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Easter eggs sites

Programmers, making the client site, are kidding (what the client is and does not realize) ... - In the header of the site, double click on the uppermost squares in the upper left. - click the seagull - wait for the blonde, click on the daisy - click on the nose of the deer in the upper right corner - Waiting for the inscription "lawn" and click on the peasant on the sickle - Light version click on O in the logo, hard version - click on U in the logo - click on the plane - Press shift and the logo on the site - Click in the banner on the moon 5 times - pull the label up and down 5 times - On the logo click on the beaver on the language - Three times click on any of the traffic lights at the bottom of the page. Two options for development. - click on the red shoes - The girl on the left, in the hands of the board. You need to poke the mouse several times - First, click on "how to drive" and immediately click "how to go" and immediately after that click on the logo of the fireplaces on the diagram - There will be a guard on the right, click on it several times, there will be 2 variants of events. and also on the center saleswoman several times