Indoor plants that perfectly clean the air

Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

Indoor gardening is the cultivation of plants in residential or public premises. Plants that are able to successfully survive and develop in the conditions of such premises are called indoor plants. Indoor gardening is especially common in countries with a long harsh winter. Most houseplants come from the tropics and subtropics. Since residential or public premises are characterized by conditions that are more unfavorable for plants than when grown in greenhouses (for example, the lateral direction of light, its small amount, air dryness, abundance of dust, drafts, uneven temperature), to achieve a healthy state and proper development Plants are used special techniques. Conditions in public and official premises are usually even less favorable than in residential, so here the most unpretentious houseplants are grown.

Dirty indoor air is one of the main and main causes of illness. Our brick and concrete houses constantly release toxic chemicals - formaldehyde, metals, fumes. The air is also poisoned by bacteria, mold, dust and carbon dioxide formed near the operating plate. Fortunately, we have houseplants. They easily solve the problems associated with poor ventilation of enclosed spaces. In this article, we will tell you about the best floral air purifiers that can be grown at home or in the office.


Indoor chrysanthemum

Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

Room chrysanthemum is a plant - a favorite of NASA. These flowers are used to purify the air in the offices of the space agency. They effectively absorb ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde from the air in any room. In addition, this flower is not very expensive, which makes it ideal for a flowerbed in the courtyard of a private house.



Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

Chlorophytum is a simple and unpretentious plant that does not require special care. It is fairly widespread, so you probably can borrow a couple of stems from neighbors. In addition, chlorophytum effectively absorbs all the chemicals that you spray when cleaning in the apartment.



Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

In the world there are more than 40 kinds of Drazen . Therefore, you will easily find one that looks like you. This is an excellent tool for removing benzene, trichlorethylene and xylene from the air. True, these flowers are slightly toxic to cats and dogs. So, if you have a small apartment and live pets, think twice.



Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

Ficus is the most popular mini-tree among all homeowners in the world. If you put it in a large pot, it can grow to a truly impressive size. But, as a rule, on average, it grows from 60 to 120 cm. In spring and summer, the plant can be taken out into the yard.



Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

Not only are these very beautiful flowers, they are also very hard to ruin. They bloom for the most part in the summer, prefer shady places and wet, but not damp soil. Remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene from the air.


Fern of nephrolepis

Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

This plant likes cool places with high humidity and reflected light. Bathrooms are the ideal place for this "helper". It cleans the air of the xylene contaminant.


Sansevieria ("Teshchin language")

Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

We see pots with her everywhere, most often in offices and restaurants. And not for nothing: these plants do not require almost any care. You should water them about once a month: they like dry conditions. A lot of sunlight, they also do not need.


Hamedorei ("The Bamboo Palm")

Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

It is the best in the world for cleaning air from formaldehyde. For starters, it's best to put it on the windowsill where the sun is shining. In response, you will receive a palm tree up to 3 meters high and fresh air. It looks amazing.


Aloe vera

Комнатные растения, которые отлично чистят воздух

This multifunctional plant. They can heal burns, colds, and it just perfectly cleans the air in the room. One Aloe vera can breathe new life into any small apartment.