Syngonium / syngonium

It belongs to the family Araceae. Motherland - Central and South America.

General description: Syngonium - quickly growing and unpretentious climber with attractive foliage. Young leaves are arrow-shaped and has the most vivid colors. With age, the leaves fade and become star-shaped with a single elongated beam. Syngonium forms vozduschnye roots and the best support for him - a tube with moss. You can grow it, as if basket plant.

The most common Syngonium podophyllum (Syngonium nogolistny). He has green and variegated forms with white or yellow spots on the leaves.

Recommendations for the care of a plant Syngonium:

Lighting: light-requiring, especially variegated forms, prefers diffused light. Winter requires additional artificial light.

Irrigation mode: Abundant in the growth period, a mild winter.

She does not loves not overflow or drying out the land.

Humidity: Requires regular spraying and washing in the shower.

Temperature: Moderate, optimum 18-20 ° C, a winter minimum of 16 ° C.

Soil: Recommended soil mishmash: 1 fraction of the peat land, a proportion of leaf 1, 1 share and 1 share of humus sand.

In the period of growth needs a dressing 1 every 2 weeks of complex fertilizer for decorative-deciduous plants.

Breeding: cuttings and air layering in spring.

Transplanting: In the spring, once a couple years.

Pests: Another time is affected by aphids (they form a sticky discharge on the tips of shoots), scale insects (on leaves and stems appear brown patches, leaving a sticky discharge).

The plant allowed to help finish a soap solution, and washing the warm spray aktellik (1-2 ml per liter of water).

Syngonium - Syngonium

Syngonium - syngonium