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Who or what is "cattle"? Short course description with pruflink and lists.

Кто или что такое БЫДЛО?

Cattle (Npc, ra. Pshetsk. Bydlo - cattle) - Zhech racial curse, originally used in the meaning of "cattle / draft" (cf. Russian curse "cattle") and / or cart, harnessed by this cattle.

According to one interpretation, cattle are those who are not able to reflect their actions from several different points of view. That is, the cattle cannot look at themselves from the side of the eyes of another and generally perceive any point of view that is different from the generally accepted one.

Various mental illnesses bloom in the cattle environment, which are manifested in non-original thinking, sheltering behind common words, words without essence, template phrases and worldview, which is a sign of their lack of intelligence. In this connection, it is very stress resistant to the routine. They have either their own vague or public (which they found in the common basket) considerations for the most part. Not sensitive to ambivalence. By old age, these liquefied minds turn into ordinary unstable senility.

Signs that can be attributed to cattle with 99% probability:

  • priority values ​​- fuck, swell, watch TV. Spherical spiritual and physical conspicuousness.
  • judge everyone by individual representatives: ALL Caucasians are soooooooo!
  • they do not judge, but reproduce the stereotype of the judgment: why understand the situation if you can just stick labels?
  • there is no ability to doubt their conclusions and beliefs: they consider their opinion to be the only true one, except when someone agrees with cattle - then he is also right.
  • blindly believe everything that the media broadcast.
  • crawling into their own business under the pretext of "need it this way": what kind of clothes you wear / what such hairstyle / what you listen to this music etc.
  • They also live according to a given pattern, which they are not trying to correct: they live in order to live. They have no goals, have whims and needs of the body (see above).

I saw a topic in which "cattle" was determined by habits, behavior in transport or at home, at a table, etc.

I have slightly different characteristics of this subspecies of the humanoid (biorobot), which fit into a shorter list.
Each item has a number of evidence and logic underneath, documented by many figures of culture and science. That is, not "IMHO", but "proof of 146%."

So, let's start:

1. An overdeveloped "EGO" or simply an egocentric, selfish in extreme form.

Bydloid thinks only of himself, and ONLY. He does not pay attention to the interests and needs of others. At home, at work, in transport, on the forum, EVERYWHERE. This person is always “right and don’t care” how anyone thinks what and what arguments he has. If China is starving to death, there are mass executions in Africa, the crisis in Europe, the United States defaults, and Ukraine is on the verge of a civil war - IT IS IMPORTANT THAT IT EVERYTHING WAS GOOD, and then "grass does not grow" because "my hut is over the edge."

2. The presence of children in the absence of family planning

Cattle makes children without thinking about their future. Cattle gives birth to children even when sitting in a cage and eating from a bowl on the floor. Cattle - a slave - breeds in captivity.

And here it is immediately worth saying that ANY person who does not have a MATERIAL, SOCIAL AND SPIRITUAL COMPONENT should not have children, because in the opposite case, children replenish the ranks of slaves, replacing their parents.

The cattle thinks about himself, and he needs children for his goals.
Bydloid wants to prove something to someone, ensure his old age, shift responsibilities, fulfill a hidden desire for power, etc. And then the children of cattle become victims, and as a rule, by the age of 25 a person is already living with a moral disability, and a slave to the system, because the cattle-bearers made every effort to improve their lives.

3. Bydloid is always an atheist

Bydloid is an atheist, but not because he supports science, but because he does not like the idea of ​​RESPONSIBILITY. In any religion of the world, SIN is condemned, which spoils Karma, and the redneck is extremely unpleasant that he will have to answer to someone for his behavior.

Bydloid believes that he is the OWNER and DOES WHAT he wants.
The cattle in general have NO AUTHORITIES, all the more absolute in the form of God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad.

4. Cattle do not like to study and work
Cattle reads little, thinks little, works little. It LOVES TO BE FUN, RECEIVE FUN.

This is a consequence of the first paragraph, and here everything is extremely clear and understandable.

5. Bydloid decrepit body
By virtue of his lifestyle, cattle are often sick. Obesity, caries, hemorrhoids, etc. It is difficult to squeeze twice from the floor, run 2km - torture. Climb to the 5th floor with bags - a dying load.


Bydloid is sure that everyone owes him, and that he will wait for his due until it happens.
Bydloid is an atheist, because only that God does not give him anything (as he thinks).
Bydloid DOES NOTHING for the sake of his well-being, and always blames anyone for all his troubles.

Anyone: colleagues, classmates, parents, authorities (especially in the community), friends, ZOG, weather, etc.

In especially neglected cases, the redneck "YELLOW AND REQUIRES" at each corner of the street, a stop about. transport, Maidan, queues in the store, THAT IT ALL HAVE TO. AND MUCH MUCH.

7. Cattle DOESN’t recognize authorities, laws, logic, etc.

It’s worth a little clarification. Cattle are not trained. It is trained, but it cannot be persuaded or formed.

This is the effect of pygmalion. You can’t just take an adequate person out of a booster and use the tools of education and culture. In rare cases, this is possible with colossal costs, temporary, material, etc.

Cattle lives in his world, and how it wants. Any attempt to translate it into "socialism" or "developed EU" will end in failure.

8. The cattle recognizes ONLY MATERIAL values. Only.

Bydloid relies only on what he sees, hears, can feel, etc.
Cattle does not believe in soul, love, conscience and other forms that do not have material expression, which cannot be proved without using philosophy or psychology (any other science that cattle denies for ignorance).

The cattle, by and large, has only one value - MONEY. And this value can change into any other material.

Money as a result and a means of fulfilling all your desires.
And for the sake of this only value, the cattle is ready to do ALL that is pleasing. ALL.

For cattle MONEY is religion and God in one person. Money for cattle are able to realize ALL Prayers and DREAMS.

The main points are broken. In the discussion, you can express your opinion. Also in the discussion it is worth discussing the proofs and great figures who in their writings touched on topics in general and characterization points in particular.

Very important feature.
If you, a young anonymous author, fall under ONE point, then yes, you are a proud representative of 95% of the people of this world.

by Lakvatus from 0day