calceolaria / calceolaria

It belongs to the family figwort. Homeland - South America.

General description: The only grown in ambient conditions view

Calceolaria herbeohybrida (Calceolaria hybrid). Bush this plant reaches 50 cm in height. Leaves impressive, pubescent. Flowers very original bag-shape. Painting different: solid color or speckled, tiger. The colors - white, red, orange. Blossoms calceolaria very nice, but not continuously - near the moon in the spring.

Recommendations for the care of a plant Calceolaria:

Lighting: light-requiring, only need to make shade in the summer afternoon.

Irrigation mode: Calceolaria loves abundant watering.

Humidity: Likes high humidity, but not fond of sprays. It is best to spray the atmosphere around the plant and put the pots on the tray with pebbles or expanded clay, which incessantly moistened. He likes the fresh air, but no drafts.

Temperature: Cool, optimally 12-15 ° C.

Soil: Recommended soil hodgepodge: 2 items sod land, 2 elements of leaf, 1 1/2 share of peat and sand elements.

In the period of growth needs a dressing 1 every two weeks fertilizer for flowering plants.

Cultivation: Seeds are sown in the source of summer flowering plants for the following year, but the germination indoors is rarely successful.

Transplanting: Calceolaria usually buy in bloom, flowering but later discarded.

Pests: Calceolaria often affected by aphids (they form a sticky discharge on the tips of shoots, buds). In these cases, the plant must be filled up to the healing spray solution insecticides (aktellik, decis, fitoverm et al.)

Calceolaria - Calceolaria

Calceolaria - Calceolaria