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Refers to the family of aroids. Fatherland is tropical America.

General description: Expensive luxury plants, similar to orchids. Very beautiful and leaves and flowers.

Unfortunately, an anthurium is difficult for indoor breeding, more suitable for conservatories. However, with good care is allowed to achieve year-round flowering anthurium.

For the building it is best to choose Anthurium scherzerianum (Anthurium Scherzer). Large wax inflorescences with spirals twisted by "tails" -strings of bright red or snow-white color. Leaves large, lanceolate. This species is compact enough.

Anthurium Andreanum (Anturium Andre) is larger, up to 90 cm high, with heart-shaped leaves. Owns many varieties with the colors of scarlet, pink, snow-white or orange.

Anthurium Crystallinum (Anthurium crystal) is grown because of beautiful velvety leaves with bright silver veins.

Recommendations for the care of plants Anthurium:

Illumination: photophilous, but in no way tolerates direct sunlight.

Irrigation regime: Water a little, but regularly, so that the land does not dry up.

Humidity of the atmosphere: It needs regular spraying a couple of times a day. It is useful to wrap anthurium stems with sphagnum moss and regularly moisten it. Leaves should be carefully wiped off dirt in a soft soft cloth. Do not stand drafts.

Temperature regime: Very fond of warmth, winter and summer, but should be kept away from heating appliances.

Soil: Drainage is mandatory. You can add charcoal and brick chips.

Recommended soil mixture: 1 share of leaf land, 1 share of coniferous land, 1 share of peat and 1/2 elements of sand. A soil mishmash for orchids is suitable.

During the growth period, it needs fertilizing once every two weeks.

Breeding: Basically crushing during transplantation and fresh seeds. Long-stemmed anthuriums can be produced by apical cuttings during soil heating.

Transplantation : Preferred large and flat pots. Later transplantation should be protected from direct sunlight.

Pests: It is affected by a mealybug, shields (leaves and stems appear brown plaques, leaving sticky discharge), aphids.

The plant is allowed to help finish with a soap solution, warm rinsing and spraying with an actellite (1-2 ml per liter of water).

It is not bad to use folk remedies: tobacco solutions, onion infusions, garlic-soap solutions.

Anthurium - Anthurium

Anthurium Crystallinum (Anthurium Crystal)


Anthurium Crystallinum (Anthurium Crystal)