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How to make a hologram yourself

Как сделать голограмму своими руками

Using a smartphone and a simple pyramid, you can watch a video with a hologram!

Everything is quite simple - first you need to make a truncated prism from improvised means, start the video on your smartphone, put a pyramid on it - and you can enjoy the optical illusion, a moving 3D image.

So you will need:

  • CD box or thick transparent film;
  • sharp knife or scissors;
  • some scotch tape;
  • ruler;
  • graph paper or plain paper in a cage.

The video, reflected in the edges of the prism, creates the complete illusion of a moving 3D image.

Как сделать голограмму своими руками
Как сделать голограмму своими руками

Of course, this is not real 3D. A real hologram recreates a 3D object, and it is not so easy to make it, at least it will require laser beams. What we see is just an optical illusion created on the basis of 2D video.

But does it really matter? In 15 minutes, without serious effort, you can make such beauty with your own hands.

Own video

Video instruction - Pyramid made of plastic

Video instruction - Pyramid out of a disk box

Video - Various objects for holograms (16 minutes)

Video - The jellyfish object for holograms (10 hours)

Video Result - Hologram on iPad