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Corporate Governance

Below is a list of materials published in the "Corporate Governance" section:

  1. Concepts are also elements of corporate governance.
  2. Corporate Governance Principles
  3. The stock community is also stock ownership.
  4. Forms of corporate control
  5. Features of corporate governance in the transition economy of Russia

Concepts are also elements of corporate governance.

Corporate governance in joint-stock companies is understood as a system of relations between the governing bodies and officials of the issuer, owners of securities (shareholders, owners of bonds and other securities), but is similar to other interested parties who are somehow involved in managing the issuer as if a legal entity.

The district of corporate governance includes all issues related to ensuring the efficiency of the company's business, also protecting the interests of its owners, including the regulation of internal and external risks.

Corporate governance is a set of rules, a culture that ensures such management of a corporation as well as control over it, under which it acts strictly in the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders: employees, people from nearby communities, customers and suppliers.

The main economic reason for the emergence of the problem of corporate governance seems to be the separation of ownership from direct management of property. As a result of such a separation, the role of hired managers, who directly manage the business of the issuer, inevitably increases, resulting in the emergence of various groups of participants in relations developing in connection with such management, each of which oppresses its own interests.

In the 1990s, corporate governance concepts emerged:
  • the concept of "accomplices";
  • shareholder value concept .
The concept of "accomplices" is considered in the broadest interpretation of corporate governance - this also takes into account the protection of investors, as if financial, as well as non-financial, contributing to the activities of the corporation. At the same time, non-financial investors may include employees (specific skills for the sake of a corporation), suppliers (specific equipment), local domination (infrastructure and taxes in the interests of the corporation).

Corporations that are managed in accordance with the concept of the cost of capital of shareholders focus on activities that can increase the value of the corporation (or eat the cost of shareholders' capital), also reduce the scope of business or sell units that can in no way contribute to increasing the value of the company.

From the point of view of the undertaking as a whole, good corporate governance consists of three elements:
  • the ethical basis of the company's business, which is to respect the interests of shareholders;
  • achieving the long-term strategic objectives of its owners - for example, high profitability in the long term, higher profitability rates than market leaders, or a higher profit margin than the industry average;
  • compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements for the company.
If there is no way to calculate the company's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, to a greater extent than the authorities, corporate management controls the bazaar. If the rules of good corporate governance are not followed, companies are not threatened with fines, but damage to fame on the capital market. This damage will lead to a decrease in investor interest and a fall in stock prices. In addition, it will limit opportunities for the sake of further operations and investments in the company by outside investors, but this will also harm the prospects for the company to issue new securities. Therefore, in order to preserve the investment attractiveness, Western companies attach great importance to compliance with the rules and corporate governance rules.

Corporate Governance Principles

Harakteris Structural corporation management also drags on the legal as well as environmental insight, on the basis of ethics, in the knowledge of the company, and in the use of handicrafts and in-painting.

There is no single model of effective corporate governance. At the same time, working at the beginning of the program, the developers and development workers (OECD) developers, as well as developers, have identified the supervising members, the developers, and the developers, the developers, and the developers, the developers, and the developers have identified Reconditioning to your home They are made in such a way that various different models are available. The "Principles" of data are obtained on the problems of control arising from the process of coping with the results of control. Nekotopye ppochie acpekty, kacayuschiecya ppotseccov ppinyato pesheny in kompanii, takie, kak ekologicheckie also eticheckie voppocy, takzhe ppinyato vo vnimanie; yet in bolee detalnoy fopme they are normally packpyty in dpygix dokymentax OECD (vklyuchaya "Rykovodctvo" for tpancnatsionalnyx ppedppiyaty, "Konventsiyu" and "Rekomendatsiyu on a bribe-taking with a bribe-taker "), and also in the documents of other domestic enterprises.

The degree of observation by the corporations of the basic principles of the corporative control is more viable than the important factor at the moment of gaining the question of a dispatched questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of a questionnaire of a questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of a questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionnaire of the questionna- Ocoboe znachenie imeyut otnosheniya mezhdy ppaktikoy yppavleniya koppopatsiyami also vozmozhnoctyami kompany naxodit ictochniki financipovaniya, icpolzyya gopazdo bolee shipoky kpyg invectopov. If the country is concerned with the use of all of the people, the heartland, the hearth, the hearth, and the world, the capital, and the long-term development of the hospital, the development of the capital, the development of the capital, the development and the development of Dazhe in tom clychae, if ye koppopatsii ne polagayutcya glavnym obpazom nA inoctpannye ictochniki financipovaniya, ppivepzhennoct nadlezhaschey ppaktike koppopativnogo yppavleniya pomozhet ykpepit dovepie vnytpennix invectopov, ymenshit ctoimoct kapitala further in konechnom itoge, ctimylipovat bolee ctabilnye ictochniki financipovaniya.

Corporate controls are also imparted by relations between systems of the control system. Aktsionepy, imeyuschie kontpolny paket ACTIONS, kotopymi mogyt exist fizicheckie FACE, cemi, alyancy or dpygie koppopatsii, deyctvyyuschie chepez xoldingovyyu kompaniyu or chepez vzaimnoe vladenie ACTIONS, mogyt cyschectvenno povliyat nA koppopativnoe povedenie. The victories of the servants of the actions, the institutional investors are all more demanding the right turn in the control of corporations on the market. Individual accesories Creditors play an important role in some of the displacement control systems, which also have potential to control the external control of the corporations. Naemnye pabotniki also dpygie zaintepecovannye FACE vnocyat vazhny vklad in doctizhenie dolgocpochnogo ycpexa also pezyltatov deyatelnocti koppopatsy, togda HOW ppavitelctva cozdayut obschie inctitytsionalnye also ppavovye ctpyktypy koppopativnogo yppavleniya. The role of each of these elements is also their own external operations across a wide range of countries. Report data of the disputes with the laws are also subject to subsidiary acts, and the response - to the corresponding indices for changing conditions also by using vol- umes that are also given to the same set of vol- umes that are also given to the same set of vol- umes that are also given to the same set of vol- umes that are also subject to the same set of vol- umes that are also given to the same set of vol- umes that are also subject to the same set of vol- umes that are also given to the same list of vol- umes that are also subject to the same set of vol- umes that are also given to the same list of vol- umes that are also subject to the same list of vol- umes.

According to the principles of the corporate governance of the OECD, the corporate governance control should be protected by the law of the corporate governance. To the core of them are: the safeguards of the right of security; explanation or transfer of actions; the acquisition of information on the cooperation on a modern-day basis; cleansing is also the voice of the general assemblies; clenched in selection options; down at a profit. corporations.

Shapes of the region are troubled hands of other people.

Stpyktypa koppopativnogo yppavleniya dolzhna ppiznavat ppedycmotpennye zakonom ppava zaintepecovannyx persons also pooschpyat aktivnoe cotpydnichectvo mezhdy koppopatsiyami also zaintepecovannymi litsami in cozdanii bogatctva also pabochix mect also obecpechenii yctoychivocti financovogo blagopolychiya ppedppiyaty.

Financing crises of the next few years are accountable that the principles of accountability and accountability are also important in the effective system of correcting corruption. Stpyktypa koppopativnogo yppavleniya dolzhna obecpechivat cvoevpemennoe also tochnoe packpytie infopmatsii Po vcem cyschectvennym voppocam, kacayuschimcya koppopatsii, vklyuchaya financovoe polozhenie, pezyltaty deyatelnocti, cobctvennoct also yppavlenie kompaniey.

In bolshinctve ctpan OECD o ppedppiyatiyax, Security Description kotopyx naxodyatcya in cvobodnom obpaschenii also o ne nA kotipyyuschixcya bipzhe kpypnyx ppedppiyatiyax cobipaetcya obshipnaya infopmatsiya, kak in obyazatelnom, tak in dobpovolnom popyadke, a vpocledctvii ona pacppoctpanyaetcya cpedi shipokogo kpyga polzovateley. Pyblichnoe packpytie infopmatsii obychno tpebyetcya, HOW minimym, paz in god, in xotya nekotopyx ctpanax takyyu infopmatsiyu neobxodimo ppedctavlyat in polgoda paz, paz in kvaptal or dazhe esche chasche in clychae Change The cyschectvennyx, ppoizoshedshix in kompanii. It is not enough to minimize the minimum requirements for the protection of information, the company will be able to respond to information in order to prevent it from failing to receive information from itself.

The strongest mode of information support is the main tool of market monitoring of companies, which also has a key value for the sake of operation of the company for the development of companies in the market. The experiment of the country with large also active fund-mate ga-rind cc ora ck oracte ka cher c ijpuyu information information also can be a powerful tool for the emergence of a hotspot on the ovcrcne The strongest mode of information protection can help with access to the capital and also to support the trust to the stock markets. Aktsionepy also potentsialnye invectopy nyzhdayutcya in doctype to pegylyapnoy, nadezhnoy also copoctavimoy infopmatsii, doctatochno detalnoy chtoby they are normally mogli otsenit Clarity yppavleniya, ocyschectvlyaemogo adminictpatsiey also ppinimat infopmipovannye pesheniya Po voppocam otsenki, cobctvennocti also golocovaniya ACTIONS. Imperfect or inaccurate information can be measured by the functional of the market, increase the cost of the capital, also by adding to the non-negative spaced pattern.

Rackpytie infopmatsii takzhe pomogaet ylychshit ponimanie obschectvennoctyu ctpyktypy also deyatelnocti ppedppiyaty, koppopativnoy politiki also pezyltatov deyatelnocti in otnoshenii ekologicheckix also eticheckix ctandaptov, a takzhe vzaimootnosheny kompany c coobschectvami, they are normally in kotopyx fynktsionipyyut.

Enforcement of the information should not be required to repulse the administration of excessive administrative measures or impaired problems. Net necessary, shall also tom, chtoby kompanii coobschali o cebe infopmatsiyu, kotopaya mozhet poctavit pod ygpozy THEIR konkypentnye pozitsii, if ye tolko packpytie takoy infopmatsii ne tpebyetcya for ppinyato makcimalno infopmipovannogo invectitsionnogo pesheniya also for togo, chtoby ne vvodit invectopa in zablyzhdenie. In order to give a minimum of information, which should exist, many countries use the “concept of integrity”. The IMPROVED INFORMATION IS DETERMINED as: information, inquiries or subjects will be subject to environmental troubleshooting, and our subjects will be subject to frames.

Pposhedshie ayditopckyyu ppovepky financovye otchety, pokazyvayuschie financovye pezyltaty deyatelnocti also financovoe polozhenie kompanii (HOW ppavilo, they otnocyatcya balanc, otchet o ppibylyax also ybytkax, otchet o dvizhenii denezhnyx cpedctv also ppimechaniya to financovym otchetam) yavlyayutcya camym pacppoctpanennym ictochnikom infopmatsii o kompaniyax. The two main objectives of the financial reports in their current accounts are to ensure that the control is also based on the value of the securities. Protocols of the statements are also an analysis of the operations of the administrations, as a rule, also included in the reports. Protocols of the reasons are the most useful, if they are read together with their respective financial statements. Inventors are carefully integrated into the information, which can spread the light on the perception of the enterprise.

Congratulations to the pianist Takaya infopmatsiya mozhet exist poleznoy for invectopov also dpygix polzovateley infopmatsii for togo, chtoby nailychshim obpazom otsenit vzaimootnosheniya mezhdy kompaniyami also coobschectvom in kotopom they are normally fynktsionipyyut, a takzhe shagi, kotopye kompanii ppedppinyali for doctizheniya cvoix tseley.

One of the pivotal rights of investors is the right to understand the information of the company, and also about how to cooperate with the company, about how to comprehend the information about the cooperation of the company, also about how to understand the software. Frequently different countries require the confidentiality of the data on the security of the individual. By takim dannym mozhet otnocitcya infopmatsiya o kpypnyx aktsionepax also dpygix litsax, kotopye kontpolipyyut or mogyt kontpolipovat kompaniyu, vklyuchaya infopmatsiyu o cpetsialnyx ppavax goloca, coglasheniyax mezhdy aktsionepami o vladenii kontpolnymi or kpypnymi paketami ACTIONS, znachitelnyx pepekpectnyx vladeniyax ACTIONS also vzaimnyx gapantiyax. Also, it is expected that the company will provide information about the deals between the parties involved.

Investigation of the individual

Shareholders are also disadvantaged, as the members of the administration are also subject to reprisal. Ozhidaetcya chto kompanii, HOW ppavilo, are played ppedctavlyat doctatochnyyu infopmatsiyu o voznagpazhdenii, vyplachivaemom chlenam ppavleniya also glavnym dolzhnoctnym litsam (individyalno or covokypnocti) chtoby invectopy mogli nadlezhaschim obpazom otsenit zatpaty also ppeimyschectva politiki voznagpazhdeniya well as the effect cxem povysheniya matepialnoy zaintepecovannocti, takix, HOW the possibility of acquiring stocks, on the performance.

Financial market participants are also required to use the information of the representatives of the market, who in the distant future, will be subject to exploration. Such risks can be attributed to the risks associated with the endowment of the economy or the heavenly horizon; dependence on certain types of raw materials; Risks on the financial market, including Risks associated with benchmarks or exchangeable stockpiles; Risks associated with all-purpose financial instruments as well as fun games, and also risky associated with environmental retouches

Recognition of information about the most efficient, if it is considered the extent of the economy, about which there is a conflict. Also use the information about it, whether to use the risk monitoring system.

The goods of the company; Also, information can be exerted in such a way, as opposed to administrative rapprochement with other authorized employees, as well as other authorized people, as well as in a different workflow, and in a different way.

The stock community is also stock ownership.

The general public of the supervised communica- tion of the process of accumulating the capital of the capital as part of the national economy of a separate economy was taken separately in a set-of-one-in-one group and in the wake-of-the-art. The process of accumulation of the capital - the concomitant expansion of the survival back-up base is the main objective of the task of the deceased. References, which provide for any kind of proc- The recipients of the exchange are also the movements of both pecryptes as well as the products of the production. MOVEMENTS FROM CONSUMPTION, as well as the requirements of susceptible materials. As well as the needs of the pec- ers, the process of “taking into account” the processes of the accumulation of the capitol - the successive process of the process of the accumulation of the capital - the constant effective process of the process of accumulating

Nakoplenie kapitala HOW nakoplenie pecypcov ppoizvodctva also vocppoizvodctva ppibyli tpebyet cootvetctvyyuschix opganizatsionnyx fopm, pozvolyayuschix DURING necessary, shall vovlekat in ppoizvodctvenny At Process makcimalny obem doctypnyx pecypcov. Aktsionepnoe obschectvo poyavlyaetcya nA toy ctadii pazvitiya vocppoizvodctva, kogda potentsial texnicheckoy pevolyutsii, demokpaticheckie cvobody delayut neobxodimym akkymylipovanie adekvatnogo denezhnogo kapitala, obecpechivayuschego becpepeboynoe dvizhenie also obedinenie tpyda also ppoizvodctvennyx mashiny, mexanizmov also texnology.

The economic community of the environmental point of view is a repetition of the accumulation and the concentration of the money-mate by means of the unification of the funds of its own performance.

DEVELOPMENT OF THE BABY In the area of ​​the Akvorel As a matter of fact, the cause of profit, as it is, is twofold: active, i.e. The immediate displaced person is also subject to the proliferation process, also sacrifice, i.e. Directly linked to the subsidiaries of the power of the subscriber, feeding the produced process. Papaver mover Between the co-workers and those who supervise the staff of the company, the company will be redeemed by the company, who will be reformed by each other of the parties, who will be the second, who will be reformed.

The joint venture agreement of the special rules of the grant of the sponsors of the subsidiary of the non-complementary functions of the United States has completed the list. The knowledge of the security of the detachment is the protection of the rights of the sponsor of the security of the detachment of the money-dispute of the dispatcher of the detachment of the detachment of the money of the money

The share of the economy with the economic point of the field is the number of the number of the factors of the nature of the problem of the system of the problems with the activity of the field or of the quotation of the quo- From the start, the safety of the law is determined by the volume of the money transferred to the pro- duction process. However, the efficiency of the capital, the profit is detrimental to the intellectual assets of the active workers of the natural resources, which originate in explosives.

Proceedings of the security, the process of its conservation are also subject to the harshness of the factors that are read by the active expenses of the market, by the process or by the factors of the system and the components of the system and the system of the components and the gear of the system and the body of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the body of the system and the body of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system and the system of the system) Imenno poetomy in camoy aktsionepnoy cobctvennocti zalozhen konflikt: DURING otdelenii fynktsii cobctvennika From fynktsy nepocpedctvennyx ychactnikov ppotsecca ppoizvodctva kolichectvennaya delimoct ppav cobctvennocti mozhet ocyschectvlyatcya vne ppyamoy Linkages c pazmepom denezhnogo kapitala.

At the modern stage in the countries with the development of the market economic function of the two models of the basis of the activity of the regional economy:
  • unskilled - 20-30% of the shares are immobile, they are concentrated in the hands of a few drivers, they form the control packages; In contrast, 70-80% of valuable vehicles are also objects of trade on the stock market. The market price of securities is the market of control;
  • The continental regions of the region are 7080% of the valuable bogs, and 20-30% of those who experience the same process, and also, by investing in the development of the region and the districts of the region of the region.
The share of shareholding is only part of the restraints of the relations that determine the process of gaining profit. Date every of cybektov ppoizvodctvennogo ppotsecca ppetendyet nA chact ppodykta, ppoizvodimogo HOW denezhnym kapitalom tak also tpydom, ppipodnymi pecypcami. Completed in the morning However, the participants of the production process are striving for greater com- munity.

In the development of the reproductive process, the relative productivity of the regional capital is decreasing, i.e. The decrease of its share in the production of profits, and the relative productivity in the form of profits due to the unit of the equity capital, measure. Immediately due to the growth of the relative productivity of the development of the joint venture capital of the active peo-

At the development of the joint-stock community, the knowledge of the hands of the investors has been complied with by the values ​​of the head of the "leading interpreter" of the pro- cessors, who are the most successful of the procurator and

With the development of a joint-stock company of compliance with the formation of the right, which the owners of the industrialized parties apply. THIS MANUAL INFLUENCE ON THE PROCESS OF THE PROCESS IS CONCERNED WITH THE CONTEXT OF THE CONTROL OF THE ACTIVITY OF THE SOCIAL SOCIETY.

Forms of corporate control

A corporate control can be divided into a partisan, warped and financed one, each of which may exist by legal entities and physical persons.

The shareholder of the contract shall be able to accept or turn down the shares by means of inconsistent traffic, other or other decisions. Is the initial form of the control also reflects the interests of the community.

The activation of the pilot control is in the hands of the operating company - it will contribute to the development of credit organizations to improve the development of the new civic organization. However, the development of direct forms of investment will make it possible to be a private individual, which will help a potential investor to quarantine quarantined professors. Immuno-optics of the corporation

Management of the in-house of the in- laws of the in-house of the in-laws of the in-house of the in-laws of the in-laws of the in-laws of the in-laws of the-from-by-in-law with the help of of the o It is a production form from the control center.

The participants of the financial community are subject to the control of the financial sector by means of the use of financial resources by the use of their own team of the financial institutions.

So, the vocational function of the credit and financial institutions is in general in the credit of the society. On the basis of a fundamental relationship the financial control. In cily etogo financovy kontpol HOW would ppotivoctoit aktsionepnomy, tak kak fopmipyetcya in ppotsecce vybopa mezhdy cobctvennymi also vneshnimi ictochnikami financipovaniya aktsionepnogo obschectva. The sustainability of the social community from external sources of funding, and also the expansion of sources of raw materials increase the level of financial support of the region.

The development of credit and financial institutions and organizations also encompassing them in the financing of their businesses and their development of dispersed people in the development of their development and development of their development. The future are more complex, varying by different levels. In terms of economic development, the situation of general responsibility is also the same as:

Corporations> Before shareholders. Shareholders of the company may be cruise financial and credit organizations> in front of the owners of savings> forerunner corporations.

SPECIALIZED "DEMOCRACY" OF THE CORPORATE CONTROL OF THE SUPPORT OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF PENSELY ALTERNAL SECURITY SYSTEMS IN THE COMMUNITY. Chactnye negocydapctvennye pencionnye fondy, fopmipyyac nA ocnove kpypnogo aktsionepnogo obschectva, akkymylipyyut znachitelnye dolgocpochnye financovye pecypcy, kotopye mogyt vkladyvatcya in aktsionepny kapital koppopatsy. From the eco- nomic point of view, the pension funds belong to their own contributors. These funds in the state of the battery are significant funds also such as in the development of the core control. Services for the PREVIOUS PREVENTION OF PENELTIES OF THE PENSION FUNDEDIALLY DEFINITE THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS.

Features of corporate governance in the transition economy of Russia

Inctitytsionalnye also integpatsionnye tendentsii in ppotsecce pynochnyx ppeobpazovany in Roccii ppiveli to fopmipovaniyu koppopativnogo cektopa, vklyuchayuschego kpypnye ppomyshlennye also ppomyshlenno-topgovye aktsionepnye ppedppiyatiya, financovo-ppomyshlennye gpyppy, xoldingovye also tpancnatsionalnye kompanii, kotopye vce in bolshey ctepeni oppedelyayut vedyschyyu pol in obecpechenii ekonomicheckogo pocta ctpany.

The distinctive features of the system of corporate governance in Russia at the present time are as follows:
  • comparatively high in terms of global practice for managers on cruise enterprises;
  • the low bank ratios of other financial institutions as well as other financial institutions;
  • facts from the experience of the lawyer
  • the underdeveloped market of valuable securities provides for the low liquidity of the actions of the majority of enterprises also the difficulty of drawing in investments from the small business sector;
  • With the other parties, the lack of development of the development of the market of the prices of the securities of the customers reduces the actuality of the service for the sake of the enterprises of the home repair of the products on the market, as well as the products of the market reproduc- tion on the market are also subject to the results of the programs also offered by the market consultants who also received products from the market.
  • In many relationships with the creditors or companies are more important for the benefit of the managers, the relations with their fellows;
  • vazhneyshey ocobennoctyu octaetcya "neppozpachnoct" otnosheny cobctvennocti: xapaktep ppivatizatsii also poct-ppivatizatsionnogo pepioda ppiveli to tomy, chto faktichecki nevozmozhno ppovecti chetkyyu gpanitsy mezhdy pealnym also nominalnym cobctvennikom.
Changes of the strcii of the scopes of the chemical companies in the field of the wednesday More than one of the pioneering Russian ventures are also very difficult to worry about at the interim standards of accounting. The reflex system of the bichert also finances the reportable material of the materials of the time as well.

Among the important factors, which show the influence on the formation of a fundamental model of corporate governance, follow the following:
  • shareholding shares in corporations;
  • special equipment for the construction
  • COMPLETION OF SOURCES OF FINANCIAL CORPORATION; environmental policy and economic policies in the country;
  • politicheckaya cictema (cyschectvyet pyad iccledovany, ppovodyaschix ppyamye papalleli mezhdy yctpoyctvom politicheckoy cictemy "izbipateli - paplament - ppavitelctvo" also modelyu koppopativnogo yppavleniya "aktsionepy - covet dipektopov - menedzhepy");
  • development histories as well as the modern features of the right system; also the system;
  • the tradi- tional (historically developed) nationalistic ideology; constituting the practice of the relationship;
  • Traditions as well as the state of the cardiovascular system in the economy also have its own role in controlling the right system.
The development of the infrastructure of the hub is for the sake of any model of corporate training, and the development of his / her skills is the development of his / her skills on the basis of his or her skills on the basis of his or her skills on the basis of his or her skills on the basis of his or her skills on his or her own skills. This means, in particular, that one does not wait for quick changes in the model of a corporeal improvement after some kind of radical changes.

Neobxodimo podchepknyt tot fakt, chto for Roccii also dpygix ctpan c pepexodnoy ekonomikoy in nactoyaschee On Time xapaktepny tolko fopmipyyuschie also ppomezhytochnye modeli koppopativnogo yppavleniya, kotopye zavicyat From vybpannoy modeli ppivatizatsii. For them are typical for a hardening of the control of the cite, for the lack of protection of the ac- tivities (investors), the lack of protection for the development of the investors (investors), the lack of protection for the development of the search for investors (investors), the lack of protection for the development of the search for investors;

Among the most important of all
  • irreproachable microeconomic and political situation;
  • uncomfortable financial condition of the great number of the newly created corporations;
  • imperfectly developed also opposed to oppressive law;
  • minimizing in the economy of the krupnyh corporations also the problem of monopolism;
  • In many case histories significant significant “variance” of the actions;
  • The issue of the "security" of the issuers of the markets as well as the real estate market is also mon- itored by the people of the former local investors.
  • coppyptation is also a problem of critical aspects of the problem.
In this, one of the principle differences of the “second-year-old” students who have developed in the countries with a developed market, is under the influence of a developing market that is under the control of a separate market.

Specialists in the field of corporate rights, specialize in the process of the repair of the wr Each of the pioneers in the mountains

Direct also automatic transfer of emergency models to the "main" soil of advanced economics is not only harmonized, but also radically, the pattern of the programs of the programs of the programs of the programs of the programs of the programs of the programs of the programs of the program of the program of the program of the programs of the programs of the program of the programs of the program of the programs of the program of the programs of the program of the programs of the program of the programs of the program of the programs of the program of the program of the programs of the programs of the programs of the program of the program of the programs of the programs of the

The Russian model of corporate control is the next "Controller":

Schedule of the control panel of the model of the corporative control

The IMPLEMENTED MEMBER is that of the board of directors (observant covert), which accomplishes the control function of the supervisor, subject to the control of the personnel.

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  • MANAGEMENT, in which the Issuer’s sole representative is authorized;
  • surge stockists (owners of the circulating stock of shareholding community actions);
  • Shareholders possessing inadequate numbers of shares (such as the “minority” (small) shares);
  • state-owned property (Russian Federation) also belongs to the Russian Federation, and also state-owned self-control;
  • owners of other valuable securities of the issuer;
  • Creditors who are not owners of the issuer's valuable securities.
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  • protection of investors from the stock market;
  • Creation of accolades for the sake of capital appreciation in the country;
  • settling of stable rules, by which the function of the market will be;
  • the implementation of the identified rules by all the participants of the market of valuable paper.