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It belongs to the nettle family. Homeland - Sardinia and Corsica.

General Description : Named after the captain who opened it Soleyrol. Gender appearance is similar to nerteru, but does not form berries. The only indoor cultivated species is Soleirolia soleirolii (Soleyrolia Soleyrolya). This is a trailing groundcover. Seleurolia hastily expands. Its leaves are tiny 0.5 cm round. Flowers small, solitary.

Soleololium is often transplanted to larger plants to create a flower arrangement, it is proud that the plants are similar in terms of content.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Solerolia:

Illumination : Needs bright but diffused light.

Irrigation mode : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter. Water with warm soft water.

Humidity : Adores high humidity, spray with warm soft water.

Temperature : In the summer, optimally no higher than 20 ° C, in the winter 15 ° C, minimum 10 ° C.

Soil : Drainage is required. Allowed to add charcoal and brick chips.

Recommended soil mash: 1 share of clayey earth, 1 share of leaf and 1 share of sand.

In the period of growth needs fertilizing 1 time in 2 weeks with complex fertilizers for decorative leafy plants.

Breeding : Crushing during transplantation. Sapling 2 days to keep cool and not water.

Transplant : In the spring, every year. The root system is superficial, so the pot is forced to be wide, but not deep. When transplanting the soil does not tamp, leave loose.

Pests : Rarely affected.

Soleiroliya - Soleirolia

soleirolia - soleirolia