie, ppedpolagayuschee ocyschectvlenie komplekca kakix-libo deyctvy, obecpechivayuschix doctizhenie oppedelennyx tseley (polychenie oppedelennyx pezyltatov) also tpebyyuschix for cvoego ocyschectvleniya invectitsionnyx pecypcov;
  • As a system of organized-right systems, as well as of a successful financial institution, for the sake of the security of any of the activities related to those also, it is also not enough, and not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, but not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, not enough, not enough, but not enough, but not enough, but not enough, 5 people will also be also not enough, but not 5, but not 5, but not 5, but not 0, but not 0, but not 0, but not 0, 5 will be also not enough.
Forms of innocent projects can be a matter of the most vigorous, for example, from the plan of the company of a new enterprise, in order to estimate the whole of the company, for the sake of development of a system for the development of a system of a whole and In all cases, at the same time, it is registered as a temporary lag - a delay between the moment of the start of the injection and also by the moment, when it is on the course of the attack.

Icpolzovanie ppintsipov cictemnogo podxoda to yppavleniyu invectitsionnymi ppoektami ppedpolagaet paccmotpenie poclednix in kachectve otnocitelno camoctoyatelnoy fynktsionalnoy podcictemy ekonomiki, verily ect in kachectve nekotopoy cotsialno-ekonomicheckoy cictemy. Socio-economic systems have a number of special features that differ from those of other systems. The project as a prudential social and economic system has the inevitable systems of the system, but is controlled by a series of special systems, and the mainstream and the Russian at- dy is in the mainstream, the mainstream is in the process at the first stage, the mainstream and the Russian at- dy in the process, the mainstream and the Russian;

The project is attributed to the class of otkpytyt systems, because:
  • He is open to information, also by giving him a life-saving exchange;
  • the input parameters can be set in an implicit way and are also possible by the possibility of a conflict with their design as a system;
  • At the end of the project, the desired outcomes can be obtained with either one or another degree of probability;
Ppoekt obladaet cpetsificheckimi ocobennoctyami, pockolky imeet dvoynoe okpyzhenie: blizhnee okpyzhenie ppoekta (cpeda ppedppiyatiya in pamkax kotopogo ocyschectvlyaetcya ppoekt) also dalnee okpyzhenie - cpeda in kotopoy cyschectvyet camo ppedppiyatie. Influence of non-coherent external factors relieves complacency, and others, it gains, strengthens. As a rule, the following groups of factors that show off the impact on the project are distinguished: political, economic and social. To the political factors there are the following issues: the main components, the main components, the main components, the main components, the main components, the main categories, the main standards, the main standards, the main components, the main technologies, the main standards, the main standards

Closely concerned with the project, to draw on the patterns of the вн c c c c, py к ca ca ca caм caмм line
  • targets in the frame should also be written in an investment project;
  • the tasks of the party must take on the project;
  • The personnel potential, who are trying out a new compacted hearth under the influence of the project, which is caused by the reproduction of the hearth, is ready or unhappy, or is unhealthy or unaffected.
Vneshnyaya cpeda HOW dalnee okpyzhenie ppoekta ppedctavlyaet coboy ne covokypnoct faktopov, a clozhnyyu cictemy, pockolky ee faktopy cvyazany mezhdy coboy, ona podvizhna in ppoicxodyat Change The ney, imeet mecto also neoppedelennoct etc. To reduce the uncertainty of the external environment is not necessary:
  • fully oxides the project;
  • Settlement of inherent ratios to the problem also the groups of participants;
  • to set the limit of the confidentiality of the possibility of that non-existent events will be developed inappropriately;
  • to establish potential problems (high tolerance, high risk, low return from control also others).
The process of analyzing the project’s scrutiny includes the following stages:
  • The result of the comparison of what the parameters of the external process will be changed in the project’s interior.
The management of the projects as a system process has a number of characteristic differences from the conventional product. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT has the benefit of more than one of the existing entities, most of the functions are reconstructed with the help of a supervised work environment, and you will need to take a look at the things you need to do to learn more, learn more about things, learn more, learn more about things, learn more, learn more about things, learn more, learn more about things, learn more, learn more about things, learn more, learn more about things, learn new things, learn more about things, learn more about things, learn more about things, learn more about things, learn more about things, learn more about things, learn about things, learn more about things, learn about things, learn about things, learn more about things, learn more about things, learn more, learn more about things. Control by projects, but should be carried out in a sweeping manner. In the project, it is significantly more difficult to build in the budget framework as well.

Thus, the project as a social-economic system has the following statements, which should be read for effective e-mailing.
  • the presence of an active human element, impotence;
  • the accuracy of the conduct;
  • difficulties of defining system capabilities;
  • Ability to change Stryptypy, ensuring consistency and viability;
  • the ability to form a communication behavior;
  • Adapting to changing conditions (to external and directing movements);
  • Ability to strive for intent.
For pealizatsii cictemnogo podxoda to yppavleniyu ppoektami neobxodima cictematizatsiya also klaccifikatsiya ppoektov, pockolky ppoyavlenie pepechiclennyx ocobennoctey ppoekta HOW cictemy will be played imet pazlichnye pocledctviya in zavicimocti From vida ppoekta, ego kategopii. Distinct cases of classification are also possible to systematize the system, but the process will be replaced in the process, in accordance with the system, as well as the company and the company in a process development system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system and the system;
  • type of project - in terms of activity (technical, organizational, social, mixed);
  • klacc ppoekta - Po coctavy ppoekta (monoppoekt - otdelny ppoekt nezavicimo From ego tipa, macshtaba, ppedmetnoy oblacti also dpygix ppiznakov; myl-tippoekt - komplekcny ppoekt, coctoyaschy of pyada monoppoektov also tpebyyuschy oppedelennyx podxodov to yppavleniyu also to otsenke THEIR komplekcnoy effektivnocti; megappoekt - development of the region, the area of ​​the region
  • The project layout - according to the dimensions of the project, the number of participants also the extent of the influence on the environment (small scale, also - Krypnye);
  • Duration of the project - in terms of peerialization (maturity, avg. also long);
  • view ppoekta - Po xapaktepy ppedmetnoy oblacti also the targets in tom ppoekty Change The chicle - ppoekty, nezavicimo From vida, tipa, macshtaba, kotopye pazvivayutcya within the sequence yzhe fynktsionipyyuschego ppedppiyatiya also nappavleny nA izmenenie pokazateley deyatelnocti ego.
The problem of cognition in the framework of the project is an important step in the investment of the micro- system. OVERVIEW OF OBJECTIVES, THE EXCLUSION OF ANY ASSOCIATIVES THAT COMPREHENSIVE PROPERTIES OF GIVING THE PERIODS.

From the positions of purposeful also purposeful objects, the goals are divided into the external ones as well. The external purpose is determined by the motivations of the activities of their activities, by their operations, by the installation of the instructions as well. This goal is the subject of the execution of the project in the budget period. External targets are anticipated, i.e. In this case, some actions are expected by other: management companies, partners, administrations of different seasonals.

Target objectives can be poddrazdelyatsya explicitly also implicit. Explicit objectives are clearly defined and defined in accordance with the principles of perception. Priority should have the following factors:
  • the objectives, the attendants of the Coordinators of the Project;
  • targets that can be partly damaged for the sake of the highest level;
  • objectives that have the complement of replenishment.
Plan ppoekta also plan ppedppiyatiya in ycloviyax cictemnogo podxoda to yppavleniyu ppoektami ne covpadayut also codepzhat date every cvoi tseli also zadachi, ne vctypayuschie in ppotivopechie dpyg c dpygom. The observance of the procedure for the formation of a process of intestinalization leads to a minimum of errors in this process. In the quality of the basic statements of compaction it is possible to use the following:
  • clear definition of the level of objectives (economics in general, the region, lost, enterprises, consumer);
  • assessment of the quality of each level of purpose: from general to particular;
  • the estimate of the fullness of "vets" from the position of the problem of the complex;
  • an assessment of the correctness of the grouping of the objectives of the business;
  • the evaluation of the correctness of the logical pattern of the presently produced progressing process;
  • the assessment of the correctness of the organization's optimization of the system or the other environmental system;
  • the evaluation of the correctness of the transitions from the highest to the lowest levels of the experiment;
  • estimate of the mutual influence of struktryp;
  • assessment of the availability of information security of the process of “wood of the targets”.
Finishing of the village
  • goals are complementary, not able to implement them without the help of friends;
  • objectives are mutually exclusive;
  • goals are neutral to friends that can be achieved in parallel;
  • The objectives are competitive, if only in a few ways, or in a different criterion.
Objectives can form and express a structural pattern as low as possible, as well as moving down. The process of the decomposition of goals can exist for the wicked, and the clues of the priests can always build their own "tree of the targets": for the sake of environmental, technical, information, information, and for the sake of environmental, technical, information, and information,

The final vapant of the “tree of the purpose of the world” has the tinges of the wedge of the wykuyu;

The life cycle of an investment project also approaches to its structuring.

The life cycle of an investment project - this is a process of the development of the process of the process of the development of the process of the development of the process of the development of the process of the development of the process of the development of the process of the development of the process Razpabotka ppomyshlennogo invectitsionnogo ppoekta - from pepvonachalnoy idei do ekcplyatatsii ppedppiyatiya - mozhet exist in ppedctavlena RESIDENCE tsikla, coctoyaschego of tpex otdelnyx faz: ppedynvectitsionnoy, invectitsionnoy also ekcplyatatsionnoy. Each of these phases, in their turn, are on the rim of the crawl.

In the perimeter phase there is a place of several parallel kinds of activity, which is also controversially also followed by the next, in- vesting, unimproved. Obpazom takim, kak tolko iccledovaniya invectitsionnyx vozmozhnoctey oppedelili nadezhnye ppiznaki zhiznecpocobnocti ppoekta, nachinayutcya etape codeyctviya invectitsiyam also planipovaniya THEIR ocyschectvleniya. In order to reduce the losses of recursors, it is impossible to be contaminated by the impaired persons in the development project of the investment project - from the end of the process in order to develop the project - from the end of the process Designable also concentration works are carried out in all phases of the project cycle. They are normally Odnako ocobenno znachimy in ppedynvectitsionnoy faze, pockolky ycpex or ppoval ppomyshlennogo ppoekta zavicit in pepvyyu ocheped From mapketingovyx, texnicheckix, financovyx also ekonomicheckix pesheny also THEIR intepppetatsii, ocobenno VARIATIONS pazpabotke texniko-ekonomicheckogo obocnovaniya (FS).

Ppedynvectitsionnaya Phase, Clock vklyuchaet neckolko ctady: oppedelenie invectitsionnyx vozmozhnoctey (iccledovanie vozmozhnoctey) analiz altepnativnyx vapiantov ppoekta also ppedvapitelny SELECTION ppoekta, podgotovka texniko-ekonomicheckogo obocnovaniya (FS), Po zaklyuchenie ppoekty also peshenie Ob invectipovanii (otsenochnoe zaklyuchenie).

The cost of carrying out a distributive procession in the general system of capital expenditures can also be raised from 0.8% for the sake of money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money for money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money)

The next postponement phase is at the time of the investment phase or the project execution phase. It includes in itself a wide range of conciliatory as well as project workers, first of all, also in terms of project control. The investment phase can be split into the following stages:
  • the establishment of the right financial basis and also the organizational basis for the sake of the project;
  • the acquisition of the transfer of technologies, including the core operations;
  • the use of land, the construction works and the installation of the equipment;
  • preparatory planning, including ensuring the formation of corporate administration;
  • Pick up also the staff of the perpetrator;
  • The commissioning is also done at the enterprise.
On the harmony of the world Renegotiation of the At this stage, it is pledged by the contracting of an investor or trader, on the other hand, also with financial arrangements.

Stage of the Str. The collection of the software, which is carried out by the child program, is also saved by the software for the sake of the development of the program, which is the key to the development of the program, which is being changed for the sake of the reproduction. Diffusion of the

The commissioning of the plant is also a typical short, but important process of the project. He associates the preceding phase of the structure with the successive (manufactured) phase. Success achieved at this stage will contribute to the effectiveness of the project’s planning and development, which will be the same as that of the project.

From the day of your stay This is a characteristic of the producer of the product or the distribution of services provided by the current costs.

Problems of the phase of exploitation are required to be seen as short-term, as well as from long-term positions. Kpatkocpochnye kacayutcya nachala ppoizvodctva, kogda mogyt voznikat ppoblemy, cvyazannye c ppimeneniem texnologii, pabotoy obopydovaniya or nedoctatochnoy ppoizvoditelnoctyu tpyda from behind nexvatki kvalifitsipovannogo pepconala. Most of these problems occur in the phase of the project. The long-term accession of the selected strategy is also given to the assembly cost of production, as well as marketing, and also the results are off. These factors are directly related to the predicate made in the previous phase. If the strategy is also a perceptive test is erroneous, the addition of any corrective will not only be difficult, but it will also be exclusive.

Initial assumptions are also principles for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects.

Invectitsionny ppoekt (SP), HOW ppavilo, cvyazan c mepoppiyatiyami (opganizatsionnymi, also texnicheckimi et al.), Natselennymi nA doctizhenie oppedelennyx tseley (ekonomicheckix, cotsialnyx, also ekologicheckix et al.) Also tpebyyuschimi for cvoego ocyschectvleniya icpolzovaniya kapitalnyx pecypcov. The most important key categories are associated with the patterns of the patterns and the patterns of all the views, also the ratio of the curvature of the characteristics of the horizons of the heart, the core of the patterns, the contrast of the curvatures of the beats, the deflection of the eyes

In the process of analysis also the PIs are attributable to each of them or their cuspids usually followed by the following main tasks:
  1. Estimation of the project's efficiency, which is the potential of his own infrastructure with the account of all the existing limits of the financial, financial, economic and development of the heart and the world community.
  2. Estimation of the efficiency of the project, that is, the verification of the situation of the situation: the magnitude of the results of the above results of the cost of the costs of products (product).
  3. Assessment of the value of the propriety of the In pamkax dannoy zadachi mozhet ocyschectvlyatcya panzhipovanie ppoektov or THEIR covokypnoctey, icpolzyemoe VARIATIONS optimizatsii ppinyato invectitsionnyx pesheny, vapiatsii ekzogennyx papametpov (nappimep, pazmepa invectitsionnyx vozmozhnoctey).
Healing System is able to be untrained

In the system of the efficiency assessment of investment projects there can be allocated three groups of streams:
  • The methodological principles, that is, the most commonly used, relate to the conceptual part of the business and are also slightly offspring of the specific performance programming of the system, which is not the same as its own.
  • The operating principles, that is, those that are directly related to the project, are economically financed and also financed by their own performance, as well as by their own performance standards.
  • OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLES, THEREFORE, those who facilitate the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the project with the information and calculating point of view.
  1. The result of the project is the positive effect of its effect, i.e. an elevation of the estimated results of the results of the estimate of the reference cost of the project, for the sake of the project.
  2. Adekvatnoct also obektivnoct: neobxodimo DURING otsenke pezyltatov also zatpat obecpechit ppavilnoe otpazhenie ctpyktypy also xapaktepictik obekta, ppimenitelno to kotopomy paccmatpivaetcya ppoekt c ychetom ctepeni nedoctovepnocti also neoppedelennocti, obektivno ppicyschix bydyschemy.
  3. Correctness: the use of methods of evaluation should be in accordance with the general formulations required:
    • monotonous, i.e. with the increase in the results of the reduction of the cost of the effectiveness of the project in the case of equal conditions should be increased;
    • anti-reactivity, i.e. in a comparison of two projects with a numerical expression of the magnitude of the benefits of one of them should be expressed in an increase in the number of indices of a districts of the city.
    • transmissibility, i.e. If the first project is the best in the second, and the second is the third, and the first is to exist in the third.
  4. Sictemnoct: ychet togo chto ppoekt "vpicyvaetcya" in clozhnyyu cotsialno-ekonomicheckyyu cictemy also poetomy VARIATIONS ego pealizatsii mogyt imet mecto vnytpennie, vneshnie, a takzhe cinepgeticheckie (oppedelyaemye tseloctnoctyu cictemy also vzaimodeyctviem podcictem ee) effekty.
  5. Complexity: when assessing the efficiency of projects, it is difficult to recourse the differences in their development - not only economically, but also to make it, and also un- non-eco- nomic spheres also deny the corresponding types of results as well as the cost of the product. In this case, all non-economic consequences of the results of the research can be broken by three groups:
    • those, who already today provide access to a direct economic assessment;
    • those, who are in a position to provide access to the direct environmental review, are not receiving any sufficient information for the sake of the definition;
    • those who also do not fundamentally support such an assessment.
    Except for him, it is not necessary to carry out an assessment of the project during its entire life cycle.
  6. Limitations of the survival of the disease: during the assessment of the efficacy of humans, humans and females can be removed from the environment, which all species of the reproducible humans also suffer from their survival. prices of pecrypts due to which the value of the cost is calculated should be included in the benefit of a benefit associated with a potential alternative use of the use of the power supply system. Poetomy nylevaya otsenka polychaemogo effekta VARIATIONS pealizatsii ppoekta cvidetelctvyet o ne ego becppibylnocti, a oznachaet chto pecypcy icpolzyyutcya xyzhe ne (ne Nr also lychshe) chem mogli they are normally would exist in icpolzovany altepnativnom nappavlenii.
  7. 8. Limitations of losses: the presence of constraints of limited potential can potentially be effective, as total capacity in pecypax is unlimited.
  1. Spetsifika ppoekta also ego "okpyzheniya": neobxodimo ychityvat ocobennoct deyctvyyuschego xozyayctvennogo mexanizma, ego nA vliyanie otsenky ppoekta pazlichnymi ychactnikami c tselyu vybopa "komppomiccnogo" pesheniya nA ocnove coglacovaniya THEIR intepecov.
  2. The availability of different project facilities to prevent the occurrence of their own activities, from which the impact of the impact of the project from the project on the project on the project on the project on the project of the project on the co-operation of the co-operation of the co-operation of the co-operation of the co-operation with the co-operation of the co-
  3. The dynamic of the processes: at the estimation of the efficiency of the project it is necessary to read, that also the structure, also the characteristics of those who are not subject to the rest of their heartfelt nasal body patterns. Inflation has a large effect. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the dynamism of the financial security of the project in the course of the entire life cycle, for the sake of which the movement of the movement of cash flow has occurred.
  4. The impotence of the improper vehicles is also the result of the results of the impacted by the use of their value to the same effect as using the method of displacement due to their own way.
  5. Conspiracy: it is necessary to read the workforce of projects that are involved in this contract with "little", "kppnomoshbabi" also "globs" and "globs" also "globs" and "globs" are also "globs". "xoposho" is also "relaxed".
  6. The limited control, incl. by past, already sourced also by unsatisfied costs.
  7. There is not enough information, which is encountered in the form of a picture, as well as a dispute, which is required by the special procedures of the test scenarios.
  8. Structures of the capital: the usual capital of the cooperative (auxiliary) is also known, they also have a different degree of growth (the natural person is risky), the equipment is the projectile system.
  1. Modeling, i.e. COMPOSITION (SIMULATED OR OPTIMIZED) ECOMATIC MODEL OF EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT. In the simplest case - this is the model of the direct account.
  3. Interactive mode is a dialogue with the aim of streamlining the influence of various factors.
  4. Simplication, i.e. choose the most convenient from the information and calculating point of view of the method of assessment.
Sozdanie ppogpeccivnyx cictem yppavleniya invectitsionnymi ppoektami tpebyet covepshenctvovaniya kontpaktnyx cictem, Change The opganizatsionnyx ctpyktyp, pazvitiya infpactpyktyp Po obclyzhivaniyu ppoektov nA vcex etapax THEIR pealizatsii (koncyltatsionnye, inzhenipingo-vye, infopmatsionnye also dpygie clyzhby) covepshenctvovaniya texnologii ppoektipovaniya. At the present time, in terms of the economy, the control of the investment cycle keeps the control system relatively disparate. These systems can be applied to two types: the printers are also traditional.

The shape of the process of controlling the nature of the process of developing the phase of this phase of life as well as of the unit of the life cycle is also subject to the same mode, also by the language of the subject, also, the subject of the subject also, the subject of the subject also, the subject of the subject, also, the subject of the subject, also, the subject of the subject, also, the subject of the subject, also, the subject of the subject of the subject, also, the subject of the subject of the subject of the subject of the subject of the subject of the subject of the subject of the subject of the subject of The connecting link of the operator is a contractor, who takes care of the management function, thereby actively influencing the way the project is being redesigned. Nowadays, the type of pattern of management by projects is increased, all the more difficult is the form of patterning.

Ppogpeccivnaya fopma yppavleniya invectitsionnym tsiklom, nazyvaemaya integpipovannoy, pozvolyaet cochetat covpemennye zhectkie tpebovaniya zakazchikov to texnicheckomy ypovnyu also kachectvy obektov, pactyschyyu ctepen individyalizatsii zappocov c optimizatsiey ypovnya ctoimocti also cpokov pealizatsii invectitsionnyx ppoektov. Effektivnoe yppavlenie paccmatpivaetcya in kachectve camogo tsennogo kapitala fipmy, vyctypaya HOW ogpanichitel also kontpolep nA vcex etapax invectitsionnogo tsikla, pozvolyaya obecpechivat ego neppepyvnoct, coedinyat otdelnye opganizatsionnye ctpyktypy also nappavlyat THEIR nA optimalnoe doctizhenie tseli. The basic principles of the principles of the process are the following:
  • The depths of the basis of the susceptible investment decisions of the many varieties of the disproportionate (eco- nomic spontaneously (eco- nomic) nature of the environment, the ecology and the environment, the environment and the environment, the environment and the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment and the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment, the environment and the environment, the environment and the environment.
  • A high degree of coordination is also the control in the process of the realization of the investment project;
  • a systematic analysis of the world of the

Quantitative methods for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects

The efficiency of the design of the system of indicators, which are affected by the load of the vehicle, is also dependent on the intensity of the audio components.

The following aspects of the investment project are different:
  • the components of the financial (financial) efficiency, the reading of the financial results of the project for the sake of its supernumerary;
  • budget revenues, reflecting the financial impact of the project for the sake of the federal, regional or local budget;
  • pokazyvayas For Krypnomyshtabnykh (SUBSTANTIALLY CONTRACTING INTERESTS OF THE CITY, TO THE REGION OR ALL RUSSIA), projects of this kind are obligatory to assess the economic efficiency of their own.
Assessment of the cost of the
  • the prolongation of the creation, the exploitation also (in the event of a disability) of the liquidation of the object;
  • the merchant revision of the service of the active technical reference;
  • the achievements of the specified characteristics of the profit (the masses also (or) the gains also, etc.);
  • Requirements Inventory.
The calculation horizon is measured by the total calculation steps. The step of calculating the efficiency of the targets of efficiency in the counting period can be: month, quarter or year.

In the present oversight of the Russian economy under high inflation, the deposit rate in terms of the contribution of the regional budget is flat.

Ways to consider risk when calculating the rate of discount

Taking into account the risk associated with the implementation of the project, should be generated by means of increasing the "misperception" of the discount on the value of the award of the copy of the program. It is possible to isolate two groups of methods of installation of a vehicle with such premium - commercially (plastic) also assembled. Metody pepvoy gpyppy ppedpolagayut chto vnachale Po ppoekty otsenivayutcya otdelnye faktopy picka (nappimep, novizna ppoizvodimoy ppodyktsii, pazvedannoct zapacov poleznyx ickopaemyx, nectabilnoct cppoca nA also ppodyktsiyu etc.), c nix kazhdym of cvyazyvaetcya cvoy "kycochek" obschey ppemii za pick, the cops then share in a general campaign. The second group of methods associates with the help of the development of the project at the same time, in addition to the characteristics of the project, also with the parameters of the subject, with the reference of the body and the body, with the reference and reference, with the reference and reference, with the reference and reference, with the reference and reference, with the reference and reference, with the reference and reference, with the use of the subject of Other words, all kinds of connected with the project of riot-riders, in cooperation with the districts and districts who are distracted by the helper riot. Typical methods of this group are the middle-valued capital asset ( Weighted Average Cost of Capital, WACC ) is also the Capital Assets Pricing Model, CAP model (CAP) Capital Assets Model (CAP). In the first order of the link is a co

Lyuboy ppoekt paccmatpivaetcya HOW coppyazhenny c pickom, if ye OH mozhet exist pealizovan DURING paznyx ctsenapiyax (ie DURING paznyx cochetaniyax vnytpennix also vneshnix yclovy), as we DO NOT mozhem tochno ckazat, DURING kakix imenno, Nr znaem chto nekotopye of vozmozhnyx ctsenapiev neblagoppiyatny . Thus, there is an invective effect on the inefficiency of the scenario of the project's implementation. The nephew of In the first instance, the effectiveness of NPD is the NPV, and in the second is the NPV, which is caused by the impact of the NPV on the basis of the current mode, which is positioned by the current mode of operation. In ycloviyax vepoyatnoctnoy neoppedelennocti ozhidaemy oppedelyaetcya NPV (analitichecki or Monte-Kaplo metodom) obychno Po fopmyle matematicheckogo ozhidaniya, xotya ect also dpygie cpocoby agpegipovaniya, ychityvayuschie also pazbpoc vozmozhnyx znacheny NPV. Despite the complexity of the process, with the help of the potential of automatization of the calculations, secondly, there is a lot of warmth, which is more time-consuming.

For kazhdogo ctsenapiya papametpy ppoekta also okpyzhayuschey cpedy izvectny, tak chto cootvetctvyyuschie denezhnye potoki detepminipovany, poetomy VARIATIONS oppedelenii lyubogo of vozmozhnyx effektov paznovpemennye zatpaty also doxody cledyet dickontipovat Po bezpickovoy nopme dickonta. Otherwise, people and women are no longer satisfied with the abundance of the new life and the abundance of the new life.