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cineraria (godson bloody) / cineraria (senecio cruentus)

It belongs to the Asteraceae family. Fatherland - Canary Islands.

General description : Cineraria is a flowering plant up to 70 cm tall. Hairy leaves up to 20 cm long have a heart-shaped lobed shape. The bottom side of the leaf is usually purple. Cineraria blooms in winter and early spring from 4 up to 6 weeks with inflorescences-baskets similar to daisies. They have a variety of colors, in addition to yellow, can be terry and semi-double.

Tsinerariya - a very capricious plant, requires greenhouse conditions, it is usually thrown out after flowering.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Cyclamen:

Illumination : Needs bright but diffused light.

Watering mode : Abundant, uniform. Does not like neither overflow nor drying of the earth. Water with warm, soft water.

Humidity : Loves high humidity, but does not like spraying. It is better to spray the atmosphere around the plant and arrange containers with water.

Humidity is similarly maintained by placing the pots on a tray with pebbles or expanded clay, which is constantly wetted. Keep away from drafts.

Temperature condition : Optimum 12-13 ° С, minimum 8 ° С, maximum 15 ° С.

Soil: The purchased plant needs no feeding.

Breeding: Seeds in the middle of summer, planted in a cool greenhouse. Rarely successful.

Transplant: The plant does not leave the next year.

Pests: Rarely affected.

Cineraria (Bloodseller) - Cineraria (Senecio cruentus)

cineraria (blood ginny) - cineraria (senecio cruentus)