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21 philosophical advice that changes life!

21 философский совет, который меняет жизнь!

If you want to change the world, you have to start from yourself! Because the most important world is one that is in your heart and your mind! Everything that happens around you is the result of your thoughts, or your desires, or your words.

The power of intention is a force that must be made to move forward. And in order to change ourselves, we offer you 21 tips that will help you in your intentions!

1. Support and praise people at every opportunity. Your approval acts as a fertilizer for human growth.

2. Never ridicule or humiliate anyone.

3. Speak of a man only good. If you can not say anything positive about something else, you better keep silent.

4. Be attentive to the affairs of people, then you always have a reason to praise others, and not flatter them.

5. Focus on the positive qualities of a person. If for the time being he is not yet noble and wise, then show him such a person. And this person will necessarily want to confirm this.

6. Do not criticize people. If you still started to criticize, then let it be turned to his actions, and not to the person of man.

7. Do not constantly show your superiority over other people. So you will only make enemies. If you want to be friends with people, then let them feel their own importance next to you.

8. Always notice your own mistakes and guilt - and apologize.

9. To listen to you, it is better to offer than to issue orders.

10. Annoyance is a signal that a person needs help and support. Therefore, with understanding, treat this condition of people.

11. Be a good listener and speak less.

12. Sometimes let's understand that a good idea came from another person. It does not matter who was the first, more important is what it can lead to.

13. If you think that a person is wrong, then after interrupting it, you still can not stop him. Until he expresses himself, he will insist on his own.

14. Want to be able to stop any dispute, then admit that you may be wrong. Then the cause of the conflict will disappear, and the dispute will end.

15. Give gifts to people more often without any reason. This will show that you do not wait for holidays, but you want to please a person every day.

16. If something annoys you, be patient, keep quiet, keep emotions. Do not chop everything from the very beginning. Just let the person speak, and you pay attention to those moments that you like. Upon termination of conversation inform the opponent, that will think above told.

17. Make it your motto: to be interested in people, rather than to interest them.

18. Smile.

19. Address the person by full name. It's much nicer than hearing an abbreviated name or some nickname. Thus, you show respect for his personality.

20. Try to end the conversation so that the person remains in a good mood.

21. Learn to forgive.