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40 commandments of a true optimist who is successful!

40 заповедей истинного оптимиста, который успешен!

Optimism (from the Latin. Optimus - “the best”) - view of life from a positive point of view, confidence in a better future. Optimism claims that the world is wonderful, there is a way out of any situation, everything will turn out well, all people are, in general, good.

It is the opposite of pessimism. A well-known example of opposing optimism and pessimism is a person’s judgment about a glass filled exactly with water or another liquid by half. It is believed that an optimist believes that such a glass is half full, as opposed to a pessimist who is confident that the glass is half empty.

Scientific studies show that optimism contributes to health promotion, namely: 1. it prevents the emergence of a state of learned helplessness, and, therefore, supports immunity in constant readiness; 2. contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and timely treatment to the doctor; 3. It is easier for optimists to establish and maintain friendly relations, and the presence of social support is one of the conditions for maintaining good health.

Really very cool article.

40 заповедей истинного оптимиста, который успешен!

Programmer, investor and entrepreneur James Altusher published on TechCrunch a very simple, useful and honest manual for those who want to radically change the scope of activities, but do not know where to start.

1. Changing yourself never stops.

Every day you have to decide: go forward or backward. You change yourself every day. Always moving something.

2. We must start from scratch.

All categories from the past life - only vanity. Have you been a doctor? Did you study at an elite university? Have you had millions? Did you have a family? Nobody cares. You lost everything. You are zero. Do not try to prove that you are something more.

3. You need a mentor.

Otherwise you will go to the bottom. Someone has to show you how to move and how to breathe. But don't worry about finding a guru (read on).

4. If you do not have a passion for something, do not worry.

You have a desire to be healthy. Start with this. Go in small steps. To succeed, do not need obsession. Do your business with love, and success will come by itself.

5. It takes five years to change yourself.

Here is how these years will pass:

  • The first year: you rush about, read everything and just start doing something.
  • Second year: you know who you need to talk with, who you need to make connections with. You do business every day. You see a map of your future travels.
  • Third year: you are already good enough to make money. But, maybe, they are not enough for life yet.
  • Fourth year: you earn well.
  • Fifth year: you make a fortune.

Sometimes years 1-4 make me upset. I think: “Why isn’t everything going according to plan?” I beat my fist on the wall, it hurts me, I throw a coconut on the floor (this is such a strange ritual). This is normal. Just go on.

6. If you do it faster or slower, then you are doing something wrong.

A good example is Google.

7. The point is not in money. But money is an indicator.

When people say “it's not about money,” they have to choose another measure.

“Or maybe just do what you love?” There will be many days when you will not like what you are doing. If you only do this out of love for the cause, it will take much more than five years.

8. When can you say, “X is my business!”?

Today. Now.

If you want to be an artist, buy canvas and paints, start buying 500 books one by one - and start painting. If you want to write, do these three things:

  • read;
  • write;
  • choose your favorite author and type his favorite story verbatim. Think about why he wrote each of these words.

If you want to start a business, start working out a business idea. Changing yourself starts today.

9. How do I make money?

  • By the third year you will spend 5000-7000 hours for a new business. That's enough to be in the top 200 or top 300 worldwide, whatever your area. And if you enter the top 200, then almost any area is enough to earn a living.
  • By the fourth year, you will be able to scale up and earn more.
  • By the fifth year, you will enter the top 30, or at least the top 50, so you can make a fortune.

10. How to understand what I need to do?

This is any area where you feel you can read 500 books. Go to the store and find her. If three months later you get bored, go back. To be disappointed is normal. Then dips are needed. Success is better than failure, but we learn the most important lessons from failure.

11. The decisions you make today will become part of your biography tomorrow.

Make interesting decisions and your biography will be interesting.

12. What if I like something exotic?

Repeat the above steps, and by the fifth year you will be rich. We do not know how. No need to look for the end of the road when you take only the first steps.

13. What if my family wants me to become an accountant?

Choose freedom, not family. Freedom, not prejudice. Freedom, not government. Freedom, not the satisfaction of other people's requests. Then you will satisfy yours.

14. My mentor wants me to go his way.

This is normal. Master his way. Then do it your way.

15. My spouse worries - who will take care of our children?

A person who changes himself always finds free time. Part of success is the ability to find moments and redraw them for yourself.

16. What if my friends find me insane?

What are these friends?

17. What if I want to be an astronaut?

It does not change itself. This is a specific profession. If you like space, there are many ideas in this area. Richard Branson wanted to be an astronaut and created Virgin Galactic.

18. And if I like to drink and hang out with friends?

Read this post again in a year.

19. And if I'm busy? Change your spouse or spouse or betray your partner?

Read this post again in two or three years, when you will be aground, without work and disgusted with everything.

20. And if I can't do anything at all? I have no diploma or no sense from it.

Start over.

21. And if I need to focus on paying a mortgage or other loan?

A person who changes himself always finds free time.

22. Why do I always feel like an outsider?

Albert Einstein was an outsider. None of those in authority would have hired him.

23. And if I'm too sick to change myself?

The change will boost all the beneficial substances in your body: serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. Move forward, and maybe you will not recover at all, but you will feel better.

Sleep more. Eat better. Do sports. These are key steps to change.

24. And if my partner set me up, and I still taper off with him?

Throw a litigation and never think about it again. Half the problem was in you.

25. And if they put me in jail?

Perfectly. In prison, read more books.

26. And if I'm a timid person?

Make weakness your strength. Introverts are better able to listen, concentrate, they have ways to instill love of themselves.

27. How to make contacts?

Build a circle. You should be in the middle. The next round is friends and family. Then there are people you know from informal meetings and tea parties. Then - conference participants and authorities in their field. Then - mentors. Then - customers and those who earn money for you.

28. What if my ego begins to interfere with what I do?

In six months or a year you will start from scratch.

29. What if two things cause my passion? And I can not choose?

Connect them and you will be the best in the world.

30. And if I am so passionate that I want to teach others what I study myself?

Lecture on YouTube. Start with an audience of one person and see if it grows.

31. And if I want to make money in a dream?

In the fourth year, start outsourcing what you are doing.

32. How to find mentors and authorities?

When you have enough knowledge (after 100-200 books), write 10 ideas for 20 different potential mentors. None of them will answer you. Write 10 more ideas for 20 new tutors. Repeat this every week.

Create a newsletter for anyone who did not answer you. Repeat until someone answers. Write a blog about what you are learning.

33. And if I can not come up with ideas?

Then practice it. I will not be able to reach the tips of my toes if I do not do this every day. Do not expect that from the first day you will have good ideas.

34. And if I do everything you say, but still, it seems, nothing happens?

It turns out. Just wait. Keep changing yourself every day.

35. And if I start to feel depressed?

Sit in silence for an hour. If it seems to you that this sounds silly, don't do it. Live further with your depression.

36. And if there is no time to sit in silence?

Then sit in silence two hours a day. This is not a meditation. You just have to sit.

37. And if I get scared?

Sleep 8-9 hours a day. Sleep is the first secret of good health. Not the only one, but the first. Some people write to me that they only need four hours of sleep, or that in their country those who sleep a lot are considered lazy. These people will fail.

38. And if it seems to me that I will never succeed?

At least 10 minutes a day, thank yourself for what you have. Anger never inspires, but gratitude inspires. “Thank you” is a bridge between your world and a parallel universe where all creative ideas live.

39. And if I constantly have to deal with some personal squabbles?

A person who changes himself will constantly meet people who are trying to suppress him. Learn to say no.

40. And if I am happy at my office work?

Good luck.

- Will you be my mentor?

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