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Adiantum / Adiantum

Refers to the family of ferns.

General description: A very beautiful plant. Leaves are light green, yellow-green or light red, delicate. Very thin and stiff cuttings.

Capricious and complex for successful breeding in the room.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Adianum:

Illumination: It does not tolerate direct sunlight, it is better to put it next to the window, but not on the windowsill. In shading fades.

Irrigation mode: Water the dandy with soft, standing water at room temperature. Roots should not dry up at all, but overflowing is pernicious, and getting water on the leaves is not desirable, so the recommended means of watering is to lower the pot into a container of water. In general, ideally place the pot on a large pallet with gravel or expanded clay and pour water and into the pot and pallet.

Humidity of the atmosphere: Demanding to high humidity, especially if the temperature is above 25 ° C. It is impossible to own a close battery heating. It is necessary to spray the water close to the plant and own it on a wet pallet.

Temperature mode: Optimum in summer 20 ° C, in winter 15 ° C. Can not stand drafts and hypothermia.

Soil: Good drainage is mandatory. Weakly acidic soil. Recommended soil mix: 2 elements of peat land, 1 share of leaf, 1/2 elements of humus, 1 share of sand. Feeding during growth period once in the moon. Apply mineral fertilizers without lime in half from the usual cases of serving. Proudly not to overfeed the plant.

Breeding: The chosen means for an idiocy is the crushing of bushes.

Transplantation: It is necessary to transplant annually, as if the pot is forced to respond to an earthen coma, extremely spacious pots are not desirable.

Pests: Can not tolerate organic protection from pests. Therefore, when spider mites or aphids appear, carefully clean the dandy with a soft brush and wash under a weak, warm shower. If you still can not do without pesticides, apply them carefully and carefully wash the leaves with warm water. Do not forget to keep the humidity in place.

Adiantum - Adiantum

Adiantum - Adiantum