Quests (Free Flash Games)

Section Quests

Quests are one of the most popular categories of computer flash games. The first quests appeared in the seventies of the last century. These were primitive games, radically different from modern games of this category. In English, the word quest means "searching" and the goal of playing any quest is to find different objects and perform various tasks for this. The items found will help the character move further along the story line. Passing the quest is not a simple task, for solving which one needs logical thinking, ingenuity, the ability to find an outlet in the seemingly desperate situation, which contributes to the development of logic and abstract thinking. Modern flush quests are distinguished by excellent graphics, good music, filled with special effects, which gives them a special spectacle. The time spent for these games, gives real intellectuals a real pleasure and a good rest.

  • Doom
  • BombIt2
  • Ambition
  • HeartBreaker
  • Oggi
  • SaveQvest
  • SteppenWolf
  • Anger-spect
  • CastleS
  • Cauchemars
  • CoolSonian
  • JackFirst
  • -41-
  • Dexter
  • Swords3
  • Castaway
  • BatteGear
  • Flashtrek
  • KeyFinder
  • Defender
  • Disco
  • Cube - Escape