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Sexy bikershi

Сексуальные байкерши

Bikers (English biker, from bike - motorbike - motorbicycle "motorcycle") - a subculture of fans and fans of motorcycles. Unlike ordinary motorcyclists, bikers have a motorcycle part of the lifestyle. Characteristic is also the association with like-minded people on the basis of this way of life.

The stereotype appearance of the biker is a "leather jacket" (a leather jacket with an obliquely lock) or a leather motorbike (often a jean or leather waistcoat without sleeves with "colors" (symbolism) of the motor club is put over top of the motorbike), leather pants. Bikers often release long hair, mustaches, beards. To protect the eyes from the wind, they wear glasses, often ignore helmets, but sometimes they prefer to wear real or stylized helmets of the Wehrmacht (with or without horns), less often helmets of German soldiers of the First World War.

The very concept of a woman at the wheel of any transport often causes a sea of ​​discussions. And if the motorists have a sea of ​​criticism, then motorcyclists - all the way around. True bikers like women and they do not see anything bad in their running of the bike. Always a welcome guest, the weaker sex is also a passenger for every motorcyclist.

Progress and the world triumph of justice do not stand still, as does the practice of fighting women for their rights. Weak sex is mastering in truth male professions and hobbies. So the woman managed to conquer the iron horse quickly and quickly. And she did it more than successfully.

It is worth praising women for running a bike. Girl biker - it's generally something more than unimaginable. It is neat, like no other, when it comes to managing a steel unit. In this case, gently the female gender applies to the technique itself. On care, the latter receives everything necessary.

History of occurrence

The Biker movement originated in the 1950s in the US, penetrated into Europe and the USSR in the 1970s (in the USSR in the 1980s they were called "rockers"), for a time was part of the subculture, when the bikers were divided into several aggressive and warring factions.

Until recently, the concept of "biker" extended exclusively to the owners of choppers and was invariably associated with the far-ahead front wheel, the abundance of chrome, leather, long hair and the beard of a motorcyclist. However, since the late 90-ies on the roads increasingly began to appear motorcycles with high-speed engines and improved plastic fairings with aerodynamics - sportbikes. For a long time, sportbikeers were not recognized as "true" bikers as members of the biker community, even a gesture such as a salute of the hand when meeting on the road, did not apply to them. The reason for this confrontation lay in the guise of a motorcycle and the manner of riding. High speed sportbike and motorcyclist in full equipment, more like a cosmonaut in a spacesuit, did not match the understanding of bikers of the old formation with the appearance of a real biker.

Symbols of bikers

Флаг Конфедератов, Naval Jack
Flag of the Confederates, Naval Jack

Flag of the Confederation (more precisely, its version - Naval Jack). The tradition of its application came from American bikers. It symbolizes the non-conformism of bikers. It is worth noting that not all representatives of the biker movement have an idea of ​​the historical significance of the symbol or do not attach importance to it, using the Confederation flag only as a sign of involvement in this movement.

An image of the skull. Usually symbolizes fearlessness in the face of danger and death. Another sense of using the skull symbol in bikers is protection against death. There is a belief that when Death comes, it leaves its sign on the deceased - the skull, and if the person already has this symbol, she thinks that there has already been and does not touch the person.

The emblem (in bikers the emblem is usually called the "Colors") of the club, sewn on the back (often it is sewn on leather or denim vests that are worn over the dewdrop, but can also be sewn onto the jacket), which shows which biker the motorcycle belongs to. Colors usually consist of three parts. In the upper arc-shaped part (called "rocker") indicate the name of the club, on the bottom rocker - the country or city in which the motor club is organized, on the central - the logo and status of the club. The signature is "MS", which indicates that the club belongs to the "MC" club category (an abbreviation for the English words "Motorcycle Club"). There are other club formations, such as "MG" or "MCC". Some clubs make special patches on the sleeve of the jacket or on the chest on the waistcoat (on the left side), where the status or position (President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.) of a biker in the club, club name is indicated. On the chest is also placed a badge with the nickname of a biker.

1 %. Sometimes on the waistcoats of bikers you can see the "1%" badge. This term appeared after the speech of the head of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), in which he said that all motorcyclists are law-abiding people, and only one percent of them are "outcast" and violate the law (outlaws). After this speech, against the backdrop of the already existing tough confrontation between the AMA and the clubs that belonged to the MC category, the latter selected "1%" as a symbol that distinguishes them from the AMA clubs. Since then, the "1%" patch means that the MC or an independent biker treats themselves as an outlaw. "1%" is not only the most well-known and large MCs (Outlaws MC, Hells Angels MC, Bandidos MC, Pagans MC, Mongols MC), but also lesser known clubs and many single bikers. Western media, including cinematography, tend to present 1% -clubs as criminal gangs. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it is not true, but the position of the outlaw club is determined by the fact that he lives according to the laws of the MS and the established informal traditions.

Tattoo. Sometimes the opinion is expressed that the biker's tattoo ("biker's tattoo") is a separate kind of this art. Very often bikers choose tattoos with the image of a motorcycle, symbols and logos of Harley-Davidson, symbols of freedom and roads.

13. In Hunter S. Thompson's book "Angels of Hell," it is mentioned that a badge in the form of number 13 means the use of marijuana (in the English alphabet the letter "M" thirteenth on the account).

Iron Cross. They take over from American pilots after World War II, when, in fact, the biker movement arose. Wearing awards to the enemy, the pilots protested against the American authorities.

Swastika. On many bikers you can see a swastika. The question of this symbol is ambiguous. On the one hand, most American outlaw-bikers, for many reasons, differ in their right-wing views. On the other hand, there are reasonable doubts that these bikers are convinced, "ideological", the Nazis. In many respects (but far from everything) it comes from the desire to shock "civilians", that is, ordinary, respectable civilians. However, one can not talk about all outlaw in general - someone can really be a Nazi, someone hangs signs simply out of shock, someone - because in their MC it's accepted or because it's so common to portray bikers.

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