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parody / parodia

It belongs to the family of cacti. Homeland - South America.

General description : Parodies - cacti with spherical tuberous stems with a tip beveled towards the sun. Bloom from the first years of life, the flowers are not located alone, but in a group. Parodies usually do not form children on the stem.

Usually in room conditions the following types are bred:

Parodia aureispina (Parody golden-bellied). This is a small cactus with hooked golden spines. The tubercles are arranged in a spiral and have pubescence. It blooms with large yellow flowers located at the top.

Parodia chrysacanthion. This cactus is larger than the previous one (up to 10 cm in diameter). Its spines are large, bristly, golden-white in color. The flowers are yellow.

Parodia sanguiniflora (Red-leafed parody) has red hooked spines and red flowers.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Parody:

Illumination : Light-loving, preferred southern windows.

Irrigation mode : Abundant in the period of growth, outlandish in winter. Water with warm soft water.

Humidity : Periodic spraying is desirable, but the Parody is not demanding on atmospheric humidity. Winter dry essence.

In the summer it is better to place on a fresh atmosphere (in the park or on the balcony).

Temperature range : Moderate, optimally 22-23 ° С, in winter cool 10-12 ° С, not lower than 7 ° С.

Soil : Requires benign drainage. You can add petty gravel or expanded clay.

Recommended soil mash: 1 share of sod, 1 share of leaf, 1 share of peat land and 1 share of sand.

During the period of growth it needs fertilizing once every two weeks with fertilizers for cacti and succulents, but in half a portion.

Breeding : children and seeds.

Transplantation : Transplanted in the spring, at what time the pot is made close (the roots begin to grow through the drainage holes).

Pests : Affected by the scarlet spider mite (in a dry atmosphere, the leaves and stems are woven with spiderwebs).

For prevention, the plant is recommended to wipe with medical alcohol.

With a slight infection, the plant is allowed to help trimming with soapy water and warm washing.

In case of severe injury, spraying with an insecticide solution (actellic, decis, fitoverm, etc.) is recommended.

Parody Golden Disease - Parodia aureispina

Parody of golden-eyed - Parodia chrysacanthion

parody golden-nosed - parodia aureispina

snow parody - parodia nivosa

parody of golden-eyed - parodia chrysacanthion