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Jamala triumphantly won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (photo, video, text chronicle)

Евровидение 2016

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (Eng. Eurovision Song Contest 2016; French Concours Eurovision de la chanson 2016; Swedish. Eurovisionsschlagerfestivalen 2016) - the 61st Eurovision song contest, which takes place in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The country became the winner of the previous Eurovision Song Contest 2015, held in Vienna (Austria), with the song "Heroes" performed by Mons Selmerlev, who scored 365 points. The dates of the semi-finals are May 10 and May 12, the final of the competition will be held on May 14, 2016. Sweden is hosting the competition for the sixth time, it took the country 3 years to repeat the success of 2012, where Lorin became the winner. The competition is held by the Swedish national television and radio company SVT under the leadership of the European Broadcasting Union.

The competition is attended by 42 countries. This became known on November 26, 2015. Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Croatia returned to the competition. Australia continues to participate - the debut country of last year. Portugal refused to participate this year, because of debts to the European Broadcasting Union in the amount of 16 million Swiss francs, Romania was suspended. In addition to them, another fourteen countries did not resume participation in the competition.

  • 1st semi-final: May 10, 2016
  • 2nd semi-final: May 12, 2016
  • Final: May 14, 2016
  • Location: Sweden, Stockholm, Ericsson-Globe
  • Presenters: Sweden Mons Selmerlev, Sweden Petra Mede
  • Executive Supervisor: Norway Jon Ola Sann
  • Main broadcaster: Sweden SVT
  • Opening: 1st semi-final: “Heroes” performed by Mons Selmerlev, 2nd semi-final: “This is Eurovision”, music: Matheson Bailey; words: Matheson Bailey, Edward af Sillen, and Daniel Wren performed by Petra Mede and Monsa Selmerleva, Final: “Flag Parade: Honor to Swedish Design and Dance Music”
  • Interval act: 1st semi-final: “Gray people” choreographer Fredrik Rudman, 2nd semi-final: “Man against the car” choreographer Fredrik Rudman, Final: “Rock Your Body” and “Can't Stop the Feeling!” Performed by Justin Timberlake ; “Love-Love World-World” a medley of different Eurovision songs; “Linda Woodruff” sketch performed by Sarah Don Fiener; “Fire In The Rain” and “Heroes” performed by Mons Selmerlev
  • Total members: 42
  • Voting system: 50% of viewers + 50% of the jury. Each country gives points from 12, 10, 8-1: one from the national jury, and the other from viewers.
  • Victory song: Ukraine “1944” (Ukraine)




Jamala triumphantly won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Today, the Ukrainian singer triumphantly won the song contest. The representative of Ukraine won the "gold" in the musical championship.

The Ukrainian singer Jamala, with her soulful performance and the song "1944", which tells about the deportation of Crimean Tatars from their homeland, captivated the audience of Eurovision 2016.

The star became the winner of the competition and made our state the mistress of the next.

In total, the artist received points: 534 points - from the jury, according to the new rules and - as a result of voting by spectators from participating countries. Note that the bookmakers prophesied the victory to the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev.

Thus, Jah became the second singer who brought Ukraine a victory in Eurovision. An incendiary Ruslana made her debut in this role in 2004 with her Wild Dances.