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Friendship Bracelet !

Friendship Bracelet

Now the bracelet is in your hands ...

If you just close this page immediately after reading, then you will spend a year of failure! But, if you send this link to at least two friends, you will have the 3rd year of luck !!!

Do you know that those who seem to be very strong in the heart are really weak and most susceptible?

Do you know that those who waste their time defending others need someone to protect them?

Do you know the hardest thing to say in three phrases: “I love you!”, “Forgive me!” And “Help me!”?

Believe in Good!

Believe in Good!

Do you know that those who wear red are more confident?

Do you know that those who wear yellow are satisfied with their beauty?

Do you know that those who wear black want to be unnoticed and need your help and understanding?

Do you know that when you help someone, the good returns to you a hundredfold?

You know that it is easier to say what you feel in writing than to say it face to face?

But, you know, what exactly those words which are told personally, are more appreciated?

Believe in Good!
Believe in Good!

You know that if you strongly desire something, your desires are fulfilled?

You know that you can make your dreams come true - to become loved, rich, healthy, if you believe in it?

But don’t believe all this until you try it yourself!

If you know someone who is in need of something that has been said above, and you know that you can help, you will see that it will be returned in double size!

Believe in Good!

Today, the FRIENDSHIP BRACELET is in your hands!

Send it to whoever is your friend!
Also, do not be discouraged if no one sends you this email in return.
Know that many more people want this ball ...

Friendship Bracelet
So, this is what you should do:

But you have to DO IT for a day after you read this message!
And now ... FORGOT ONE DESIRE !!!

Do it now! Then it may be too late!

We hope that you have a secret desire! Now send by mail:
  • 1 friend ~ your wish will come true in a year;
  • 3 friends ~ 6 months;
  • 5 friends ~ 3 months;
  • 6 friends ~ 1 month;
  • 7 friends ~ 2 weeks;
  • 8 friends ~ 1 week;
  • 9 friends ~ 5 days;
  • 10 friends ~ 3 days;
  • 12 friends ~ 2 days;
  • 15 friends ~ 1 day;
  • 20 friends ~ 3 hours;
Do not forget !

If you just close this page after reading, then you will spend a year of failure!
But, if you send it to at least three friends, you will have 3 years of luck !!!

Good luck!

Copy and send this one -

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