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Shooters are mainly designed for males of different ages. They are happy to play and preschool kids, and their fathers, and even grandfathers. Playing flash games of this category, everyone can feel like a real sniper or one of the members of the military unit, fighting with the whole army. To win a modern flash shooter, you need not only a quick reaction, dexterity and endurance, but also the ability to accurately calculate the trajectory of the projectile's flight, to choose the right type of weapon and charge for it. Among other flash games in the shooter genre, the replica of such famous games as Counter Strike and Metal Slug is very popular among players.

  • Batman
  • ZombieMans
  • Cooperation2
  • Cooperation3
  • Cooperation4
  • Cooperation5
  • Otstrel
  • LastStan
  • Sonny
  • Raze
  • LastStand2
  • ZombiHospital
  • SuperArcher