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It belongs to the family of tea. Fatherland - China and Japan.

General Description : The only indoor-grown species.

Camellia japonica (Japanese Camellia). This is an evergreen tree. The leaves are dark green, leathery, with a glossy surface. Camellia has very beautiful flowers. Depending on the variety, they can be terry, non-double or semi-double. Paint - pink, scarlet or white.

Periodic pruning is required.

It has a couple of growth periods: early spring and the source of summer.

Camellias are capricious, they need to provide stable and error-free care.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Camellia:

Illumination : Needs bright but diffused light. Does not like the transfer and rotation of pots.

Watering Mode : Camellia loves abundant watering, but without overflow. Water with warm soft water. During the period of inactivity watering outlandish.

Humidity : Needs regular spraying, but not during the flowering period.

In the summer it is better to place in a fresh atmosphere (in the park or on the balcony), in a room protected from the wind and from direct sunlight.

Temperature : Cool, optimally 12-15 ° C in summer, in winter 8-10 ° C.

Soil : Requires benign drainage. The soil is acidic. When a white lime deposit appears on the ground surface, the upper layer must be replaced.

Recommended soil mixture: 1 share of coniferous land, 1 share of leafy land, 1 share of peat and 1/2 elements of sand. For old plants, 1 share of coniferous land is replaced by sod. Suitable mash for rhododendrons.

In the period of growth needs regular fertilizing complex fertilizers.

The period of inactivity in camellias from July to August. At this time, the plant does not feed.

Cultivation : At soil heating and with the use of phytohormones in the summer rooted cuttings.

Transplantation : In summer, young plants annually, mature once a couple or three years.

Pests: Camellia is sometimes affected by aphids (form sticky secretions on the tips of the shoots, buds). In these cases, the plant must be sprinkled with insecticide solutions (actellic, decyst, fitoverm, etc.) until the cure is full.

Camellia - Camellia

Camellia - camellia