Eucharis (Amazonian lily) / eucharis

Refers to the family Amaryllis. Fatherland is Central and South America.

General description: The only species grown in room conditions is Eucharis grandiflora (Eucharis large-flowered). This is a decorative-flowering bulbous plant. Flowers are similar to daffodils in form, snow-white, with a very flattering smell, collected in umbellate inflorescences on long peduncles. Blossoms a couple of times a year - at the end of summer and spring. There is a couple of periods of inactivity after flowering.

Recommendations for caring for the plant Eucharis:

Illumination : Needs bright, but diffused light.

Irrigation regime : Abundant during the flowering period, outlandish in the dormant period.

Humidity : Requires regular spraying and wiping of leaves with a damp soft cloth.

Temperature regime : Optimum 18-20 ° С, minimum 16 ° С.

Soil : Recommended soil mix: 2 elements of turf, 1 share of leaf, 1 share of peat land, 1 share of overgrown mullein, 1 share of sand.

During the growth period, it needs fertilizing once every two weeks with fertilizer for flowering plants.

Breeding : Daughter bulbs.

Transplantation : Transplant later flowering, at what time the pot is made tight (the roots begin to germinate through the drainage holes), once every few years. Transplant carefully, keeping an earthen lump. The root system is superficial, so the pot must be wide, but not deep at all.

Pests : Shields are attacked (brown leaves appear on leaves and stems, leaving sticky excretions), thrips (grayish dots appear on the leaves).

The plant is allowed to help finish with a soap solution, warm washing and spraying with an actinic (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Eucharis (Amazon lily) - Eucharis

Eucharis (Amazonian lily) - Eucharis

Eucharis (Amazonian lily) - eucharis

Eucharis (Amazonian lily) - eucharis