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Stop buying ginger! Here's how to grow ginger right at home!

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Ginger (Latin Zingiber) is a genus of perennial herbaceous plants from the family of Ginger (Zingiberaceae). It is believed that the scientific name came from singabera, which in Sanskrit means "horned root". According to Fasmer, the Russian word is borrowed from German (perhaps through Polish mediation). Even in the XIX century in Russian, the most common form of the word was "ginger". The people also called it the "white root". Some species are used as medicinal plants. The rhizomes of ginger pharmacy (Zingiber officinale) are known as spices, widely used in cooking and being used for medical purposes.

Ginger - spice, raw or processed rhizomes of ginger pharmacy.

Depending on the method of preliminary preparation, there are two types of ginger :

  • white ginger is a pre-washed ginger, peeled from a superficial, denser layer;
  • black ginger - not pre-treated.

Both kinds are dried in the sun. Black ginger, as a result, gets a stronger smell and more burning taste. At the break, ginger is light yellow regardless of the species. The flesh of young rhizomes is almost white; The older the rhizome, the yellower it is at the break.

The content of essential oil in dry rhizomes is 1.5-3%, its main component is zingiberen (zingiberian) - sesquiterpenes (group of organic compounds of terpenes) - up to 70%, also contains camphene, cineole, bisabolene, borneol, citral, linalool. Ginger also contains vitamins C, B1, B2 and essential amino acids. The burning taste is due to the substance gingerolen.

Ginger is one of the most delicious spices that we use. It is not only delicious, but also brings great health benefits. Stop buying ginger in a store or on the market! We will tell you how to grow ginger right at home in a pot!

On the one hand, ginger can be used to reduce nausea. This is one of the best natural remedies for things like seasickness and pregnancy-related nausea. It is believed that ginger can be as effective as the most natural medicine.

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Ginger also has great anti-inflammatory properties. Great for fitness enthusiasts who want to reduce muscle pain that occurs after exercise. It also helps to reduce pain in the joints, such as osteoarthritis. Reduces pain during the menstrual cycle in women as well as ibuprofen.

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Most often, ginger is used to treat stomach problems. This accelerates the emptying of the stomach, caused by discomfort after eating. Ginger is ideal for people who suffer from a stomach disorder.

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With so much health benefits, ginger is the super spice you want to consume daily. It is ideal for brewing tea. Plus, the good news is that you can easily grow an infinite number of it indoors.

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To grow ginger, you will need to get it from a seed catalog or a garden center. In grocery stores, ginger for these purposes should not be taken, since there it is sprayed with growth inhibitors, so grow it - the chances are very small.

You also need a very rich soil. Use a wide and shallow pot. This is very important, as the roots of ginger grow horizontally.

After you are ready to grow ginger for food, follow these 5 simple steps :

  1. Soak the ginger root for the night.
  2. Fill your pot with soil and place the root of ginger in it, eye buds up. Cover the roots with 2 cm of earth.
  3. Water with water.
  4. Place the pot in a warm place, shaded from the sun.
  5. Irrigate the soil with a sprayer. Ginger grows slowly, and it will take several weeks before you see the shoots.

It's so simple to have an infinite amount of ginger! A beautiful thing that grows indoors and with easy care. In addition, when you cut off a bit for use, the rest will continue to grow!

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