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Nostalgia. Pocket Microprocessor Games Series "Electronics"

Карманные игры «Электроника»

Microprocessor games of the “Electronics” series are a series of Soviet electronic games, mainly united into a single series “Electronics IM” (IM is a microprocessor game). This series includes both pocket and board electronic games, mobile robots, musical instruments, etc.

Pocket games of the series "Electronics" with an indicator on liquid crystals - a line of Soviet portable gaming devices with an LCD screen, produced by different manufacturers under the general trademark "Electronics" since 1984. Some of the games in this family were copies and variations of the Game & Watch electronic toys of the Wide Screen series, released by Nintendo in 1981-1982 (EGG, Octopus, Mickey Mouse, Chef, and others).

The games were produced by Angstrom (Zelenograd), Mikron (Zelenograd), Arzamas Radio Components Plant (Arzamas), Billur (Ganja), Evistor (Vitebsk), Kamerton (Pinsk), and October (Vinnitsa), Proton (Orel), Severodonetsk Instrument Making Plant (Severodonetsk), Voskhod (Kaluga), Ellar (Riga) and some others. Some games were also produced by the Angstrem factory in the export version, with the Angstrem MG-xx indexes and inscriptions on the case and packaging in English.

The first portable electronic game with LCD screen produced in the 80s under the name "Electronics", which was very popular among children and even adults. It was released a large number of variations on one platform. By the way, the games from "Electronics" were almost a copy of electronic games from the Nintendo company. I think many people remember these games, for example, the most popular was “Well, wait!”. At the end of the post there is a photo of the original packaging and instructions. Well, a short video ...

Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»
Карманные игры «Электроника»

List of games

There are several game series that differ in the designation - "IM" (Microprocessor Game), "IE" (Electronic Game, Polesye) and simply "And". One game, "Electronics 24-01", has no series designation.

  • "Well, wait!" - the very first game of the series of the same type of games "Well, wait, wait!". Described in the bulletin "New Products" № 12 1984. Did not have the designation of the series. Microprocessor: КБ1013ВК1-2, display ИЖМ 2-71-01 (or ИЖМ13-71).
  • "Electronics 24-01" Playing on the screen (Mickey Mouse) is an analogue of Nintendo MC-25 Mickey Mouse
  • "Electronics IM-01" - chess computer development and production of software "Svetlana"
  • "Electronics IM-01T" - a chess computer
  • "Electronics IM-02" Well, wait! (1986) - Analogue of Nintendo EG-26 Egg and Nintendo MC-25 Mickey Mouse
  • "Electronics IM-03" Secrets of the Ocean (1987) - analogue of Nintendo OC-22 Octopus
  • "Electronics IM-04", "Merry cook MG-04" Cheerful cook (1989) - analogue of Nintendo FP-24 Chef
  • "Electronics IM-05" - chess computer development and production of software "Svetlana"
  • "Electronics IM-09", "Space bridge MG-09" Space Bridge (1989) - analogue of Nintendo FR-27 Fire
  • "Electronics IM-10" Hockey (instead of a wolf and chicken eggs, goalkeeper and pucks)
  • "Electronics IM-11" - a programmed control moonwalker (1985), a clone of the toys Big Trak
    • KS12-02 Winnie the Pooh
  • "Electronics IM-13", "Explorers of space MG-13", "Angstrom IM 13M" Space Scouts (1989) - analogue of Nintendo EG-26 Egg
  • "Electronics IM-15" - a board electronic game Football (junior version) - an analogue of the World Cup SOCCER game (Striker in Europa) from TOMY Electronics 1979.
  • "Electronics IM-16" Hunting (1989)
  • "Electronics IM-19" Biathlon
  • "Electronics IM-20" Air shooting gallery, version 1 - analogue of the game Nintendo BU-201 Spitball Sparky Super Color series 1984.
  • "Electronics IM-20" Supercube (analogue of Tetris), option 2 - LCD of its own design, case from Nintendo Super Color
  • "Electronics IM-22" Funny football players (1989)
  • "Electronics IM-23" Avtoslalom, Formula 1 (1990)
  • "Electronics IM-26" with replaceable screens in the form of cartridges is a constructive analogue of the game DIGI CASSE from Bandai 1984.
    • KC26-01 Well, wait a minute !,
    • KC26-02 Funny football players,
    • KC26-03 Avtoslalom,
    • KC26-xx Hockey,
    • KS26-10 Kwaka-Zadavaka,
    • KC26-11 Fisherman Cat;
  • "Electronics IM-27" Space Adventures (February 1990) - an experienced series of binocular games with stereoscopic images (the process itself is similar to the pocket games of the Electronics series) - an analogue of the Planet Zeon game from Tomy, which produced in 1983 a whole series of similar games under TOMYTRONIC 3-D.
  • "Electronics IM-28" - microprocessor-based quiz program
  • "Electronics IM-29" - a chess partner (chess computer with an indicator on liquid crystals) (1992)
  • "Electronics IM-30" Electronic synthesizer "Orpheus" development and production of software "Svetlana"
  • "Electronics IM-31" "Vityaz" (??)
  • "Electronics IM-32" Cat fisher
  • "Electronics IM-33" Kwaka-Zadaka (1993)
  • "Electronics IM-37" - electronic board game Football: Champions Cup (older version).
  • "Electronics IM-39" - "Russian hockey"
  • "Electronics IM-45" Calculator; clock; alarm clock; English language games.
  • "Electronics IM-46" Calculator; music synthesizer
  • "Electronics IM-50" Merry arithmetic (1989)
  • "Electronics IM-50" Space flight (1992), the index coincides with the "Merry arithmetic"
  • "Electronics IM-53" Attack of asteroids
  • "Electronics IM-55" - electronic board game Basketball: World Cup
  • "Electronics IM-? 1" Hut, hut (?)
  • "Electronics IM-? 2" Night Thieves (?)
  • "Electronics IM-? 3" Battleship (1994)
  • "Electronics IM-? 4" Underwater attack - the analogue of the Sea Battle with the submarine (?)
  • "Electronics IM-? 5" Polesie, Ninja forests (?)
  • "Electronics IM-? 6" Angler, Fishing, Fisherman (?)
  • "Electronics IM-? 7" Merry Fishing, analogue Well-wait with Kazak-fisher (?)
  • "Electronics IM-? 8" Ninja-turtles, analogue Well-wait with the Turtles (?)
  • "Electronics IM-? 9" Circus (?)

Series "IE" - "electronic game." Some games were also released with the same inscription on the case and another index system.

  • "Polesie IE-01" Night Thieves (1993)
  • "Polesie IE-02" Dexterous little mouse (?)
  • "Polesie IE-03" Hunting (?) (Similar to IM-16)
  • "Polesie IE-04" Funny football players (?)
  • "Polesie IE-05" Well, wait! (?) (analogue of IM-02)
  • "Polesie IE-06" Ninja (?)
  • "Polesie IE-07" Hockey (?)
  • "Polesie IE-08" Space Scouts (?)

"And" series (versions released after 1992)

  • "I-01" Avtoslalom
  • "I-02" Merry cook
  • "I-03" Space Bridge
  • "I-04" Cat-fisher (analogue IM-32)
  • "I-05" Battleship
  • "I-06" Well, wait! (similar to IM-02)
  • "I-07" frog-frog
  • "I-08" Hunting (see IM-18)
  • "I-09" Space Scouts (aka Angstrem MG-09 "SPACE BRIDGE")
  • "I-10" Biathlon
  • "I-11" Circus
  • "I-12" Hockey
  • I-13 Football
  • "I-14" robbery
  • "I-15" Ocean Treasures (similar to IM-03)

Series "TOMAKOCHI" - electronic games microprocessor

  • "IM-101"
  • "IM-102"
  • "IM-103"
  • "IM-104"


  • "Rhythm CHE-01" is a clock made on the basis of the case and the board with the IC from the game, presumably without making changes to the firmware. The keys destined to control the game situation are eliminated, a special LCD is used, on which there are no “game” segments, and the “watch” group of segments, respectively, is enlarged and takes up all the vacant space;
  • Start 7250 is a radio series of the Start series for self-assembly of a microprocessor game. It is equipped with a case, a fully assembled board and two indicators with plots of the games “Kvaka-Zadaka” (IM-33) and “Cat-fisher” (IM-32);
  • “Altair DBGB-06I” - dosimeter; clock; a game.
  • "Electronics MG-09" - Space Bridge.
  • "Electronics MG-50" - Amusing arithmetic.
  • "Electronics IER-01" - Auto Racing [2] - 1983 portable game. on a K145IK512P microcircuit, an analog of the AUTO RACE game from Mattel Electronics 1977.
  • "Videoport Electronics" - a series of television game consoles. Based on the Pong video game. Made on the chip K145IK17. There were four options for the console - "Video Sport", "Video Sports-2", "Video Sports-M", "Video Sports-3", distinguished between themselves the design of the case, remote controls and a pistol.
  • "Electronics Eksi Video 01" is a television game console produced by the Exciton plant, an analogue of Electronics Video Sports.
  • Electronics Leader - another similar prefix.
  • Electronics IE-01 "Oriole" - an analogue of the game "Simon".
  • "Electronics CP-1" speech synthesizer or "Speak and write in English" is an analogue of Speak'n'Spell.
  • "Electronics. Coast Guard" - a game that implements an algorithm that is close to the algorithm of the "Battleship" slot machine.

Of course, in modern children, these games will cause only a smile Smile happy