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Dynamo is an incredible illusionist / Dynamo Magician Impossible

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Dynamo: an incredible illusionist (Season 1) Discovery Channel

Динамо: невероятный иллюзионист (1 сезон 2011)
  • Original title: Dynamo: Magician Impossible
  • Genre: Documentaries
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Directed by: Simon Dinsell
  • Actors of the series: Dynamo, Matthew Horn, Kimberly Wyatt, Jan Brown, Noel Fielding, Katie Larmour, Jessica Lownes, Prince Charles, Robert Sheen, Trey Songs

The original television series "Dynamo: Incredible Illusionist", shot in the genre of the show, was released in 2011. Before the audience unfolds a demonstration of incredible tricks and illusory performances by the master of his craft - the British magician Dynamo. In the show program it was possible to show everything that a professional can do. A spectator who is skeptical of unusual tricks, it is worth watching a unique cycle of programs with the participation of a famous artist.

The plot of the television series "Dynamo: Incredible Illusionist" is a stream of all sorts of tricks, tricks, incomprehensible combinations and insensible miracles. A unique conjurer and illusionist from the UK Dynamo will show exceptional numbers and will present many unexpected surprises. Much of what is happening can be explained by the sleight of hand and the machinations of the laws of physics and chemistry. But Dynamo will demonstrate illusory numbers that are not subject to any logic. It is impossible to explain the magical transformation of the snow of the Austrian mountains into diamonds, just like the penetration of a large coin through a thick glass wall. The involuntary participants of the show program often faced with a misunderstanding of everything that was happening. In one of the issues, wishing to take part in Dynamo's tricks, they thought for a long time how to get their mobile phone from a bottle with a narrow neck. And someone was enough to get a lot of positive from the focus with butterfly wings, which managed to turn into green leaves. But there were performances of aerobatics, where one sleight of hand does not explain what is happening. Dynamo managed, like the hero of the film "The Matrix", to create the effect of levitation. And walking on the surface of the water remained for all an incredible trick. To increase the entertainment in the show program, celebrities took part, who were surprised at all the unimaginable tricks as children. Dynamo does not get tired of surprising spectators, while creating from ordinary things real miracles.

Watch the exciting TV series "Dynamo: Incredible Illusionist" on our site online. We wish you unforgettable viewing!

Series 1

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Dynamo: an incredible illusionist (Season 2) Discovery Channel

Динамо: невероятный иллюзионист (2 сезон 2012)

Original title: Dynamo: Magician Impossible

Genre: Documentaries

Year of manufacture: 2012

Directed by: Simon Dinsell

Actors of the series: Dynamo, Matthew Horn, Kimberly Wyatt, Jan Brown, Noel Fielding, Katie Larmour, Jessica Lownes, Prince Charles, Robert Sheen, Trey Songs

The second season of the documentary television series "Dynamo: an incredible illusionist", filmed by UK filmmakers, began its broadcast on July 5, 2012. Under the direction of the directors Simon Dinzel and Mark McQueen, new series have been created in which the British master of illusions of Dynamo will again be able to demonstrate incredible tricks. Filming was conducted with the support of producers Dan Albion and Richard Votham.

The plot of the second season of the television series "Dynamo: an incredible illusionist" is a series of releases that allow you to plunge into the world of magic and unusual tricks. Here, unreal things acquire a material basis and leave a lot of impressions. The central figure of the show program is the British magician Dynamo. He, perhaps, is the only person on the planet who knows many secrets of unimaginable transformations. More than once the Dynamo surprised spectators with its staging tricks and inconceivable tricks. Now he is ready to give again a lot of positive emotions. Dynamo will make many lovers of magic, with bated breath to observe what is happening. The master takes on new, more complex tricks and is confident in his ability to tap into simple things in a magical transformation. Magic and sorcery allow you to realize the most incredible numbers. Dynamo can fly, deftly handle playing cards, turn any objects into interesting and curious objects, create an illusion, perform unimaginable tricks and attract the attention of the audience. In the show program you can also see famous and popular people who will participate with pleasure in a complex room.

We bring to your attention the online viewing of the second season of the exciting and exciting TV series "Dynamo: an incredible illusionist." On our website you can easily watch all the series of shows!

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

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