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Mandarin / citrus unshiu

It belongs to the rut family.

General Description : Evergreen citrus plant. Leaves are leathery, corrugated, old leaves fall off during the year and are replaced by new ones. The rooms are usually bred Unshiu tangerine (seedless).

Recommendations for the care of the plant Mandarin:

Illumination : Light-loving, shading is needed only in the summer afternoon.

Irrigation mode : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter.

Water with warm soft water. Does not love in any way overflowing, nor drying up of the earth.

Humidity : Requires frequent spraying, especially in warm rooms.

In the summer it is better to place on a fresh atmosphere (in the park or on the balcony).

Temperature : In summer, the temperature should be moderate 15-18 ° C., In the winter, cool, 12-15 ° C.

Soil : Requires benign drainage. You can add petty gravel or expanded clay.

Recommended soil mash: for young mandarins: 2 elements of sod, 1 share of leafy land, 1 share of rotted cow manure and 1 share of sand.

Soil for mature mandarins: 3 elements of turf, 1 share of leaf, 1 share of rotted cow manure, 1 share of sand with the addition of fatty clay.

In the period of growth in need of regular fertilizer watering. Use the slurry of cow manure, special fertilizer for citrus.

Breeding : Air layouts and vaccinations. But it is best to germinate seeds in room conditions.

Transplant : Young plants are transplanted annually, mature, older than three years are transplanted after a couple of years, but annually replace the upper layer of the earth.

They are transplanted by the method of transshipment, at what time the roots will well entwine with an earthen clod. Transshipment should be carried out carefully, without damaging the earth com.

Pests : Most often affected by the scarlet spider mite (in a dry atmosphere, the leaves and stems are woven with spiderwebs), scutes (brown leaves on the leaves and stalks, leaving sticky secretions).

The plant is allowed to help trimming with soapy water, warm washing and spraying actellic (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Mandarin - Citrus unshiu

Mandarin - citrus unshiu