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eichornia (water hyacinth) / eichornia

It belongs to the Ponderiev family. Fatherland - South America.

General description : Eichornia is bred in pools, usually in separate ones, without fish. The pool has to be wide enough, but water needs to be poured in about half. Eichornia is valued for beautiful pink and lilac flowers with a dark speck on one of the petals. But even if the plant does not bloom at all, it looks quite impressive. Round leaves of eichornia collected in a rosette floating on the surface of the water. Beautifully pubescent, filiform roots of dark lilac color. Eichornia blooms in summer, throwing a long flower spike from the center of the rosette.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Eichornia:

Illumination : Light-requiring, requires direct sunlight. In winter, it needs additional artificial lighting with fluorescent lamps.

Temperature : Eichornia loves heat, optimally 25-27 ° C, at the time of flowering a couple more degrees, at least 22 ° C. It is necessary to ventilate the room only when the pool is closed with glass, eihornia is afraid of drafts and temperature changes.

Breeding : Branch branch shoots in the summer. Eichornia grows easily in water bodies and in aquariums.

Eichornia (Water Hyacinth) - Eichornia

eichornia (water hyacinth) - eichornia