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bamboo / bambusa

Belongs to the family of cereals. The fatherland is a tropical and subtropical belt.

General description : Bamboo is a large plant in natural conditions. Only dwarf species are grown in the rooms (30-40 cm). Owns a cranked hard stem and spreading leaves of green or multi-colored color.

Rather unpretentious and hastily growing plant.

Often sell a plant with the name of Chinese bamboo or log of happiness. But this is not bamboo, but dracaena. Her leaves are collected in the outlet. Usually, Chinese bamboo is grown in vases with water, which is periodically changed.

Recommendations for the care of the Bamboo plant:

Illumination : Light-requiring, especially variegated forms, requires direct sunlight.

Irrigation mode : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter.

Humidity : Needs regular spraying with warm water.

In the summer it is better to place a fresh atmosphere (in the park or on the balcony) in a sheltered room.

Temperature mode : In the summer, the temperature should be moderate, in the winter cool.

Soil: Recommended soil mix: 2 elements of clay-sod, 1 share of leafy land, 1 share of peat, 1 share of humus and 1 share of sand.

In the period of growth needs fertilizing 1 time in two weeks with complex mineral fertilizer.

Breeding : Crushing during transplantation.

Transplant: In spring, young plants annually, mature once a couple years.

Keeping in a close pot slows growth, preferably spacious dishes.

Pests : Rarely affected.



Bamboo - Bambusa