Durante / duranta

It belongs to the family Verbenaceae. Motherland - tropics of India, Central and South America.

General description: dekorativnotsvetuschie plant. The leaves with serrated edges. Painting different colors depending on the variety: snow-white, pink, blue, etc. to form the crown Durante regularly during the growing season pinch and cut.

Usually in the room throw the following conditions:

Duranta plumieri (Durante Plumier or "Pigeon Berry"). This richly-flowering tree with oblong, pointed at the ends of the leaves. Flowers small, blue or purple. Later flowering yellow berries are formed on Durante.

Duranta lorentzii (Durante Lorentz) grows as a shrub up to 1.5 m tall as a tetrahedral shoots. Leaves had smaller, leathery and serrated on the edge.

Humidity: Requires frequent spraying, especially in warm rooms. Durante loves fresh atmosphere without drafts.

Temperature: In summer the temperature should be moderate, in winter not below 16 ° C.

Soil: Draining required. It is useful to add charcoal and brick chips.

Recommended soil mishmash: 1 share of turf land, 2 leaf earth elements, 1 share of humus, 1 share of peat and 1 part sand.

During the growth needs regular dressing liquid complex fertilizers, similar to twice a season is allowed to confuse the top layer of soil with rotted cow manure.

Breeding: In the spring when the soil is heated and with the use of phytohormones perpetuate lignified cuttings. In the winter and spring at the source when the soil is heated germinated seeds.

Transplanting: In the spring, young plants every year, once a mature couple years.

Pests: Durante most often affects the scale insects (on leaves and stems appear brown patches, leaving a sticky discharge), spider mites (in dry atmosphere, leaves and stems braided cobwebs), aphids.

The plant allowed to help finish a soap solution, and washing the warm spray aktellik (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Durante Plumier Duranta plumieri

Durante Lorenz Duranta lorentzii

Recommendations for the care of a plant Durante:

Lighting: light-requiring, prefers the southern windows, but in the spring should be carefully accustomed to direct sunlight, to avoid burns.

Irrigation mode: Abundant in the growth period, a mild winter, but does not allow drying..

Durante Plumier Duranta plumieri

Durante Lorenz Duranta lorentzii