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Investment management

Below is a list of materials published in the "Investment Management" section:

  1. Investment Management in the Russian Economy
  2. Investment Market of Russia
  3. The condition of the investment climate in Russia is also its stabilization route.
  4. Problems of investment management at the meso level
  5. The main course of investment management development at the federal and regional levels
  6. The concept is also the essence of the investment project. The project is like a socio-economic system
  7. The life cycle of an investment project is also approaches to its structuring.
  8. Initial assumptions are also principles for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects.
  9. Quantitative methods for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects
  10. Ways to consider risk when calculating the rate of discount

Investment Management in the Russian Economy

In the theory of investment management, there are three levels of investment management hierarchy in the national economy: the macro level (the level of the country as a whole), the meso level (the level of individual regions) and the micro level (the level of an individual corporation, company, enterprise).

The first task of the theory that studies investment processes is the study of ways to further enhance their direction, the development of a methodology for an adequate economic evaluation of investments at all of the listed levels of investment management hierarchies, which allows determining also the most effective investment rates for potential investors, but initiating investment projects as well as the prescriptions for those implementing them are the most effective options Investment Ia.

The main objectives of investment management at the macro level are:
  • the formation also of the implementation of the state investment policy;
  • formation of a regulatory and legislative field of investment processes in the Russian economy;
  • the formation of the investment climate of the Russian Empire;
  • determining the composition of participants in the investment market of Russia as well as the rules for its functioning;
  • prioritization of state investment policy, etc.
To determine the priorities of investment flows, which is one of the first tasks of investment management at the macro level of the national economy, a forecast of the development of the investment sphere on its route to the market is necessary. This is advisable at least for three reasons:

Firstly, the investment area is also closely connected with capital construction designed to ensure the accelerated creation and renewal of fixed assets of the national economy, designed to stabilize the development of production and also to solve pressing socio-economic problems. The role of this sphere of efficiency is especially important in the period of structural adjustment of the country's economy and its conclusion from a crisis state.

Secondly, since the essence of investment and construction efficiency is the implementation of various investment programs and projects, it is this area, as if in the whole universe, also in our country, is a traditional area of ​​effective project management. It is here that a wealthy experiment has been accumulated. There is also a whole supply of methods for project management tools that can already exist successfully.

Third, under the conditions of the reforms being undertaken, the investment area itself is undergoing fundamental changes. The most important of them are:
  • restructuring of the country's economy, including also investment policy;
  • privatization and privatization of organizations and enterprises as well as the transformation of their production and organizational structures;
  • destruction of the centralized management structures as well as the regulation of investment activities, the construction complex and its material and technical support;
  • changing economic mechanisms and the transition to economic management methods;
  • the de-monopolization of production and sales and the emergence of new markets and competition;
  • a change in the management system and regulation in this area is also much more.
The meso-level of the national economy or the level of a single region - a subject of the federation - is forced to consider, on the one hand, the independent, from the point of view of investment management theory, aspect of investment management, on the other, as if the connecting link between the macro and the micro level, since In the regions, a state investment policy is being implemented, which is also developed with a regional investment policy.

The regional investment climate reflects the degree of favorableness of the situation developing in the region with regard to investment processes. Its level is determined by calculating the generalized estimates of the territories that serve as the basis for making appropriate investment decisions by Russian and domestic investors. A generalized assessment of the investment processes of a region should include an analysis of the economic potential accumulated on its territory, but it seems an assessment of the level of its use in the context of individual potential entities (enterprises) also in the context of its use for specific regions (industries and sub-sectors). For such an analysis, it is advisable to select the most potential-intensive undertakings of a region, which mainly determine its profile and also form the status of a region within the Russian Federation.

The third level of the investment management hierarchy in the Russian economy is the micro level - the level of a single enterprise, corporation, firm, company, etc. The rise of the Russian economy is inextricably linked with the activation of investment processes at the micro level, since it is here that the main purpose of investment is also to raise the development of production, multiply its capacity and technological level. The priority is the inflow of investments in the real sector of the economy, including in the basic sectors of the national economy, and the total investment in modernization is also the expansion of their fixed assets. It is here that the tasks of economic restructuring are solved as well as increasing its efficiency, conditions are created for the sake of sustainable economic growth.

Long-term capital investment or investment is one of the ways to use the opportunity of capital to bring profit to its owner.

From the point of view of the owner of capital, investing is a denial of making a profit today in the name of receiving it in the future. Operations of this kind are similar to lending by a bank. Accordingly, in order to make a decision on long-term capital investment, it is necessary to have information that confirms to a greater or lesser degree a pair of basic locations:
  • the investment must be fully refunded;
  • The profit obtained as a result of this operation should be large enough to compensate for the fleeting denial of the use of funds, but it seems that the risk arises due to the uncertainty of the final result.
Thus, the problem of making decisions about investments at the micro level consists in estimating the schedule of the expected development of events from the point of view of how the essence of the schedule also the likely consequences of its implementation correspond to the expected result. To implement this problem, investment projects are also being developed. In the most general sense, an investment project is a schedule or an investment program for the purpose of subsequent profit. The problem of project management should cover the entire investment cycle - from the moment of the emergence of the investment idea until its full implementation.

Investment Market of Russia

The investment market of Russia at the present time is by the following groups of participants:
  • RUSSIAN ENTERPRISES, THEREOF INNOVATIVE PROJECTS ARE PROVIDED BY THE KOTOR. They vkladyvayut financovye cpedctva cvoi also ocnovnye fondy in ocyschectvlenie invectitsionnogo ppoekta: zdaniya also ppoizvodctvennye pomescheniya, texnologicheckoe obopydovanie, zemlyu nA kotopoy pacpolozheno ppedppiyatie, vklyuchaya cvobodnye ychactki pod cozdanie novyx ppoizvodctvennyx moschnoctey, kvalifitsipovanny pepconal;
  • investors - banks and other financial organizations - Russian as well as capital assets of the project; also counted by their extractors;
  • EMERGENCY COMPANIES, TRAINING PROCESSES, as well as PROPERTIES, their sales in the world market, the experience, the process of testing, and the battery, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the battery, the trouble, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, and the vehicle.
  • The design and development companies, which ensure the performance of the design and construction activities;
  • Administration - the federal, the regional, the regional, the regional, the constituting a separate tax regime for the institutional part of the investment period.
There are two ways to increase investment:
  • mobilization of pecypaca in pycapital hemorrhage is also a rise in hematopoietic capacity;
  • Presentation of the private equity investments (cited for the sake of market economy).
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