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It belongs to the family of Gesneria. Homeland - Central and South America.

General description : A smithianta grows better in a greenhouse than in an upper room.

The least demanding is the Smithiantha hybrida (Smithian hybrid). This is a perennial grassy bush 30-40 cm tall, with pubescent heart-shaped leaves with jagged edges. Leaf paint - emerald green with brown spots. Drooping bell-shaped flowers up to 5 cm long rise on long peduncles. Color is orange-pink or yellow-pink.

The original appearance of the Smithiantha zebrina (Smithianthus striped) is larger (50-60 cm tall) and brighter in the color of leaves and flowers. It blooms in summer and autumn.

For the winter, the smithian sheds leaves, which distinguishes her from a similar style to her, she needs to provide an unmistakable dormant period.

Recommendations for the care of Smithian plant:

Illumination : Light-loving, shading is needed only in the summer afternoon.

Watering mode : Abundant in the period of growth, in the period of inactivity does not water in any way, resume watering with a source of growth.

Humidity : Loves high humidity, but does not like spraying. It is better to spray the atmosphere around the plant and arrange containers with water.

Humidity is similarly maintained by placing the pots on a tray with pebbles or expanded clay, which is constantly wetted.

Temperature conditions : In the summer, optimally 20-25 ° C, winter period of inactivity at 16 ° C, minimum 13 ° C.

Soil : Recommended soil mash: 3 sod, 1 coniferous share, 1 peat land, 2 leafy elements and 1 sandy part.

In the period of growth needs fertilizing 1 time per week with fertilizer for flowering plants.

Cultivation : At the end of winter, rhizome segments are placed horizontally in a pot to a depth of 2 cm (2-3 pieces). In the spring root leafy cuttings.

Transplant : In the spring, every year. The root system is superficial, so the pot is forced to be wide, but not deep.

Pests : Affected by spider mites (in a dry atmosphere, leaves and stalks are woven over with spiderwebs), scutes (brown leaves on leaves and stalks that leave sticky secretions), thrips (dots appear on grayish leaves), aphids (form sticky secretions on shoots tops, buds), whiteflies (whitish or yellowish spots appear on the underside of the leaves), powdery worms (covered with a snow-white cotton-like fluff).

The plant is allowed to help trimming with soapy water, warm washing and spraying actellic (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Smithy - Smithiantha zebrina

smithiantha zebrina - smithiantha zebrina

smithian hybrida - smithiantha hybrida