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Acacia / Acacia

Belongs to the legume family. Fatherland - Asia, Polynesia, Australia, Africa.

General description: A flowering shrub with a height of more than 1 m, therefore suitable only for spacious rooms. Gentle, feathery leaves, folding at night.

It usually blooms in early spring, with a delicate smell. Inflorescence fluffy, yellow.

The roots have a garlic smell.

Enough unpretentious.

It is a little widespread because of the large sizes. Usually in room conditions the following types are diluted:

Acacia dealbata Link (Silver Acacia or Mimosa) - owns fluffy leaves and fluffy spherical inflorescences.

Acacia longifolia (long-leaved acacia) - a tree that looks like a weeping willow. Instead of leaves, the leaves are fillody (leathery lanceolate petioles) of a grayish color.

Acacia armata (Acacia Armed) is a tall shrub with dark green phlodia. It blooms in late spring.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Acacia:

Illumination: Light-loving, preferred southern windows.

Irrigation mode: Abundant during growth, winter outlandish, especially if the plant is kept cool.

Humidity of the atmosphere: Does not need spraying.

Loves airing, but without drafts. In the summer it is better to place on a fresh atmosphere (in the park or on the balcony), preferably to land on the ground. The room should be bright and windproof. Before this, the acacia must be gradually tempered by airing the room.

Temperature mode: In the summer, the temperature should be moderate, in the winter cool.

Soil: Recommended soil mash: 3 elements of sod land, 2 elements of peat, 1 fraction of sand.

In the period of growth needs regular fertilizing complex fertilizers.

Cultivation: Semilignified cuttings or seeds. Seeds are germinated in winter-early spring with soil heating. Before sowing the seeds are doused with boiling water and cut.

Transplant : In the spring, after flowering, after a year.

Pests: If the temperature is too high, the acacia may be affected by the shield (brown plaques appear on the leaves and stems).

With a slight infection, the plant is allowed to help trimming with soapy water and warm washing. In case of severe injury, spraying with an insecticide solution is recommended.

Acacia - Acacia

Acacia / Acacia