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Best Burning Man 2016 Videos

Best Burning Man 2016 Videos

"Burning Man" (English) (literally - "burning man") - an annual eight-day event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert (eng. Black Rock Desert) (USA, Nevada). The festival begins on the last Monday of August, at zero o'clock one minute. The last day falls on Labor Day, an official holiday celebrated in the United States on the first Monday of September, a day off for most organizations. The climax occurs on Saturday after sunset, when a huge wooden statue of a man is burned.

Imagine - for eight days the participants of the grandiose party are exempt from the daily routine to get into the fairy tale. For a whole year, they are preparing to become those whom they only dream to be - incredible characters, bright freaks, each participating in his own, as well as in the overall intricacies of performance. It all began in 1986, when several friends burned down a 9-foot wooden human figure. This spontaneous act has become a tradition and has gained scope. The festival has become a major artistic attraction of Nevada, a place where you can independently touch art and freedom. To convey to you the atmosphere of this extraordinary event, we chose a fantastic video festival of this and last year. And yes - now we know where we will go next summer.

Burning Man 2016: Drone View

Burning Man 2016: What Really Goes Down

Burning Man 2016: Highlights reel

Burning Man 2016: A Journey Through The Playa

Burning Man 2016