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Azalea / Azalea

It belongs to the heather family. Fatherland - India, China, the elevations of the Caucasus and Siberia.

General description : Decorative flowering shrub plant. A huge variety of species, but azalea is preferably a garden culture. for indoor breeding, a pair of dwarf species are more suitable: Sims rhododendron (Indian azalea) and Japanese azalea. Azaleas usually bloom in winter and early spring, starting around the third year of life. The color of the flowers is different, often pink. The surface of the petals can be terry or corrugated. From the novelties of the selection pyramidal and ampelous forms.

It is useful to form the crown of the bushes.

Early varieties of azaleas (flowering December-January): "Helmut Vogel" (double purple flowers), Weisse Sheme (white double flowers with a cream shade), Adventglockhen (crimson bell-shaped flowers) and

Middle-late azalea varieties (flowering January-March): "Apollo" (brick-red flowers), "Leopold Astrid" (pale pink flowers with a red border), "Max Scheme" (hot pink bright flowers with a snow-white border and corrugated petals )

Late varieties of azaleas (flowering February-April): "Ernst Tirs" (raspberry-pink flowers), "Hex" (wine-red terry flowers), "Contsna" (lilac flowers with raspberry specks), etc.

Azaleas are among the plants that find it difficult to provide proper care in indoor conditions.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Azalea:

Illumination: Light-loving, but does not tolerate direct sunlight.

Watering mode: Plentifully watered with soft water.

Humidity: When the plant does not bloom, it is sprayed daily and regularly washed with cool water. At the time of flowering, in order not to spoil the flowers, the humidity of the atmosphere is maintained by placing the pots on a tray with pebbles or expanded clay, which is continuously moistened. Eliminate from central heating.

Temperature: adores cool. In autumn from 6 ° С, then gradually increase up to 15 ° С. Forms with falling leaves allowed in the winter to own in a cool basement.

Soil: Selected variation - coniferous earth. During the growth period once every three weeks, feed alternately with mineral and liquid organic fertilizers.

Breeding: Cuttings taken after flowering. They are treated with a solution of heteroauxin (a tablet for 1 liter of water) and a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then planted in the ground under tinted glass. The temperature should be in the range of 18-20 ° C. Moderately watered with warm water. Rooting will follow only through a pair of moons. During this time, the pores should be 1 hour closer to evening, at what time there is no direct sunlight, to break the blackout from the glass.

Transplant: Friendly effect on azaleas pruning after flowering and planting on the summer for the summer. The azalea root system is superficial and therefore the pot is forced to be wide, but not deep at all. It is useful to fill the space between the moss pot and pots.

Pests: Affected by spider mites (in dry air), mealybugs, scutes, and false shield (brown plaques appear on the leaves and stems). The plant is allowed to help trimming with soapy water, warm washing and spraying actellic (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Azalea - Azalea

Weisse Chemet

Dresden 1936

Leopold astrid


Ernst Tiers



"Orange Boven"

"Weiss Sheme"


"Dresden 1936"



"Leopold Astrid"


"Ernst Tiers"

?????? - Azalea

Azalea - Azalea