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ragwort / senecio

Refers to the family Compositae. Fatherland is South and South-West Africa.

General description : An impressive variety of species and forms, the most common:

Senecio rowleyanus (Rowley's ragwort) is a succulent plant, an ampel plant. He has long creeping filiform stems, globose leaves, like beads or peas. He owns snow-white tubular flowers, gathering in apical baskets.

Senecio cruentus (bloodthirsty Crestaceus or Cineraria) is an ornamental flowering plant. Abundantly and continuously blossoms like daisy-like basket inflorescences. Colors - purple, snow-white, pink, scarlet, purple. Leaves are soft, cordate.

Senecio macroglossus (A large-sized ragwort or Natal's ivy) is a plush-shaped liana with waxy succulent, approximately triangular leaves. there are variegated forms. In the winter flowers yellowish flowers. More unpretentious than real ivy.

Recommendations for caring for the plant:

Illumination : Photophilous, shading is needed only in the summer noon.

Irrigation regime : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter. He does not adore in any way the overflow, nor the drying out of the earth.

Humidity of air : The bloodthirsty bloodsucker adores high humidity, regular spraying is needed. The other species do not need to be sprayed.

Temperatures : Moderate, in the winter cool at a temperature of 15-17 ° C.

Soil : Recommended soil mix: 1 share of sod land, 1 share of peat land, 1 share of humus, 1 share of leaf land and 1 share of sand.

During the growth period, it needs regular fertilizing once every 2 weeks with complex mineral fertilizers for ornamental-deciduous houseplants.

Breeding : In spring and summer stalk cuttings are easily rooted.

Transplantation : In the spring, young plants annually, mature once a couple of years.

Pests : Most often it is affected by scabbards (brown plaques appear on the leaves and stems, leaving sticky secretions), a spider mite (in a dry atmosphere, leaves and stems are cobwebby), thrips (gray dots appear on the leaves).

The plant is allowed to help finish with a soap solution, warm rinsing and spraying with an actellite (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Rowley's ragwort - Senecio rowleyanus

ragwalker - senecio rowleyanus

large-sized ragwort - senecio macroglossus