Secrets of the reproduction of orchids: how to turn one plant into 100!

Секреты размножения орхидеи

Orchids, or Orchis, Orchids (Latin Orchidaceae) - the largest family of monocots. Orchids - an ancient family that appeared in the Late Cretaceous era. The name "orchid" originated from other Greek. An egg (a human or other mammal) because of the shape of the rhizome. Classification of orchids is based mainly on the structure of their column and the nature of the location of the anther and stigma. A new system of orchids was developed by the American scientist RL Dressler. The Orchid family divides it into 5 subfamilies, 22 tribes and 70 subtribes. In our time, orchids are found on all continents, except Antarctica. Most species are concentrated in tropical latitudes. Here, in areas with a short dry season and high rainfall, they find the most favorable conditions for their growth. The peculiarity of the flora of orchids on different continents is a characteristic feature of their distribution. For the territory of the republics of the former Soviet Union, 419 species belonging to 49 genera are listed.

Orchid is a favorite flower of many florists. He is considered very demanding. However, many orchids grow well in the house and without much care. If you want your home to turn into a whole greenhouse with flowers, you do not need to spend much money. We will show you how to turn 1 flower into 100. Those who have already tried this method can not admire the beauty of orchids in their home.

How to improve root growth?

Секреты размножения орхидеи

Buy moss sphagnum, which costs a penny in a flower shop. Soak it in the water. From the moss form a small ball. Attach it to the base of the orchid sprout. The thread can be twisted from old pantyhose. It will be elastic and will not overwhelm the plant.

Wrap the moss with a film. Take it off every day for about an hour. In doing so, spray moss. After 9-11 days on the sprout will appear rootlets. We plant the sprout when it has three or four or more rootlets.


At the orchid, which has already faded, cut off the stem. Leave about one centimeter from the roots and then cut the cuttings 10-12 centimeters long. Plant the cuttings in a special pot for orchids with holes in the bottom. Put a small amount of sand on the bottom and lay the moss.

Pour the soil. Plant the cuttings. The distance should be about 3 centimeters from each other. Cover the pot with a film. Twice a day, remove the film for 20-25 minutes and lightly moisten the soil. In the room you need to arrange a daily temperature drop, with a decrease of 4 ° C at night. After about 4 months, plant the plants in separate pots.

After 5-7 days, the flowers should be fertilized by pre-watering the plant. Then place the pot in a container with a diluted fertilizer in water for about 40 minutes.