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World Championship-2006

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[ Spain - Ukraine 4: 0 ]
[ Saudi Arabia - Ukraine 0: 4 ]
[ Ukraine - Tunisia 1-0 ]
[ Switzerland - Ukraine 0: 0, pen. 0: 3 ]

Heavy shoulders, mighty backs,
In every movement is the belief in success.
Sons of Ukraine came to the field
All here is divided into walnuts.

The drums beat, the banners tremble,
Terribly stands blue - the yellow army.
These are eagles. Without five champions.
There is no one else to play for us.

Russians have died, as usual, before -
The consequence of a sluggish game in boots.
And the Belarusians, who grabbed blanche,
More are not standing on their feet.

The Serbs crouched, the Lyahs and the Czechs,
This is not a team - a complete flaw.
Nowadays in football there are some clumsiness,
Only Ukraine stands for the Slavs.

Negroes are fouled, chocks are broken,
An hour of raw food comes now,
All the broken will trough
With an asshole stretched right over his eyes.

Germans and other Saxon boys
Also will not be comfort and coziness -
They are Ukrainians, like Russians,
Sala for the skin a lot of zalyut.

Next to any rival opponent
Stip the strap in without removing his pants.
And they will turn right into the morning
Aces football again in the boys.

Well, for a snack of the brainy Brazilians
Will have a point in Ukraine -
Swarthy fists on swarthy faces
The boys will put on. And so it will be in the future.

All Ukraine for the most eggs
In the ass will blow. It's long past time,
To be accustomed, pogans, to be afraid
Cotton men taken from the slopes of the Dnieper.

The road to Ukraine is thorny, but close,
In Kiev will go the champion vessel,
Here his place is from now on -
VIvat Ukraine! The rest suck ...