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monster / monstera

Refers to the family of aroids. The fatherland is India and South America.

General description : The only species grown in room conditions

Monstera deliciosa (Monster delicacy) - a very popular single houseplant, hastily grows, unpretentious. Adult specimens need support, as if the monster is a liana. Usually, pipes with moss are used. The leaves are impressive, young at the young age, by the measure of growth in them there are holes, they are made as if cut. With good care, the monster blossoms with an inflorescence in the ear and alienates the edible purple fruits. There is a variegated view of Monstera deliciosa variegata (Monster delicacy Variegata).

Recommendations for the care of the plant Monster:

Illumination : photophilous, but in no way tolerates direct sunlight.

Irrigation regime : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter.

Humidity : Requires regular spraying and wiping of leaves with a damp soft cloth. Leaves monsters polish a special tool. Eliminate from central heating. Monsters do not tolerate drafts.

Temperature regime : In summer the temperature should be moderate 20-25 ° C., In the winter cool 10-14 ° C.

Soil : Recommended soil mishmash: 2-3 elements of turf, 1 share of peat land, 1 share of humus and 1 share of sand.

During the growth period, it needs fertilizing once every 2 weeks with complex mineral fertilizers. for mature trees 1 time per summer is allowed to make humus in the upper layer of the soil.

Breeding : Monstera is well-seeded with apical cuttings and stem cuttings, which leaves one leaf and a light root ..

Transplantation : Young plants are transplanted annually, mature, older than three years are transplanted through a couple - four years, but annually replace the upper layer of the earth.

Pests : Monstera is affected by mealybugs (covered with white cotton woolly fluff), a spider mites (in a dry atmosphere, leaves and stems are cobwebby), thrips (gray dots appear on the leaves).

With a small infection, the plant is allowed to help finish with a soap solution and a warm wash.

In case of severe damage, spraying with an insecticide solution is recommended.

Monster delicacy (Variegata) - Monstera deliciosa

Monster with spots

monster delicacy (variegata) - monstera deliciosa

monster with spots