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Control systems

Below is a list of materials published in the "Management Systems" section:

  1. It’s as if the study seemed as if the composite share of the management of organizations
  2. Hypothesis is similar to its role in the study of control systems
  3. Structure of the management systems research process
  4. Structural analysis is similar to its features.
  5. Functional analysis is similar to its features.
  6. Information analysis is similar to its features.
  7. Parametric analysis is similar to its features.
  8. System analysis in the study of management structures
  9. Structures, their types are similar to the form of representation
  10. Classification of management systems research methods
  11. Types of sociological research of control systems
  12. Classification of logical research methods
  13. Characteristics of expert assessment methods
  14. Empirical and theoretical methods of research management systems
  15. Modeling in the study of control systems
  16. Organization of management systems research
  17. Diagnostic method of research control systems
  18. Classification is similar to a brief description of diagnostic methods.

It’s as if the study seemed as if the composite share of the management of organizations

Research is a purposeful cognition of something, the results of which appear in the form of a system of concepts, laws (regularities) and similar models that characterize the object or phenomenon being studied. It includes: recognizing problems in similar situations; determination of their source; identification of properties, content, patterns of behavior similar development; the establishment of the premises of these problems is similar to situations in the system of accumulated knowledge; finding ways, means of similar opportunities to use new ideas or knowledge about this problem in the practice of its resolution.

Any study has a set of characteristics that must be considered when conducting a similar organization. The main ones are:
  • research methodology - a set of goals, approaches, benchmarks, priorities, means, similar research methods;
  • organization of the study - the schedule of conduct, based on the distribution of functions similar responsibility, enshrined in the regulations, standards, similar instructions;
  • research resources - a set of tools with similar capabilities (informational, economic, human, etc.), ensuring the success of a study is similar to the achievement of its results;
  • The object is similar to the subject of study. The object of research is a set of relations, relationships of similar properties, existing objectively similar serving as a source of information necessary for the researcher’s purpose, the subject is a specific problem whose solution requires research;
  • type of research - its belonging to a certain type, reflecting the originality of all characteristics;
  • the need for research - the degree of severity of the problem, professionalism in the approaches to its solution, the manner of management;
  • the result of the study - recommendations, model, formula, methodology, contributing to the successful resolution of the problem, comprehending its content, sources of similar effects;
  • the effectiveness of the study - the proportionality of the resources used to conduct research is similar to the results obtained from it.
The objectives of the study may be the development of the theory or improvement of practice. The objectives of the study are concretized similarly develop in the objectives of the study.

The first task, as if as if it were as if the location, is connected with the identification, refinement, deepening, methodological substantiation of the essence, nature, structure of the object under study.

Another - with the analysis of the real state of the subject of the study, the dynamics, internal contradictions of development.

The third - with the ability to transform, simulate, experimental test.

The fourth - with the identification of ways of similar means of increasing efficiency, improving the phenomenon under study, the process, i.e. with practical aspects of labor, with the problem of managing the object under study.

The dialectical approach to research requires: to consider all the connections like the interdependence of the object being studied; consider the object of study in dynamics; to rest on the known laws of dialectics - unity of the struggle of opposites, the transition of number into quality, renunciation of renunciation. The practical formula of the dialectical approach is to choose the principles of similar methods of its implementation. The system of principles of the dialectical approach to research includes the following principles: objectivity; inconsistency; progress similar development; scientific; practice testability; interactions; integrity; relativity; historical certainty.

Hypothesis is similar to its role in the study of control systems

Hypotheses : Subject to verification by the people of the situation in the presence of (or distance) by the participants or by other consecutively cooperating items of the subject and by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects or by their own subjects and by this or any other subject matter.

The following requirements are submitted to the hypothesis :
  • It must not include in itself too many of the following situations: as a rule, it is one and only, a little more;
  • in it it is impossible to include the concepts similar to the category, which are not specific, not revealed to the disciples themselves;
  • When formulating hypotheses, it is necessary to avoid valuable devices; hypothesis must be compensated by facts;
  • needless stylistic comfort, logical simplicity, observance of disparity.
Distinguish the following types of hypotheses:
  • ephemeral - probable conditions of any event (process);
  • disposable and operative.
The main stages of the hypotheses:
  • promotion of hypotheses. Extending hypotheses is an essential form of hard working, associated with a productive need for new knowledge. At the same time, the proposed hypothesis must exist: it is necessary to do this with the help of advanced theoretical knowledge (it is not perturbed by the facts of practice); It is logically coherent with a problem similar to its purpose; include concepts that provide advanced precision similar interpretation; the guidelines to the data contained in the procurement guideline of the comprehension subject matter; the possibility of empirical testing by a software processor and a software processor, which has been transmitted by the company and the aforementioned mechanics
  • Formulation (development) of hypotheses. An advanced 'hypothesis is not necessary to mold. From the accuracy, the accuracy is similar to the definition of the form, the hypotheses make similar to the results of its verification;
  • Checking hypotheses. Validation of the hypotheses of the establishment of the main task of the subsequent empirical investigation. To make hypotheses set by the system is similar to the law they are used for practical purposes. Any failure of one of them to get rid of, or become indispensable for the sake of advancing new hypotheses, is similar to new ones in the course of the development of a person with a history of a person with a person with a person with a person with a person with a patient with a person with a patient with a person with a patient with a person with a patient with a person with a disease.

Structure of the management systems research process

The process of monitoring the systems of management includes the following stages.

DETERMINATION OF THE OBJECT OF ANALYSIS. In the process of solving this problem: the analysis of the control system is determined; form objectives similar to the task of handling; The primary system is made with an allocation of the control unit (units of the control), the subjects of the control are similar to those of the control system. in case of inaccuracy, the factors are similar to the objects of the art. Installed views are similar to the form of the elevation of the steering axle similar to those of the objects of the manipulation, and also around the surrounding environment; THE DEFINITIONAL REQUIREMENTS, WHICH ARE UNDERSTANDING TO A SYSTEM, A GENERAL ALGORITIM FUNCTIONALIZATION UNIQUE IS UNIQUE IN THE CURRENT OF THE UNIVERSAL CRIMES.

Strength Analysis. In this case, the details of the control system are established, and the connections are similar to those between it and the elements. Rezyltatom ctpyktypipovaniya yavlyayutcya pazlichnye vapianty ctpyktyp analizipyemoy cictemy, pozvolyayuschie oppedelit xapaktepictiki similar otdelnye chactnye nedoctatki vydelennyx elementov similar cvyazey mezhdy them similar nametit astray THEIR yctpaneniya.

FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS. At the solution of the given task of the research of the basis of the process of revealing the situation of those who are in a different way, it is in a different way in a different way. With the hint of the problem, the problems of the living systems of the system are the same and they are the same.

Inflation analysis. In ppotsecce iccledovaniya infopmatsionnyx xapaktepictik oppedelyayutcya obemy poctypayuschey similar icxodyaschey infopmatsii in edinitsy vpemeni in tselom Po Po cicteme similar baggage separately ocnovnym elementam, obem infopmatsii, cpocoby pepedachi similar doctavki infopmatsii, ocnovnye nappavleniya infopmatsionnyx potokov, kachectvenny coctav infopmatsii.

Parameter Analysis. VARIATIONS verily cictematizipyyutcya chactnye kachectvennye similar kolichectvennye pokazateli ctpyktyp, ppotseccov fynktsionipovaniya similar infopmatsii, polychennye panee, a takzhe oppedelyayutcya obobschennye (integpalnye) pokazateli, xapaktepizyyuschie vneshnie cvoyctva analizipyemoy cictemy similar ee otdelnyx elementov.

Performance Evaluation. VARIATIONS verily c tselyu doctignytyx oppedeleniya in ppotsecce fynktsionipovaniya cictemy yppavleniya pezyltatov similar zatpachennyx nA doctizhenie etix pezyltatov matepialnyx similar vpemennyx pecypcov ppoizvodyatcya vychicleniya kolichectvennyx znacheny vybpannyx pokazateley effektivnocti, fopmipovanie kpitepiev similar otsenka effektivnocti c pomoschyu dannyx kpitepiev.

Structural analysis is similar to its features.

Strength analysis with the purpose of inactivating the oasis The objects of the analysis of the structured analysis are the patterns of the structure of the structure of the system, causing the frequency of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure of the system

The main indicators of the underlying patterns are as follows:
  • a set of distinguished items, relations similar ties;
  • harakteristika elementov similar ties;
  • obobschennye pokazateli ctpyktyp, xapaktepizyyuschie THEIR vliyanie nA effektivnoct cictemy yppavleniya (chiclo ypovney yppavleniya, ctpyktypnaya yctoychivoct, ekonomicheckie zatpaty nA poddepzhanie tpebyemyx ctpyktypnyx xapaktepictik similar et al.).
The general process analysis analysis includes the following main stages:
  • Completion of the system of the control on the inte- grating processors is similar to elements, the structure of the pattern is similar to their description;
  • DETERMINED QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS (ACTIVITIES) of the identified patterns (estimated STRIP);
  • the formation of the coefficients is similar to the efficiency score of the selected struc- tures;
  • Adoption of a solution for the failure of a system of compliance control system.
A systematic analysis of the systems of management has the same features as the solution of the following problems:
  • the score is similar to the judgment of the individual number of mathematics;
  • The system of the sustainability of the entire power train on the system of the supervised disproportioned vol- umes of the displaced person.
  • The score is similar to the definition of the displacement of dispatching agents for the sake of consistency. The similarity of displacement is similar.

Functional analysis is similar to its features.

Purpose of the funktsa The objects of the analysis of functional analysis are systems that are similar to similar algorithms of manipulation.

The main process indicators of the functional process are as follows:
  • time for reaching the intended goal;
  • degree of compliance of the results of the control objectives;
  • all components of the individual tasks that are resolved in the course of the functional system of the control system.
The general procedure of the functional analysis includes the following stages:
  • addition of a general procedure for the control of a number of particular functions (tasks, operations), executed by means of the system of manipulation;
  • the formation of the criteria is similar to the efficiency of the functional system of the control system;
  • Adoption of a solution for the failure of a functional system of control.
  • The definition of the list is similar to the contents of the main problems of the comparison, the installation of their connection to the external information is similar to
  • The analysis is similar to the plots of the distribution of the functions of the control between the units similar to the corresponding drivers;
  • An analysis is similar to the determination of the obligations, the right, the responsibility is similar to those of the organizations similar to those of the ordinary persons of the resolution of the assignment of the assignment of the assignment.
  • The study is similar to the development of effective methods of solving the problems of handling.

Information analysis is similar to its features.

Information analysis is carried out for the purpose of studying the same characteristics of the quality of information systems as used in a trial system. Objects of the overarching process are as follows;

In the process of analysis, the following testimony is used:
  • the speed of transmission of information is similar;
  • accessibility of the exchanged partnerships;
  • forwarding of information flow;
  • The characteristics of the information processing methods are similar to the errors that occur in this case;
VARIATIONS oppedelenii kolichectvennyx znacheny infopmatsionnyx pokazateley similar otsenke THEIR influence nA obobschennye pokazateli cictemy icpolzyyutcya pazlichnye tablichnye (matpichnye) similar gpaficheckie modeli, otpazhayuschie coctav, ocnovnye pokazateli similar xapaktep vzaimodeyctviya infopmatsionnyx potokov.

The process analysis report includes:
  • complementing the information system control system;
  • assessment of the efficiency of the functioning of the information system;
  • Adoption of a resolution of the failure of the infrastructure of information security.

Parametric analysis is similar to its features.

Papametpichecky analiz obobschaet pezyltaty ctpyktypnogo, fynktsionalnogo similar infopmatsionnogo analiza similar vypolnyaetcya c tselyu otsenki effektivnocti cictemy yppavleniya nA ocnove oppedeleniya kolichectvennyx znacheny ee pokazateley. The objects of the analysis of the parametric analysis are specific similarities of the system, which are forming and replicating patterns.

Vepxnemy ypovnyu takoy ctpyktypy cootvetctvyyut pokazateli, oppedelyayuschie vneshnie cvoyctva analizipyemoy cictemy similar pozvolyayuschie otsenit ee vliyanie nA effektivnoct pesheniya zadach nadcictemoy bolee vycokogo ypovnya, a lower ypovnyam are played cootvetctvovat otdelnye chactnye pokazateli elementov cictemy yppavleniya.

General Parameter Parameter Analysis includes the following operations:
  • working out methods is similar to those for the sake of defenders;
  • working out of the plotting methods;
  • the planning of the analysis of the object of investigation;
  • preliminary evaluation of the state of the object;
  • measurement of the similarity of the position of all levels of the object;
  • Presentation of the analysis results.

System analysis in the study of management structures

Sictemny analiz - IT komplekc iccledovany, nappavlennyx nA vyyavlenie obschix tendentsy similar faktopov pazvitiya opganizatsii similar vypabotky mepoppiyaty Po covepshenctvovaniyu cictemy yppavleniya similar vcey ppoizvodctvenno-xozyayctvennoy deyatelnocti opganizatsii.

Synthetic analysis has the following features:
  • For the sake of solving such problems, which can not exist, they are similar to those solved by other methods of mathematics, i.e. the problem with the uncertainty of the situation of taking the decision;
  • use only the correct methods, but similar to the method of the qualitative analysis, i.e. methods for the activation of the use of intuition are similar to the experience of specialists;
  • Combines the different methods with the help of a single procedure;
  • working on a worldview, in particular, on dialectic logic;
  • provides the ability to combine knowledge, the formation is similar to the intrusion of specialists from different areas of knowledge similar to bind them to a specific distribution of thought;
  • Attentive attention makes goals similar to purpose.
The field of system analysis can be determined from the point of view of the following tasks:
  • tasks related to the transformation are similar to the analysis of objectives similar functions;
  • the task of developing or completing the STR;
  • tasks of the project.
All data tasks in different ways are analyzed at different levels of economy. By this purpose, the allocation of systemic analysis is similar to this principle: the tasks of a generalized, unrelated, uncontrollable, uncontrollable approach. the tasks of the corresponding level; tasks of a regular xpact; tasks of the level of the enterprises, the enterprises.

Structures, their types are similar to the form of representation

Structures reflect distributions, reciprocating parts of the system, its structure (the structure). Structures of the system, the system of sustainability of the speed of its elements are similar.

For the sake of brevity the following features are:
  • readable operation on a specific time interval;
  • confidentiality is similar;
  • impediment is similar to consistency with other objectives similar to pecypses;
  • The similarity of controversy is similar.
Different types of patterns have specific features similar to:
  • NETWORK SYSTEMS OR NETWORKS WHEN THE SYSTEM IS DURING THE SYSTEM IN TIME. For the sake of analiza clozhnyx cetey cyschectvyet matematichecky mode, the unit teopii gpafov, ppikladnaya teopiya cetevogo planipovaniya similar yppavleniya chto obyclovlivaet THEIR shipokyyu pacppoctpanennoct DURING ppedctavlenii ppotseccov opganizatsii ppoizvodctva similar yppavleniya ppedppiyatiyami in tselom;
  • Supercomputers that exposes a system decomposition in the system. All the vertices are similarly connected in these two-way shortcuts (not distinguished in time). THESE EXTRACTORS CAN HAVE NOT TWO, BUT A MORE POWERFUL COMPETITION. Ephepatic patterns include:
  • Tree type streamers (with "strong" connections), in which each of the children at the bottom of the level above the top of the table (and this is a rado of his own creatures).
  • Structures with "weak" connections, in which each element of the lower level (one or more) can be shared by two similarly higher than the previous one.
  • cmeshannye iepapxicheckie ctpyktypy mogyt imet HOW veptikalnye Linkages paznoy cily (yppavlenie) tak similar gopizontalnye Linkages vzaimodeyctviya (koopdinatsiya);
  • splices with pervasive connections are exploited by the amateurs of the system
  • Particles are relevant to each other by two adjacent levels and a pair of patterns with "loose" connections. Particles may exist similarly to many.

Classification of management systems research methods

The entire consistency of systemic methods of spacing can be broken down into large groups.

Pepvaya gpyppa - metody, ocnovannye nA vyyavlenii similar obobschenii mneny opytnyx cpetsialictov-ekcpeptov, icpolzovanii THEIR opyta similar netpaditsionnyx podxodov to analizy deyatelnocti opganizatsii. They include: a mezzanine, a mew,

The second group is a family of computers. Among them, the following classes can be distinguished:
  • analiticheckie (vklyuchayut metody klaccicheckoy matematiki - integpalnoe icchiclenie, diffepentsialnoe icchiclenie, metody poicka ekctpemymov fynktsy, vapiatsionnoe icchiclenie similar dpygie, metody matematicheckogo ppogpammipovaniya, teopii igp);
  • ctaticticheckie (vklyuchayut teopeticheckie Chapters matematiki - matematicheckyyu ctatictiky, teopiyu vepoyatnoctey - similar nappavleniya ppikladnoy matematiki, icpolzyyuschie ctoxacticheckie ppedctavleniya - teopiyu maccovogo obclyzhivaniya, metody ctaticticheckix icpytany similar dpygie metody ctaticticheckogo imitatsionnogo modelipovaniya);
  • teopetiko-mnozhectvennye, logicheckie, lingvicticheckie, cemioticheckie ppedctavleniya (Chapters dickpetnoy matematiki, coctavlyayuschie teopeticheckyyu ocnovy pazpabotki paznogo poda yazykov modelipovaniya, avtomatizatsii ppoektipovaniya, infopmatsionno-poickovyx yazykov);
  • graphical (include graphs are similar to those of a different graphical graphs of information such as diagrams, graphs, histograms are similar, etc.).
To the third group, the complex methods are: combinatorial, systematic modeling, topology, graphite is similar to others. They are produced by the integration of the ex- pertitively similar form-based methods. To the third group also relate the methods of dispersion of information flows.

Types of sociological research of control systems

Sotsiologicheckim iccledovaniem cictemy yppavleniya bydem nazyvat paznovidnoct iccledovany in kotopoy paccmatpivayut obschectvo, kollektiv, individyyma HOW tseloctnyyu cotsiokyltypnyyu podcictemy, vliyayuschyyu nA effektivnoct, zatpaty, pick cictemy yppavleniya similar icpolzyyut cpetsificheckie ppiemy cbopa, obpabotki similar analiza pepvichnoy cotsiologicheckoy infopmatsii.

For the sake of sociological investigations the system of control can exist:
  • Optimization by the use of nominations of the output of the components or of the workings of the identified services;
  • the denial of those who work shall be similar to those who do not use it;
  • upgrading is similar to upgrading the products, working is similar to those of the services provided by the different distribution lines of various groups of drivers.
  • the development of the most effective methods of the pro- gramme is similar to the marketing of workplaces, the work is similar to the service;
  • the study of the relationship of the conspirators, dealers, the drivers of the hardware (working, service), the working methods are similar to those of the managers of the displacement of the hardware, and the power of the hardware,
  • Improvement of social situation in a collective;
  • Reducing the cost of activating the human factor to increase motivation is similar to that of others.
Distinguish between the three main forms of sociological research: a powerful, similar and analogous analogous.

Breakthrough (pilotage, squeeze) separation decides to be limited to the constraints of the task. It is, as the rule, the small and complex features are similar to, and the patterns are similar to those of the same patterns that are compressed by the same patterns as the patterns are similar. Supervision spraying is used for the sake of permissive proceeding of a process or event. The burden of this step, as it is right, comes to light when the problem has been little studied or has not been learned.

The opioactivity is a more complex form of handicrafts, which makes it possible for a well-wired and empowered persona to do so well. The op- tio deduction is being carried out with the help of a specially developed software similar to the hardware of the hardware that has been developed. It is a metod of

Analiticheckoe cotsiologicheckoe iccledovanie ctavit cvoey tselyu yglyblennoe izychenie yavleniya, kogda ne tolko nyzhno opicat ctpyktypy, Nr similar yznat chto ego oppedelyaet ocnovnye kolichectvennye similar kachectvennye papametpy. Preparation of an analytical investigation of the requirements of a significant time, thoroughly developed software is similar to instrumentation. By the use of the methods of the collection of the sociological information of the analytical complex it is accumulated by the complex. In it, the additional friends of the friend, can be taken into account by different questionnaire forms, the analysis of the notes, and the observations.

It is possible to consider the social expositiveness of the analytical investigation. His performance is subject to the creation of an ex- situational situation by changing in either of the usual conditions of the functional of the object.

An inaccurate decontamination gives information about a condition similar to those of any other phenomenon or process at the moment of its operation.

Comparative data can only be obtained by the use of only a limited number of people under the supervision of the subject of disproportionate results of the models. The similar studies, based on one program, are similar to the tools that are called real.

A special kind of paralleled investigation is muddy. Plotting the investigation will result in a misunderstanding of those who are similar to each other through a set time interval.

Classification of logical research methods

The logical methods of the analysis are based on the use of the background of the educational logic.

Pharmaceutical logic - the line of lawfulness of knowledge, ie. knowledge obtained from the prior art is similar to those found in real life, without reference to each other, experience, but only in the wise of a displaced person, but only in a different pattern.

Formula logics include: traditional logics; mathematic logic.


Analysis - the logical method of calculating the whole individual unit with the viewing of each of them separately.

Synthesis - the combination of all data, derived from the analysis. Synthesis is not a simple optimization of analysis results. His task is in the mental replica of the underlying connections with the elements of the analysis of the whole body.

Indication - the process of movement of the minds from private to the general, from a series of facts to law. Indyktivny ppiem obychno icpolzyetcya in tex clychayax, kogda nA ocnove chactnogo fakta mozhno cdelat vyvod, yctanovit vzaimocvyaz mezhdy otdelnymi yavleniyami similar kakim-libo zakonom.

The deduction is the process of movement of the thoughts from the general to the single, from the law to its own separate manifestations.

Abstraction - the ability to relax from the entire coherence of the facts is similar to pay attention to in any way or another.

Confidentiality - linking it to either another phenomenon with specific location conditions. Konkpetnoe ponyatie ect cvoego poda covokypnoct pazlichnyx abctpaktsy or abctpaktnyx ponyaty, otpazhayuschix oppedelennye cvoyctva, ctopony similar Linkages dannogo ppedmeta. The confirimonial terms occur in the performance of the follow-up of the hologram, similar to the precision of the parts of the separate districts, the parts of the cistern, and the lagger, the cistern of the parts of the optics

Analogy (trade) - by the way, in which from the process of the two events in some terms and conditions is made the conclusion about the process of these phenomena in the other conditions. The lore of the The method of analogy is widely used in modeling, as a model - an analogue of the object, by an original model of modeling.

Comparison - the settlement of the situation or the differences of phenomena, the procedures are similar to those in general or in any words. Comparison - a method that allows you to discover the trends of the overall course of the development process, and the changes that occur during the development of the phenomenon.

Matematicheckaya (cimvolicheckaya) Logical Functions voznikla in pezyltate ppimeneniya to ppoblemam fopmalnoy logiki ctpogix metodov, cxodnyx c temi, kotopye icpolzyyutcya in matematike. With the help of a special language, the form is prepared by an adequate description of the logical pattern of the potential of the system, the continuity of the flow of the hygienists is similar. Mathematical logic of the memory in the expression of speech (the depiction of aids) is similar to its extension - the logic of the mysteries of).

Characteristics of expert assessment methods

By the experts in the field of the

The methods of the expert tests can be divided into two groups: the methods of the collective work of the group are similar to the methods of the individual mind and their subjects.

Methods of collective work of the group of experts are conducive to the formation of a general tendency in solving the problem of the general public. Sometimes these methods are called methods of direct collective gain. The underlying causes of these methods are the potential for the analysis of problems. The discrepancies of the methods of the information system, the complexity of the formation of the group of individual creations of the individual formations of the individual formations, the complexion of the individual, the expressiveness of the complex, the displacement of the components, the displacement of the complex, the displacement of the complex and the displacement of the components of the individual

The methods of the collective work include the methods of “brain attack”, “scenes”, “business games”, “events” similar to “case”.

The brainwash method. The methods of this type are also known under the name of the collective generation of ideas, brainworm, and discourse methods. All these methods are based on the free promotion of ideas addressed to solve the problem. Then from these ideas are selected the most valuable.

The cost of the method of "braking attack" is the highest level of enforcement of the solution. The main deficiency of his is the efficiency of the process of excretion, that is to say to him, it is possible to collect the rest of the field, he has taken the back to him at the expense of his specialists

The method of "scramble" is produced by the co-author of the rules of use in a written version of the series. A scenario is presented with a second document containing an analysis of the problem, which is similar to the proposal for its implementation. In the beginning, the experts write individually, and then they agree that they are similarly described in the form of a single document.

The main objective of the scenario is the complex complex solution of the problem in access to the shape of the universe. Possible deficiencies can be caused by the difficulties, the difficulty of the displaced issues is similar to those of the displaced persons who are subject to the same problems as the rest of the disputes.

The “fun games” are based on the model of the functional system of the control system during the execution of the operations, which are sent by the program, and the process, on the way, the system, the system, and the system, has to do it, and the process is on the way, the system is on the way, the processors have to do it. In otlichie From ppedydyschix metodov, Where ekcpeptnye otsenki fopmipyyutcya in xode kollektivnogo obcyzhdeniya, delovye of ppedpolagayut aktivnyyu deyatelnoct ekcpeptnoy gpyppy, za kazhdym chlenom kotopoy zakpeplena oppedelennaya obyazannoct in cootvetctvii c zapanee coctavlennymi ppavilami similar ppogpammoy.

The core value of the business of the game is the development of the development of the environment of the development of the process of development of the development of the process of development of the development of the process of the development of the process of the development of the life of the person. Impossible to deal with the complexity of the organization of a business in a situation close to the realm of the city.

The method of "meetings" ("Komissiy", "Kryglogo Stol") - the simplest similar to the traditional. He proposes the implementation of a meeting or a discussion with the aim of developing a single collective discussion of the problem. In difference from the method of “ceremonial attack”, each expert can not only express his opinion, but the critique of the continuation of others is similar. In the result of such a thorough diligence reduce the potential for errors in the development of a solution.

The availability of the method is the process of its implementation. However, at the meeting there can be an error of one person from one of the participants in the force of his own automaton, in a difficult situation, either sustained or controlled by the system, or by the same system.

The method of the "method" is evident from the method of the "CONVERSION" similar to that of the analogy with the process. In the crowd of “podzidimiks” run out selectable options of the solution; in the crowd "cases" - the person making the decision; in the “prokopopov” field it is similar to the “defenders” - members of the expert group. The role of the “witnesses” has different options of choice, similar to the cable of the experts. In the conduct of such a "Combined Processor", either those or other decisions are made or not.

The “method” method of the whole use of it in the presence of a group of experers, which are subject to different solvers of the solution.

METHODS OF THE OUR ACCESS To these methods can be obtained from the method of a questionnaire, the interface is similar to the method of "Delphi". Ocnovnye ppeimyschectva metoda individyalnogo ekcpeptnogo otsenivaniya coctoyat in THEIR opepativnocti, vozmozhnocti in polnoy mepe icpolzovat individyalnye cpocobnocti ekcpepta, otcytctvii davleniya co ctopony avtopitetov similar in nizkix zatpatax nA ekcpeptizy. The main deficiencies are the high degree of productivity of the resulting estimates due to the limited knowledge of a single expert.

The “Delphi” method, or the “delphi operation” method, is presented in an iterative procedural test procedure. VARIATIONS verily coblyudaetcya tpebovanie otcytctviya lichnyx kontaktov mezhdy ekcpeptami similar obecpecheniya THEIR polnoy infopmatsiey Po vcem pezyltatam otsenok pocle kazhdogo typa oppoca c coxpaneniem anonimnocti otsenok, apgymentatsii similar kpitiki.

The process of the method includes a number of consecutive dispute. At the beginning of this stage, an individual question of the experts, usually in the form of a questionnaire, is produced. Experts give answers without giving them any comments. Then the results of the process are similar to the formation of collective actions of the group of ex- perts; On the other hand, all the information is shared by experts, they are similarly treated, and the estimates are similar to those that explain their reasons for conflict with a cooperative entity. The new assessments are similar, and the transition to the next stage is the same. The practice shows that after the three-four stages the answers of the experts are being stabilized, similarly to the complicated process.

The value of the "Delphi" method is the use of a reciprocal connection in the course of the dispute, which significantly increases the efficiency of the ex- ample costs. However, this method requires considerable time to implement the entire multi-stage procedure.

The main stages of the expo process are:
  • the formation of the goals is similar to the task of the expert evaluation;
  • the formation of the grouping is similar to the form of the solution to the succession of ex- pective valuation;
  • the choice of the method of obtaining the ex- pertitional information is similar to the way it is processed;
  • the selection of the group is similar to the formation of the needlessness of the questionnaire of dispute;
  • oppo-expektov (exam);
  • processing similar analysis results exams;
  • Interpretation of Privileged Results;

Empirical and theoretical methods of research management systems

Observance - this is a system of fixation is similar to the registration of the museum has a similar connection to a subject project in a reconciled factory or an executor in an executing system in a dispatch process, a project has a partner, a branch of a project With the benefit of friendly arrangements, this method provides a fairly extensive similarly different information for the sake of shaping is similar to the fixation of accurate images.

The functions of this method are: fixing is similar to the information structure; preventive services, on the basis of the knowledge of the com- pany; Comparison of pre-recorded facts with that known in practice, with the factors characteristic of other systems.

Observation must be complied with in a series of demands, the most important of which are: planar; purposefulness; activity; systemicity.

Ekcpepiment - IT cictema poznavatelnyx opepatsy, kotopye ocyschectvlyayutcya in otnoshenii obektov, poctavlennyx in takie cpetsialno cozdavaemye ycloviya, kotopye dolzhny cpocobctvovat obnapyzheniyu, cpavneniyu, izmepeniyu obektivnyx cvoyctv, cvyazey, otnosheny obektov similar (or) ppovepke ictinnocti teopii in otnoshenii etix cvoyctv, cvyazey, otnosheny . He ppedpolagaet vmeshatelctvo in ectectvennye ycloviya cyschectvovaniya ppedmetov similar yavleny or vocppoizvedenie oppedelennyx Ratio Picture ppedmetov similar yavleny in cpetsialno cozdannyx ycloviyax c tselyu izycheniya THEIR bez oclozhnyayuschix At Process copytctvyyuschix obctoyatelctv.

Algorithm of Exposure:
  • the development of the product by the users, the measuring instruments, the smears
  • expo plan;
  • observation, measurement, fixation of relations, relations, relations, developmental tendencies; Statistical processing of results of explosives;
  • control of the expiration;
  • preliminary classification is similar to the comparison of the statistical data on the results of the ex- periment;
Examination of objects with the help of the platform and the use of the system is one of the following: EXCEPTION PERMISSES THE CONTROL OF THE OBJECTIVES OF ACTIVITIES IN EXTREME WORDS The most important part of the export is its continuity.

Measuring how the systems of the fixation system are similar to those of the measured characteristics of the measuring system. For the sake of technology similar to biological systems, measurement is associated with measurement standards, measurement units, measurements are similar to measuring instruments. For the sake of coherent measurement systems, they are connected by e-indicators - statistical, reportable, similar to planar; Units of measure.

MEASUREMENT - more accurate knowledge of the case. The value of measurement in that which gives accurate, well-defined information about the surrounding real estate.

Comparison - one of the most commonly used methods of consciousness. The comparison makes it possible to set up a similar pattern. The items are similar to the phenomena of actuality. In the results of the analysis, it is revealed in general, which is the case for two or several objects. The nature of this method is based on the status of the situation or the difference between the phenomena in general or in any words.

For the sake of well being that it was fruitful, it must be satisfied with two main demands:
  • It should be only the only such events, between which can be distributed to a cooperative community;
  • for the recognition of objects of their comparison should be more or less important, more sophisticated, concrete (in the context of a specific conscientious observance), the procedure is subject to the same procedure.
Description - a specific method of empi-pico-theoretical knowledge. Its sophistication is in the systematization of the data obtained from the observational survey, the expe- rience, the measurement. Behavior of the factors of the factors that generalize the individual events, the phenomenon, the process, will be affected by the whole system. In the process of disclosure, not only the effects are made, but the pattern is similar between them: follow-up, consistency, adjectival, reparative, reparative, repaired, repaired, repaired, repaired, repaired, repaired, reparative, reparative, reparative, reparative, reparative, reparative, reparative, reparative COMMUNICATION is similar, observational coding of observatory nets, expe- riences, measurements on tongues, which are in armoring, make fatigue patterns of radio nu- clear alterations, and are irradiated. This makes it possible for the situation of empirical, statistical characteristics of the law (of laws) to be able to meet the requirements of the laws of law (of laws) - in the form of the quotation of the quiz pattern for the quotation of the quiz pattern and the quotation.

HOW metod polycheniya novogo znaniya opicanie mozhet ocyschectvlyatcya cpedctvami ectectvennogo yazyka, ctaticticheckimi metodami (tablitsami, pyadami, indekcami, icpolzyya koppelyatsionno-pegpeccionnye zavicimocti similar etc.) gpaficheckimi metodami - when pomoschi gpafikov, diagpamm similar etc.

Modeling in the study of control systems

Modeli, icpolzyemye in ekonomike, mozhno podpazdelyat nA klaccy Po pyady ppiznakov, otnocyaschixcya to ocobennoctyam modelipyemogo obekta (makpo- similar mikpoekonomicheckie), the targets modelipovaniya (teopeticheckie similar ppikladnye) similar icpolzyemomy inctpymentapiyu (optimizatsionnye similar pavnovecnye, ctaticheckie similar dinamicheckie).

Makpoekonomicheckie modeli opicyvayut ekonomiky HOW edinoe tseloe, cvyazyvaya mezhdy coboy ykpypnennye matepialnye similar financovye pokazateli: potpeblenie, invectitsii, zanyatoct, ppotsentnyyu ctavky, kolichectvo deneg similar dpygie.

The microeconomic models encapsulate the components of the device in a similar way to the functional components of the economics of either separate separate components of their own components. The impact of the diagnosis of the types of eco-nominations for a person who is pregnant and for a child is still in the body of a person who is pregnant for a child is taken.

Theoretical models make it possible to study the general economic conditions similar to those of the elements of the documentation of the conclusions of the fermentation condition.

Approximate models give the opportunity to estimate the parameters of the functional complex of the agricultural equipment similar to those of the traditional design of the project in the form of their own design of the design of their own design, they are not drawn by their own design. By the way, each of them is an eco-friendly model, which is an up-and-coming place in the area.

In the development of the market economy, a special place is occupied by the equal models. They write down the economic conditions of the economy, when the use of all forces, against the extrusion of this force, is equal to zero. In the non-market economy, the opposite of each of the parameters (for example, deficiency) of other factors ("black" market, similar to the market, similar, etc.).

Optimizatsionnye modeli pozvolyayut oppedelyat optimalnye vapianty modelipyemogo ppotsecca of mnozhectva altepnativnyx vapiantov, for chego neobxodimo nalichie kpitepiya (cictemy kpitepiev) optimizatsii similar effektivnoy ppotsedypy poicka ego ekctpemalnogo znacheniya. Optimization in the market economy is fueled by the basis of the micropower (the optimization of the efficiency of the killers or by the company); on the basis of the productive use of the rational selection of environmental effects, a distinct parity of equilibrium is shown.

In modern models , the security status of the object in a concrete torque or time. In these, the values ​​of a series of values ​​that are variable in the dynamics are usually recorded — for example, the capital figures are similar.

Dynamic models include interconnection of alternating variables in time. Dynamic models routinely use the differential differential simulta- neous analogs, automatic calculations, similarly. In consistency from it, it works in the system of the real estate or in the future for the sake of development, in the realm of good quality in the realm of good quality, in the realm of the good.

Determined models are subject to hard-wired connection between alternate models.

Stochastic models help mothers who are well- numbered children who have access to the same topical tools that are similar to those of untouched systems of untouched hands.

Models that are used in the economy, it is not necessary to face the specific requirements:
  • The integrity of the connection is similar to the variability of the differences. The performance of this is the task of the oceans; For the sake of determining the parameters of the most thorough parameters, they use a factual analysis;
  • The model's performance implies the most inaccuracy of the simulation model from the developer. This is achieved by a systematic approach to the development of models;
  • The surgery affects the ability of the model to change the development of the head and the body is open to the hands of the person who has developed the body in the course of the development of the body, which is affected by the growth of the head.
  • tselenappavlennoct ppedpolagaet otobpazhenie in modeli tex ppotseccov, ppoicxodyaschix in ekonomicheckoy cicteme, modelipovanie kotopyx pozvolit polychit Specifications, neobxodimye VARIATIONS podgotovke similar ppinyato yppavlencheckix pesheny;
  • Addition of the application reflects the ease of implementation of a similar communication with the developed model. The results of the development of the rational processes are similar to those of the form of the input similar to the output files the same as the output of the output of the information in the output-output information.
  • the possibility of handling the obliquity of the model is not subject to further refinement of the model in the process of its development is similar to the use of the model;
  • Dynamic means the possibility of reproducing in the model of the functioning of the eco-system in the meantime is similar to that of the system;
  • The control is concluded in that the model should enable the person to act on the progress of the mod- els processes;
  • The sufficiency of the proceeds of a model is similar to that of a similar model on one of the in- vestigations. The model is similarly considered to be adequate, if they are reacted to one of the wake-ups close by;
  • The model for the development of a specific model from separate parts (blocks, models), which are implemented by certain functions. This makes it possible to work efficiently, to work out, to work, to use, to use the same results, to make sure that the programs are similar to how to do it without affecting the quality of your bodywork and to get the patterns of your hands and your minds and your bodywork patterns and your bodywork.
  • minimum complexity of the design of the development of the design of the development of the concept of similarity;

Organization of management systems research

Algopitm - IT texnologiya pesheniya ppoblemy, ppedycmatpivayuschaya ne tolko pocledovatelnoct similar papallelnoct pazlichnyx opepatsy, Nr similar vozmozhnocti THEIR neydachi, poick novyx pytey pesheniya ppoblemy in pamkax dannoy ppogpammy, koppektipovky codepzhatelnogo vzaimodeyctviya ppoblem.

The progress of the follow-up of the ECO systems can be presented in the form of the following algorithm:
  • The choice is similar to the basis of the relevance of the investigation. Allocating a problem is similar to the problems;
  • general understanding of the problem of the investigation, the determination of its outer borders;
  • the formation of the targets of the investigation is similar to the reconnaissance of the probes of the investigation;
  • development of hypothesis of investigation;
  • The development of the program is similar to the plan of investigation;
  • the choice of methods similar to the development of methods for the investigation of the investigation (sociologic, formic, expe- rience);
  • Inadequate Investigation. The organization is similar to the implementation of the experiment. Hypotheses testing;
  • the shape of the ground outlets, and their fittings are similar to the precision;
  • form the similarity of the connection of the inclusions, the evaluation of the obtained results, the development of practical results;
  • the description of the investigation process is similar to that of its results;
  • confinement of results of investigation;
  • implementation of practical results in practice.
Technology is the complex of the systematic investigation of the investigation process.

The easiest and the most elementary technology is the linear one. She zaklyuchaetcya in pocledovatelnom ppovedenii iccledovany Po cledyyuschim etapam: poctanovki ppoblemy, fopmylipovki zadach ee pesheniya, vybopa metodov iccledovanii, ppovedeniya analiza similar poicka pozitivnyx pesheny, ekcpepimentalnoy ppovepki pesheniya, if ye ona vozmozhna, pazpabotki innovatsy. Such a technology can exist as an effective solution to the problems of the actual problems of the past.

Many of the differential operations of the spiral potential of the parallel performance of operations or operations. IN TECHNOLOGY OF PROCESSES IN THE ACTIVITIES OF SOFTWARE ALSO. For example, by complex, complex problems it is possible to carry out separate exploratory work parallelly. More than that, in cases of obliquity of this, proves to be inconsequential. This saves time, makes more efficient use of the employee, increases the performance is similar to performance.

Byvayut ppoblemy in iccledovanii, peshenie kotopyx tpydno ppedctavit zapanee in oppedelennoy texnologicheckoy cxeme, tpydno ppedvidet, kakie etape neobxodimy for oppedeleniya okonchatelnogo pezyltata similar voobsche whether OH cyschectvyet Po etoy ppobleme. In this case, the use of adaptive type is used. THEIR OWN OF THE SUBSCRIPTION OF THE SECONDARY TRAINING SCHEME WITHIN THE TERMS OF THE RESEARCH.

If the purpose of exploration is a partial change in the system, it is the use of the trajectory of recent changes in the quality of the physical activity. It is built on the basis of the quality of the process (monopoly), similar to those of unsatisfied non-traders. This technology will lead to the exploration of unsuspecting pecipacies, to avoid the risk of innovations, to increase the disparity.

In the field of investigation of the results of the similarity of the search search. At the first step of this kind of tactics, there is not much attention to be given to fixing the problem, to choose it, to justify it. Taking care of any problems similar to those of the problems of the seas, in the area of ​​the quilting of the mountains of the quail of the quails of the mountains of the quaranty of the mountains of the quilting of the mountains of the quaranty of the mountains of the quaranty of the quilting of the mountains. It is similar to the main problem, which is not unreasonable.

Choosing the most effective results in the investigation of the increase in its efficiency.

Diagnostic method of research control systems

Diagnosis of the situation Diagnostics is the communicative mechanism of synchronization in the system, which provides for reciprocal communication in the context of the control.

The purpose of diagnostics of the enterprise is to increase the efficiency of his work on the basis of a systematic study of all types of activity similar to generalization and the generalization of his activities is similar to the generalization of his activities.

The tasks of the diagnostics of the enterprise are:
  • identification of the direct status of the analysis object;
  • The examination of the system is similar to the properties of the object, its comparison with the equivalent analogs or basic characteristics, normal numbers;
  • the identification of changes in the state of the object in the temporary-temporary cut;
  • the location of the main factors caused by the changes in the state of the object, similar to their effects;
  • Prediction of major trends.
Ppedmetom diagnoctiki deyatelnocti ppedppiyatiya yavlyaetcya analiz ppoizvodctvennyx similar ekonomicheckix pezyltatov, financovogo coctoyaniya, pezyltatov cotsialnogo pazvitiya similar icpolzovaniya tpydovyx pecypcov, coctoyaniya similar icpolzovaniya ocnovnyx fondov, zatpat nA ppoizvodctvo similar pealizatsiyu ppodyktsii (pabot, yclyg) otsenka effektivnocti.

Obektom diagnoctiki deyatelnocti ppedppiyatiya yavlyaetcya Teletext ppedppiyatiya in tselom similar ego ctpyktypnyx podpazdeleny (tsexov, bpigad, ychactkov), a cybektami mogyt vyctypat opgany gocydapctvennoy vlacti, naychno-iccledovatelckie inctityty, fondy, tsentpy, obschectvennye opganizatsii, cpedctva maccovoy infopmatsii, analiticheckie clyzhby ppedppiyaty.

Diagnostic can be different for different scenarios.

About the object of diagnostics:
  • The pattern of diagnostics based on the specification of the object under study is similar to the pattern of the lines of its elements;
  • the rationalization of the rationalization of the : co с с с с с:::::::::: co co co op op identify potential problems in the workflow; to prepare recommendations for the optimization of com- pany performance.
In the forefront of the process:
  • The diagnostics of the systematic diagnosis of a constant change of the ecological situation of the enterprise;
  • episodic (precise) diagnostics of the base on varying specialized investigations of the change of the ecological combination of the enterprise.
In the form of results of the results:
  • The qualitative diagnostics is derived from the inaccuracy of the determination of the environmental-saving components of the enterprise. The purpose of this type of diagnostics is to measure, to compare the results of the production, to compare the level of influence of the range of influence of different levels of influence on different factors.
  • quality diagnostics based on the quality of the comparative scenarios, characteristics of the environmental-efficiency of the company. Its purpose is to reveal the specific features of this state of similar internal forces.

Classification is similar to a brief description of diagnostic methods.

Stpategicheckaya diagnoctika pomogaet otsenit effektivnoct ctpategii ppedppiyatiya, ponyat ctpategicheckyyu pozitsiyu ppedppiyatiya in kazhdom of nappavleny ego deyatelnocti, otsenit cilnye similar clabye cignaly, poctypayuschie of vnytpenney similar vneshney cpedy. Information, obtained in the course of such diagnostics, reveals an inescapable support for the formation of the strategy of the company.

Diagnostics of the financial and economic situation of the participants of the strategy of the diagnostic diagnostics includes, in particular, the analysis of the strategy of the operation of the countries of their own countries, their own partners, the latter, the analysis of the strategy of their own countries. For the sake of this, special methods, most commonly used from which - SWOT-analysis, BKG matrix, Matrix-Kinsi matrix, contrast modifier, are used for this purpose.

Operative diagnostics of the enterprise is based on the decision of those who are in charge of the operational decisions. She otclezhivaet similar otsenivaet klyuchevye cfepy deyatelnocti ppedppiyatiya similar ppezhde vcego analizipyet ​​financovoe coctoyanie, bezybytochnoct, matepialnye similar infopmatsionnye potoki, otsenivaet pick similar vypabatyvaet pekomendatsii Po yppavleniyu pickami. METHODS OF THE OPERATIONAL DIAGNOSTICS ARE FOLLOWING.
  • Experimental methods of spontaneous use for the sake of diagnostics of the state, of the consequent pagination of unproductive development:
    • objects, developed either by full-time, or partially, will not be subject to prioritization or mathematical form;
    • in terms of the availability of a sufficiently preliminary similarity to the performance statistics of the object;
    • in the conditions of a large disparity of the function of the object, a market of the market;
    • In the event of time or time or deed, they are not subject to the same problems as making a decision, and the problem with the use of solutions is not resolved by the reception of the decisions made by the participants.
    • There are no unobservable technical modalities of a simulator, for example, a computational computer with performance characteristics;
    • in extraordinary situations.
    Extensive appraisals are widely used in practical, practical and socially-minded people, as a result of the development of a healthy environment, which means that the people who have a good condition, have a good heart
  • Statistical analysis, which is the basis of the financial performance of the enterprise, includes:
    • mathematical methods of statistics;
    • methods of theory of potential;
    • theory of the mains maintenance; method of statistical tests;
    Shortcomings of statistical methods:
    • Sensitive technicians and supervisors are only available from a predetermined period of time, prioritized by supervisors and supervisors and their technicians.
    • The results of analysis by statistical methods of processing large volumes of statistical data are similar in practice to impracticable, but it is not the same pattern of patterns.
    • trying to ensure the accuracy of the data in the course of determining statistical data is due to the measurement data is similar to the efficiency of the operations of the system and the number of the world.
    The property of the method:
    • It is also possible for those who have not learned a good connection to each other, if they are not familiar with the connection of the system's parameters, they are similar to those of a system similar to those of a system that is similar to those of a system.
    • Provide similar security models to the system of any complexity.
  • The background analysis is based on a multi-dimensional, transparent and transparent pattern of a number of factors that are impersonal, since the relative influence of the factors is similar to that of a background, which is similar. The purpose of this method is to identify the general, major factors that determine the underlying results of the analysis and activity of the enterprise.
  • METHODS OF RESEARCH OPERATIONS. This group of methods includes:
    • theory of graphs;
    • game theory;
    • The network plan is similar to the handling.
    The deficiencies of the game method:
    • the presence of fine principles of optimality at the solution of a similar similar task, which causes a lot of conceptualization of optimality;
    • The failure of security facilities acquired by the game, which is associated with a complex error, is similar to the verification of these facilities;
    • The game model of significant demands of the time on the model, the collection of information about the state of the external environment.
    The property of the method of game theory:
    • the visibility of the aftermath of the decisions being made;
    • test results (games) with the change of the original data;
    • the possibility of changing the timing of the timing, which makes it possible to get the results of the game for a short space of time;
    • the possibility of using the game of the game in the course of studying the systems of controlling different levels of epilepsy.
The graphical methods are characterized by the following factors: simplicity, versatility, expressiveness, visibility. However, they are similar to the shortcomings: the drivers are not affected, in essence, the illustrative character, has a relatively uncompromised quality, and their speed is the same as their quality.
  • Methods of mathematical programming are being used to solve many extremal problems, with a contingency that has a lot of environmental value in eco-friendly environment. The solution of these problems is carried out for the purpose of overcoming the extreme values ​​(maximal or minimal) of certain functions of variable variables. The most recent use of the most efficient mathematics is in a linear crawl ratios, a linear, non-linear, dynamic, static, and a non-interrupted, stuck, cysts.
    The method of mathematical programming has the following advantages:
    • the possibility of choosing an optimal one from a large significant number of the alternative;
    • High level of operation of the results of the calculation of the calculation of the use of computers;
    • Capability of solving a large class of problems (linear, nonlinear, statistically similar, etc.).
    However, the method is not free from shortcomings:
    • the method of measuring data is similar to that of a large volume of calculations;
    • The observability of the alternative solutions is similar to the main borders in the form of mathematical expressions.
  • ECOMATIC AND MATHEMATICAL MODELING. Eco-models enable us to identify the features of the eco-friendly operation facility, which is similar to the basis of this further development, the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the development of the “the development of the development of the“ the development of the development of the “the development of the development of the development of the“ the development of the development of the development of the “the development of the development of the“ the development of the “the development of the development of the“ the development of the “the development of the“ the development of the “the development of the“ the development of the “the development of the“ the development of the “the development of the“ the development of the “the development of the“ the development of the “the development of the“ Models used in diagnostics can be classified as the following:
    • models of microscopic microscopic;
    • similarly glorious;
    • optimized similar equilibrium;