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cyperus (syt) / cyperus

Belongs to the sedge family. The fatherland is a tropical belt.

General description : Tsiperus is a rather unpretentious herb. It is also called an umbrella plant, as if its grass-like leaves of different widths diverge at the ends of hard stems, as if the spokes of an umbrella. It is often used in flower arrangements. Moisturizes the atmosphere in place.

Usually in room conditions the following types are bred:

Cyperus papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) grows up to 2.5 m, the most demanding and outlandish cyperus. Differs filamentary leaves, a bunch of which prompts a whisk. In ancient times, papyrus was made from this plant.

Cyperus diffusus (Cyperus sprawling) has palm-like foliage, grows up to 60 cm.

Cyperus alternifoius (Cyperus turnifolia) is larger, up to 1 m, with narrow and drooping leaves. Blooms with inconspicuous spike-shaped inflorescences. It has a variegated variety with white stripes on the leaves and a dwarf form.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Tsiperus:

Illumination : Needs bright but diffused light.

Watering mode : Abundant, uniform, better by immersion.

Humidity : Loves high humidity, you often need to spray. Humidity is similarly maintained by placing the pots on a tray with pebbles or expanded clay, which is constantly wetted.

Temperature condition : Optimum 12-13 ° С, minimum 8 ° С, maximum 15 ° С.

Soil : Drainage is required. You can add charcoal and brick chips.

Recommended soil mash: 1 share leaf, 1 share peat, 2 parts of clay-sod land and 1 elements of sand.

During the period of growth needs fertilizing 1 time in 2 weeks with liquid complex fertilizers.

Breeding : Apical cuttings, seeds, crushing during transplantation.

Transplant : Spring annually. Dishes must meet the size of the root system.

Pests : Affected by the scarlet spider mite (in a dry atmosphere, the leaves and stems are woven over with a spider web), scutes (brown plaques appear on the leaves and stalks, leaving sticky secretions).

With a slight infection, the plant is allowed to help trimming with soapy water and warm washing.

In case of severe injury, spraying with an insecticide solution is recommended.

Cyperus (Syt) - Cyperus

Cyperus (syt) - cyperus