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colery / kohleria

Refers to the family of Gesneria. Fatherland is America's tropical belt.

General description : Colerium is a herbaceous ornamental flowering plant. In mature plants stalks are lodging, the leaves are large oblong in shape. The color of the leaves is different. Kohleria eriantha (Colchia fluffy-flowered) and leaves and flowers have a velvety surface. Kohleria amabilis (Koleriya pleasant) leaves are silvery with red veins. Flowers are bell-shaped. Colors - orange, pink, dark purple, with impregnations, dots on the bends of the petals. Koleriya owns a very long period of flowering.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Koleriya:

Illumination : Photophilous, shading is needed only in the summer noon.

Irrigation regime : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter.

Humidity : Likes high humidity, but does not like spraying. It is better to spray the atmosphere around the plant and arrange containers with water.

Air humidity is similarly supported by placing pots on a pallet with pebbles or claydite, which is continuously moistened.

Temperature regime : Optimum 20-25 ° C in summer, 12-15 ° C in winter during inactivity.

Soil : Recommended soil mix: 3 elements of turf ground, 2 parts of leaf, 1 part of peat, 1 part of coniferous earth and 1 share of sand.

During the growth period, it needs fertilizing once a week with complex mineral fertilizers for flowering plants.

Breeding : Crushing during transplantation.

Transplantation : In the spring, annually. The root system is superficial, so the pot must be wide, but not deep.

Pests : Most often it is affected by mealy worms (covered with white cotton woolly fluff), thrips (grayish points appear on the leaves), aphids (form sticky excretions on shoot tips, buds), whiteflies (whitish or yellowish spots appear on the underside of the leaves).

The plant is allowed to help finish with a soap solution, warm rinsing and spraying with an actellite (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Pleasant curry - Kohleria amabilis

Colourblades - Kohleria digitaliflora

kolleria pleasant - kohleria amabilis

color digital colloria - kohleria digitaliflora