Platycerium (deer horn, flat-footed) / platycerium

Refers to the family of ferns.

General description: Ornamental-deciduous plant. Platitserium - epiphytic fern, it is usually bred on pieces of bark or in hanging baskets. Its appearance is very different from other ferns. He owns sporiferous wai in the form of horns and wai, which serve him as a support on tree trunks. In addition, he is fed from their help.

The most common are:

Platycerium grande (Platycerium large) owns a fan-shaped upright leaf (vayu) up to 1.5 m wide, at the ends divided into lobes, pale green in color.

Platycerium bifurcatum (Platycerium bivalve or loserogy) possesses quite spectacular horn-like wines of grayish-green color.

Recommendations for plant care Platycerium:

Illumination : Needs bright, but diffused light.

Irrigation mode : It is recommended to water the method by immersing the pot in a tray with water up to a full saturation.

Water with warm, soft water.

Humidity of air : Loves high humidity, but in no way very fond of spraying. In no case does not need to wipe the leaves. It is possible to damage the microfobs with which the platitserium catches moisture from the atmosphere. It is better to spray the atmosphere around the plant and place around the container with water.

Temperature regime : In the summer it is optimal 18-25 ° С, in winter it is not lower than 15 ° С. He likes fresh air, but without drafts.

Soil : A good mix for orchids is good. Itself allowed to prepare a substrate of coarse-fiber peat, sphagnum moss and half-perepredevshey leaf earth. It is better to grow a platitserium on a piece of bark. If it is placed in a hanging basket, little pukes from deciduous trees are added to the soil.

During the growth period, it needs fertilizing once every two weeks with fertilizer for houseplants in half.

Breeding : Spores and formed at the roots of the embryonic buds.

Transplantation : Transplanted in the spring, at what time the pot is made tight (the roots begin to germinate through the drainage holes).

Pests : Shields are attacked (brown leaves appear on the leaves and stems, leaving sticky excretions).

Spraying with an insecticide solution (acticle, decis, phytoverm, etc.) is recommended.

Platycerium (Staghorn, Ploskorog) - Platycerium

Platitserium (reindeer, platock) - platycerium